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Surprising Vending Machines You Didn't Know Exist

Chances are you have seen many vending machines in your life because they seem to be everywhere. They have them at malls, at hospitals, at colleges, at grocery stores, let’s face it and just say they have vending machines in a lot of different places.

Susan Murillo
Oct 07, 20232249 Shares30398 Views
Chances are you've used a lot of vending machines in your life and they appear to be everywhere. They've got them in malls, hospitals, colleges, convenience stores, let's face it and just say they've got vending machines in a lot of different places. Did you know that the first coin operated vending machine was found in England in during the 1880s and it was selling post cards. Since that time vending machines have evolved into selling many different things.
Here are some vending machines you would never expect to exist!

Live Crab

There is a vending machine in China that sells live crabs! If for whatever reason you end up with a dead one, the company will compensate you with three live ones. Another vending machine located in Beverly Hills sells caviar, escargot, or even truffles. So if you are having any cravings for those fear not.


There is a vending machine found in Japan that dispenses lettuce. “The Chef's Farm”, the name of the vending machine, can grow 60 heads of lettuce a day. This vending machine claims to be able to keep growing lettuce through the use of fluorescent light bulbs.


If you ever find yourself in Tokyo at one of their train stations craving a banana you my friend are in luck. The Shibuya train station in Tokyo has a vending machine that dispenses single or bunches of bananas. Dole even provides bins next to the vending machine for easy disposal of the peels!


Let's Pizza is the first pizza vending machine in the world. The unit, called Pizzametry, has 7 patents and is the only one in the world to manufacture authentic Italian and healthy pizza using new and real ingredients without any human intervention.
If you are on the go and want a quick pizza, then you are in luck with a vending machine that is found in Europe. It kneads the dough, adds the sauce, and adds your choice of three toppings to create a hot pizza all in three minutes.

Mashed Potato

If you love mashed potatoes, then be sure to check out a 7-11 in Singapore that has a mashed potatoes vending machine. For just $1 you can fill a dish with mashed potatoes and gravy!
The magic is pretty simple: walk up to the machine with your mashed potato cup under the beaker, press the 'Mashed Potato' button, and the sweet, instant mashed potatoes come out, followed by the gravy. There's also a curiously ominous food beast button that says 'Mashed Potato BBQ Taste' that we want someone out there in Singapore to click for us.


If you're a cupcake fan, then make sure to try out the vending machines in Beverly Hills and Chicago, where you can get a $4 Sprinkles Cupcake each! Best still, all vending machines are open 24 hours a day!


If you're in a rush to board a flight at Sheremetyvo National Airport in Moscow, Russia, and you need something to eat fast, you're lucky. They've got a vending machine that dispenses burgers! They have a few different choices to pick from, so it's more like you're in a fast food restaurant.
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