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The Discovered Tarumanagara Kingdom Relics

The Discovered Tarumanagara Kingdom Relics

Temples, inscriptions, and statues located in the western portion of Java, notably West Java, Jakarta, and Banten, are evidence of the Tarumanegara Kingdom's heritage.

Dexter Cooke
Last updated: Jan 31, 2022 | Nov 16, 2021

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Temples, inscriptions, and statues located in the western portion of Java, notably West Java, Jakarta, and Banten, are evidence of the Tarumanagara Kingdom's heritage.

Evidence of the Hindu-style kingdom can be seen in the ruins of Tarumanagara.

What Inscriptions Did The Tarumanagara Kingdom Leave Behind?

To date, seven Tarumanegara royal inscriptions have been discovered.

The Kebon Kopi Inscription, Ciaruteun Inscription, Muara Cianten Inscription, Jambu Inscription, Pasir Awi Inscription, Tugu Inscription, and Cidanghyang Inscription are Tarumanegara royal inscriptions.

What Are The Tarumanegara Kingdom's Sanskrit Inscriptions?

Ciaruteun Inscription, Jambu Inscription, Cidanghiyang Inscription, Tugu Inscription, and Kebonkopi Inscription are Tarumanegara royal inscriptions in Sanskrit.

What Are The Tarumanagara Kingdom's Relics?

At the Cibuaya site, some Tarumanagara kingdom statues were discovered.

The Vishnu 1, Wisnu 2, and 3 Vishnu statues in Cibuaya Village are referred to as the Vishnu 1, Wisnu 2, and 3 Vishnu statues.

Kingdom Of Tarumanegara Relic Inscription

Historic materials used to investigate the Tarumanegara Kingdom's existence include relics.

Tarumanegara inscriptions found so far: 7

There were Tarumanegara inscriptions in West Java, Banten, and Jakarta.

Pasir Awi and Muara Cianten are untranslated Tarumanegara inscriptions respectively.

Awi, Ciaruteun, and Pasir Awi are three Tarumanegara inscriptions.

The Kebon Kopi I Inscription/Elephant Palm Inscription

The Kebon Kopi I Inscription/Elephant Palm Inscription

The Kebonkopi I Inscription is also known as the Elephant Tread Inscription because it contains a carving of elephant footprints.

The presence of carvings on the soles of elephant feet in this inscription suggests that the elephant is King Purnawarman's mount, associated with Airawata, Lord Indra's vehicle.

This Tarumanegara Royal inscription is known as the coffee garden inscription because it was discovered in a coffee plantation in Cibungbulang, Bogor.

The Kebon Kopi inscription is 69 cm high, 104 cm wide, and 164 cm wide.

The Kebon Kopi I Inscription is distinguished from the neighboring Kebon Kopi II Inscription by Roman numerals I.

The Kebon Kopi II inscription was left by the Sundanese, not the Tarumanagara kingdom.

Monument Inscription

Monument inscription

The Tugu inscription was discovered at Batutumuh, Tugu Village, near the Cakung River.

The Tugu inscription dates from 1879.

The Tugu Inscription is currently in Jakarta's Indonesian National Museum, inventory number D.124.

The Tugu inscription is the Tarumanagara Kingdom inscription with the most content.

The scholars discovered interesting things from the Tugu inscription, such as:

The Chandrabaga and Gomati rivers are mentioned in the Tugu inscription.

The Monument Inscription already has a date of issue.

Thousands of cows were given as gifts to a Brahmin leading a salvation ceremony in Tugu.

Cidanghiyang Inscription

Cidanghiyang Inscription

The Tarumanagara kingdom left the Cidanghiyang Inscription, also known as the Munjul Inscription or Lebak Inscription.

That is, on the banks of the Cidanghiang river, Lebak village, Munjul subdistrict, Pandeglang regency, Banten.

Toebagus Roesjan informed the Antiquities Service of his discovery in 1947.

However, research on Tarumanegara inscriptions began in 1954.

The Cidanghi inscription measures 3.2 x 2.25 meters of andesite.

The script on this inscription resembles the script on the Tugu Inscription, suggesting it was issued during the same period (de Casparis and Boechari, 1954).

Ciaruteun Inscription

Ciaruteun Inscription

It is also known as the Ciampea inscription. This Tarumanagara kingdom inscription was discovered near the mouth of the Cisadane river in Bogor.

Sanskrit is used in the Ciaruteun inscription. Experts say the carving of King Purnawarman's feet in the Ciarunteun inscription has two meanings:

Purnawarman's feet carving proves his authority of the area.

Purnawarman's feet are carved to represent his divinity.

Guava Inscription/Koleangkek Sand Inscription

Guava Inscription/Koleangkek Sand Inscription

About 30 km west of Bogor, on the Koleangkak hill, is this Tarumanegara royal inscription.

The Guava Inscription is made of stone and measures 2-3 meters.

Cianten Estuary Inscription

Cianten Estuary Inscription

The Tarumanagara kingdom left the Cianten Estuary Inscription, also known as the Pasir Muara Inscription. The Cianten Estuary inscription was discovered at the Cianten Estuary in Pasir Muara, Bogor. NW Hoepermans found the Muara Cianten inscription in 1864.

The Muara Cianten inscription is 2.70 × 1.40 x 140 m 3.

The Tarumanegara remains are classified as inscriptions due to the stone engravings.

But it's only a sculptural depiction of the tuber tendrils (twisted) or curls.

Aside from the tendrils or curls, the picture depicts the soles of the feet.

Bamboo Sand Inscription

Bamboo Sand Inscription

The Pasir Awi Inscription is the last Tarumanegara inscription we'll look at.

The Cemperai Inscription is another name for it.

Bogor's Sukamakmur Jonggol area yielded the Pasir Awi inscription.

In 1864, NW Hoepermans created the Pasir Awi inscription.


There you go, 7 inscriptions/relics that stand as evidence to the existence of the Tarumanagara Kingdom. Let's hope that these relics will last a long time so future generations can see and enjoy them too.

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