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The Quiet Life of Tharita Cesaroni

The Quiet Life of Tharita Cesaroni

Even after her marriage to a famous Hollywood actor, Tharita Cesaroni maintains a very quiet life. Why?

Thomas Dixon
Last updated: May 02, 2021 | Jan 27, 2021

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The past few years have seen a rise in the number of women dominating the movie industry. And, no, I'm not talking about actresses this time, I'm talking about women in film production; a field that used to be widely exclusive to men. Although it is still mostly male-dominated, the presence of women is growing and becoming more assertive than at any age in cinematic history. They seem to realize that they can do more than being in front of the camera. How about being behind it, watching and ensuring that everything is done just the way it is supposed to be? For the women who have decided to take such bold decisions, they have gone to achieve tremendous success. One of such women is Tharita Cesaroni.


Tharita Cesaroni is an Italian cinematographer and film producer. She was born in Italy to parents Franco Catullé and Emy Cesaroni. She is most popularly known as the wife of American actor and musician, Dermot Mulroney, whom she married in the year 2008. Besides these, not so much is known about her, as she rather prefers to keep things low-key and live an 'under the radar' lifestyle. This lifestyle has made her fans try to find out as much as possible about her.

Early Childhood

Tharita was born Tharita Cesaroni Catulle in 1973 in Milan, Italy, to Franco Catullé and Emy Cesaroni. Emy Cesaroni was from Terni, Italy. She is a singer and actress of great renown signed under the Italian record label, Style. She dominated the Italian music waves during the 1960s and 1970s. Unlike his famous wife, information about Franco Catullé is limited. He is from Catanzaro, Calabria.

One would easily have thought that when Tharita decided to go into film, she would be following in the exact print of her mother. It wasn’t so. Instead of being an actress, Tharita chose a new path: cinematography and film production.

Until she became an adult and began to court recognition in the entertainment industry, there is nearly nothing to show of Tharita’s childhood. No one knows if she has any siblings (and if she does, how many?). There’s also no information about where she had her earliest education.

Tharita has watched her mother’s career while growing up and began to nurture a passion for the films at a younger age. But unlike Emy’s exploits in mainstream entertainment, Tharita wanted something different. She didn’t want to act. She wanted to create something to be acted upon. She wanted to be in control, to experience the thrill of making movies. Her interest was cinematography and film production or nothing. It was a choice that has paid her back a lot.

To begin, Tharita made sure that keen interest was not enough. She needed to do something definitive. And she did. She began to build herself up as a cinematography agent and event cinematographer of great potential. After some time, her effort was reworded. Her work began to get noticed.


Having already begun her career in Italy before her marriage to her American husband, Tharita has also enjoyed some level of fame in the USA. She is often spotted alongside her husband at public events, some of which include the Vanity Fair Oscar party in Beverly Hills, California, and AFI FEST 2011 in Hollywood, etc.

Before tying the knot, Tharita's husband, Dermot, was previously married to American actress, Catherine Keener. Their marriage produced a son named Clyde Mulroney and ended on 19 December 2007. Tharita and Dermot have two children together; Mabel Ray Mulroney, and Sally Mulroney.

Gaining Popularity

Dermot Mulroney was already famous in the United States before his marriage to Tharita. He’s mostly known for his role in My Best Friend, a rom-com that was one of the highlights of 1997.

Tharita, too, had already begun her career as a film producer before meeting and marrying Dermot. But her marriage to him became a propelling force towards stardom. As expected of any celebrity of his status, the attending glitz and glamor of Hollywood that he enjoyed began to be associated with Tharita also.

But it came with a consequence. An actor such as Mulroney largely has his life always under the media scrutiny, long before his marriage to Tharita broke out in every major media outlet. Soon, the more the media surrounded Mulroney, the more they dug into Tharita’s life, making her a huge part of his public life. Despite this invasion of privacy, over the past 12-plus years of their marriage, Tharita has been able to keep her private life just that way it has always been– private.

However, she has decided not to adopt her husband's surname and maintains her Italian identity.

Tharita’s Husband

Back in Italy, Tharita is a star. She has worked there for many years as a film producer and cinematography agent. But she had her greater shot at fame after her marriage to Dermot. This means, for a woman who has kept a large part of her life private, it’s hard to talk about without talking about her husband.

Tharita Cesaroni's husband, Dermot Mulroney, was born on 31 October 1963, in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. His father, Michael Mulroney, was a Law Professor at Villanova University School of Law, while his mother, Ellen, was a regional theatrical actress. The middle among five siblings, Dermot has two older brothers, Conor, and Sean; a younger brother, Kieran Mulroney (who is also an actor), and a younger sister, Moira.

Dermot attended Matthew Maury Elementary School, George Washington High School, and T.C. Williams High School, graduating in 1981. At age 18, he began studying communications at Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, graduating in 1985.

As an actor, Dermot has been active since 1986 and is best known for his roles in the romantic comedy, Western, and other drama films: He stars in Where the Day Takes You (1992), Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015). In NBC's Crisis (2014) Dermot played the main antagonist, Francis Gibson. He also played Dr. Walter Wallace in Pure Genius (2016-2017) Sean Pierce in Shameless (2015-2017) and Bobby Sheridan in The Purge (2018-2019).

Apart from his film roles, Mulroney has also established a solid presence in music, been a talented cellist himself. In 1991, while starring as a college student in Samantha, he played the cello. He was famously part of the scores for Mission: Impossible III (2006), Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, and so on.

In 1990, Dermot married Catherine Keener before they divorced in 2007, after two years of separation. They had a son, Clyde, in 1999. Like his father, Clyde is also a talented singer. It was the next year that he met and married Tharita, although there have been speculations if the two knew each other long before the separation from Catherine.

Social Media

Lately, Tharita has been more silent than before, and this has left many people wondering if she is still pursuing her career or if she is in health. She only appears occasionally at movie awards nowadays. Tharita does not keep a social media presence and has continued to maintain her privacy fiercely.

Net worth

Though her career is nowhere as impressive as that of her famous husband in terms of success, her long involvement with the film industry has given her a great source of income. In 2019, her net worth is believed to be somewhere around $400,000. This is far less than that of her husband, Dermot, whose net worth is almost about $14 million.

Tharita Cesaroni is an epitome of beauty and a hardworking filmmaker. Though she has continued to protect her privacy and live a very quiet life, we hope to see more of her in the coming years.

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