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Supply Management made easy with HaulerHub

Supply Management made easy with HaulerHub

HaulerHub, based in Brooklyn, NY, utilizes technology to make the supply chain more visible across each touchpoint, allowing shippers and haulers to cut out the burdening middleman costs.  This makes the supply chain more responsive and flexible and allows for a transparent network adaptable to any industry.

Elyse Woods
Oct 01, 2021

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HaulerHub is shifting the supply chain industry by integrating the planning process and creating production solutions that make the transportation of goods cheaper and more efficient.

Let's look at how HaulerHub’s full-service tech platform has digitized the supply chain industry by creating technology that can be used in the logistics and transportation industry.

SMC with HaulerHub

HaulerHub’s technology platform is used all over the world and allows clients to directly communicate with haulers and logistic partners. Products can be shipped quickly and cheaply to anywhere in the world. Through the advent of their technology, HaulerHub makes it possible for small independent haulers to equitably compete with larger, more prominent companies.

HaulerHub is a customized platform with a user-friendly interface and helps to reduce the paperwork involved in traditional haulage channels. The company has created a straightforward process; first, shippers must register their freight and detail their destination on the platform. 

Haulers who have previously signed up to use the platform can bid to take the cargo if the job does not exceed their service capacity. The shipper will then view shippers' profiles and their quotes to decide which company to use.

Once the goods are in transit, the shipper can use HaulerHub's platform to track their freight in real-time 24/7. The whole process can be completed quickly and easily from a phone or PC.

HaulerHub has created a user-friendly, seamless process with artificial intelligence technology.

About HaulerHub 

Beginning in 2019, HaulerHub has positively benefited shippers and haulers across the world. The main advantage of using the platform is its ability to cut out the middleman allowing clients to communicate directly with every part of the supply chain with ease. WIth HaulerHub, the entire process becomes quick, cheap, and efficient.

HaulerHub gives clients peace of mind that their goods will get to them on time and in one piece. The platform allows you to track your goods from any computer or mobile device at any time day or night.

Get Started with HaulerHub! 

The pandemic has significantly affected the transportation, shipping, and logistics industry. Companies are regularly met with significant delays while prices skyrocket.

Now is the time to choose HaulerHub. HaulerHub technology can reduce costs by cutting out the middleman and organizing shipping directly with haulers even through this tough time.

Are you interested in finding out more about HaulerHub? If your business has transportation needs to be fulfilled, don't hesitate to contact the HaulerHub team to determine how their next generation tech platform can help.

Elyse Woods | As a product marketing manager, I've had the opportunity to help a variety of companies improve their sales margins and audience reaction to new products. Since I am passionate about product perception, marketing, and company statistics, I have brought commitment and positive results to the companies with which I have worked. What makes a product successful fascinates and inspires me.


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