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Taylin Gaulden 2021: Son Of American Rapper YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Taylin Gaulden 2021: Son Of American Rapper YoungBoy Never Broke Again

YoungBoy Never Broke Again's third child, Taylin Gaulden, is an American rapper. The child was born on March 19, 2017 to Nia, a female with whom YoungBoy had a one-night stand. YoungBoy (real name: Kentrell DeSean Gaulden) has five children, Kayden Gaulden, Kamron Gaulden, Taylin Gaulden, Kamiri Gaulden, and Kacey Alexander Gaulden, despite being just 20 years old.

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YoungBoy Never Broke Again's third child, Taylin Gaulden, is an American rapper. The child was born on March 19, 2017 to Nia, a female with whom YoungBoy had a one-night stand. YoungBoy (real name: Kentrell DeSean Gaulden) has five children, Kayden Gaulden, Kamron Gaulden, Taylin Gaulden, Kamiri Gaulden, and Kacey Alexander Gaulden, despite being just 20 years old.

When Nia informed YoungBoy that she was expecting his child, YoungBoy Never Broke Again advised her to take a paternity test. And it was his child, YoungBoy discovered. Taylin Gaulden and his father, NBA YoungBoy, were both critically injured in a car accident on June 26, 2018.

On March 19, 2017, Taylin Gaulden, the third child of NBA YoungBoy, an American rapper and entertainer, and his mother Niya, was born. Taylin was born in the United States of America, in the state of Louisiana. However, little is known about his education because he is just four years old.

Taylin Gaulden is now living with his parents and getting their love as a result. There is no information about how the pair met for the first time. They were not in a committed, long-term relationship. 

A child was born as a result of their one-night stand. His parents only communicate with each other for his benefit. Two of his four siblings from his father's ex-wives are Kayden Gaulden and Kamron Gaulden.

Taylin Gaulden Profile Summary

  • Full Name: Taylin Gaulden
  • First Name: Taylin
  • Last Name: Gaulden
  • Profession: Celebrity Kid
  • Nationality: American
  • Birthplace: Louisiana, United States
  • Father's Name: YoungBoy Never Broke Again
  • Father's Profession: rapper, singer, and songwriter
  • Mother's Name: Nia
  • Gender: Male
  • Horoscope: Pisces
  • Siblings: Kayden Gaulden, Kamron Gaulden, Kamiri Gaulden, and Kacey Alexander Gaulden
  • Date of Birth: March 19, 2017
  • Age: 4 years

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Description Of The Body

Taylin Gaulden is a four-year-old girl. He has a dark complexion and a plump, cute face. His nose is concave. His brows are heavy and black, and he has thick black hair. He has dark brown eyes that are large. 

His height and weight have not yet been revealed. We'll update his entire physical measurements, including Height, Weight, Clothing, and Shoe Size, as soon as possible.

Taylin Faced Horror Car Accident

On June 26, 2018, Nia and her son, Taylin, also known as Tay Tay, were in a horrible vehicle accident. While driving, NBA YoungBoy lost control of his Lamborghini and collided with a tree off the road.

Despite the fact that the Lamborghini tipped over, none of the passengers were seriously injured. NBA YoungBoy was injured in a shootout at the exclusive Trump International Beach Resort in May of this year.

After a fight between NBA YoungBoy and another rapper, Tee Grizzley, the shootout began.

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Taylin Gaulden Mom - Trinia Nia

Nia is the mother of NBA YoungBoy Never Broke Again's fourth child, Taylin Gaulden. Nia and NBA YoungBoy were dating when she found out she was pregnant and received confirmation of a paternity test.

Taylin's birthday is March 19 each year, and he will turn four on that date in 2021.

He has four siblings and is not NBA YoungBoy's only child. Kayden Gaulden, NBA YoungBoy's oldest child, was born in 2016.

Kamron Gaulden, NBA YoungBoy's second child from his ex-girlfriend Starr Dejanee, was discovered to be not his child after a DNA test.

Taylin Gaulden Family

Before the baby is born, a DNA test is performed. Nia fell pregnant after a one-night stand. He didn't believe he was his biological child when she told NBA YoungBoy about her pregnancy. As a result, he demanded that Nia, the baby's mother, undergo a DNA test. After the DNA test, it was established that he was his son, and she was not lying.

He later admitted why he carried out the test and why he didn't believe the results. He said that his baby mom was untrustworthy and had an affair with his brother. He had his reservations about Nia's relationship, and he had taken steps to alleviate them.

His father's Instagram account provided this snapshot of him with his child. He has fallen deeply in love with his son. YoungBoy spends a lot of time with Taylin because he has custody of him. His father YoungBoy's palatial estate is where he and his siblings live, and they live a rich lifestyle. Because it is a part of his everyday routine, YoungBoy also enjoys spending time with his children.

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Taylin Gaulden Father - YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, also known as YoungBoy Never Broke Again, was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on October 20, 1999. After the release of his song "Outside Today" on January 6, 2018, he became a household name. 

His YouTube channel has 8.69 million subscribers as of this writing. His mother's name is Sherhonda Gaulden, and his father's name is not given on any of his wiki sites. His father is currently incarcerated for 55 years. 

His maternal grandparents raised him. He skipped out of high school to pursue his music career, but he was arrested for robbery and imprisoned in a Tallulah, Louisiana, correctional facility. While he was there, YoungBoy began penning lyrics for his debut album.

NBA YoungBoy successfully released up to eight independent mixtapes between 2015 and 2017, acquiring a large following as a result of his music. YoungBoy signed with Atlantic Records in 2017, and two more mixtapes were released. 

In January 2018, his first single, Outside Today, debuted at number 31 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Until Death Call My Name, his debut studio album, was released in 2018, and the song was the lead single. It charted at number 7 on the Billboard 200 in the United States. His other singles include Slime Belief, Valuable Pain, and Genie.

AI YoungBoy 2 is the most successful chart project for YoungBoy Never Broke Again (2019). It debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 and remained there for quite some time. The album's singles included Self Control, Slime Mentality, and Make No Sense. 

YoungBoy teamed with the late rapper Juice Wrld on the song Bandit. The song went on to become a top ten success for him. YoungBoy's sixteenth mixtape, 38 Baby 2, arrived at number one on the Billboard 200 in April 2020. 

Top, YoungBoy's second studio album, was released in 2020, and it was his third album to reach number one in less than a year. He is the father of five children, each of whom was conceived by a different woman.

He isn't married, but he does have a woman in his life. His romantic life is a jumbled mess. He's already had relationships with a number of beautiful women. 

He has a long list of girlfriends. He isn't in a long-term relationship with any of the women he dates.

Taylin Gaulden and his mother, Niya, were tragically murdered in a car accident on June 26, 2018. When his Lamborghini lost control and struck a tree off the road, NBA YoungBoy was in the driver's seat. The car flipped over, but the three of them were lucky to escape with only minor injuries.

Apart from his biological mother, Niya, Taylin's father has three past relationships (Trinia "Nia"). YoungBoy is claimed to have had a one-night fling with Niya, but the rest of his girlfriends he had long-term relationships with.

Nisha YoungBoy

Tay Tay's father, Nisha YoungBoy, dated Nisha when he was only 15 years old. As a result of his affection for Kayden Gaulden, he welcomed her into his life.

Starr Dejanee 

Starr and YoungBoy had been friends for a long time. The couple's two children, Kamron and Kamiri, were born together. Starr, on the other hand, is a successful businesswoman with a large Instagram following.

Jania Bania 

Jania and YoungBoy began dating in 2018, and their son Kacey was born in 2019, just months after she broke her relationship with him. Jania's profession is that of a social media influencer with a sizable Instagram following.

A Wonderful Moment Spent With Siblings

He has four half-siblings on his paternal side: three brothers and a sister. Their names are Kayden Gaulden, Kamron Gaulden, Kamiri Gaulden, and Kacey Alexander Gaulden. The kids get a lot of chances to interact with one another. They routinely appear in public with their father. 

His father posted several photos of them on his Instagram account. Four of his children are wearing the same white t-shirt in this photo, while his father is dressed in a black sweatshirt. His father is carrying his younger brother or sister.

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Kayden Gaulden

Kayden is Taylin's older brother. He was born on July 4, 2016. Despite the fact that they share a father, Kayden was born through Taylin's relationship with ex-partner Nisha. YoungBoy was only 16 years old when Kayden was born.

Kamron Gaulden

Despite what many tabloids report, Kamron was born on July 19, 2016, and is not YoungBoy's biological child. The rapper said in 2018 that he adopted Kamron and treats him as if he were his own child.

Kamiri Gaulden

Kamiri Gaulden, better known as K3, is YoungBoy's child with his partner, artist Starr Dejanee. He was born on July 6, 2017. His Zodiac sign is Cancer.

Kacey Alexander Gaulden

Jania Bania gave birth to Kacey, YoungBoy's youngest child, on February 13, 2019. He is still a child who lives with his mother. His zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Taylin Gaulden's Sibling Is At The Center Of A Controversy

In June 2018, NBA young kid Kamron Gaulden revealed that he was not his biological son, which he discovered after a DNA test. The fact that Gaulden's half-brother Kamron was not his biological brother made no difference to his family. Youngboy has revealed that he loves Kamron as much as his other children.

He has a long list of allegations against him, and he has been arrested multiple times by the police. He was accused of stepping out of a car and shooting a gathering of individuals on south Baton Rouge Street in 2016. 

He was charged with two attempted murders. He had an arrest warrant out of Georgia in 2018 for assault, kidnapping, and weapon violence.

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Taylin Gaulden Net worth 

Taylin no longer has a professional career or owns any well-known businesses, but his estimated net worth is $300,000, thanks to his father's expanding wealth in the entertainment industry during his active career. 

NBA YoungBoy, his father, is reported to have a net worth of over $10 million, which he has amassed through record sales, shows, concerts, and YouTube earnings, among other businesses. Taylin still has a long way to go before he can establish his own company and make money, but he appears to have everything he needs so far. 

He is one of the most well-known musicians on YouTube. His earnings come from musical tours, album sales, and his YouTube channel. He has two studio albums to his credit.

Taylin Gaulden Online Presence

Despite the fact that Taylin Gaulden doesn't have a personal account on social media. Images of him, his siblings, and his father can be found on his father's YoungBoy Social pages. 

On the other hand, Taylin's most personal details have been kept hidden by his father and are rarely seen or heard in public.

Since he was a toddler, Taylin Gaulden has been a celebrity, and there is a tremendous social urge to discover more about him.

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5 Amazing Facts About Taylin

  • His father was released from prison just before Taylin Gaulden's first birthday. He grew up in an affluent family. He was able to spend time with his father on his first birthday. He was incarcerated for the majority of his life.
  • Taylin Gaulden was born and raised in Louisiana.
  • His zodiac sign is Pisces.
  • He is the rapper NBA Youngboy's son.
  • His father's other boys are Kamiri Gaulden, Kamron Gaulden, Kayden Gaulden, and Kacey Alexander Gaulden, and his daughter is Armani.

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