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Spotify Introduces 'DJ,' A New Tool That Provides Tailored Music With AI-powered Commentary

The audio streaming and media services provider Spotify introduces 'DJ,' a new tool that provides tailored music with AI-powered commentary. Ahead of Spotify's next Stream On event, the business unveiled a new artificial intelligence tool known as "DJ" to further customize the music listening experience for its customers.

Kaleem Kirkpatrick
Aug 23, 202310033 Shares278704 Views
The audio streaming and media services provider Spotify introduces 'DJ,' a new tool that provides tailored music with AI-powered commentary. Ahead of Spotify's next Stream On event, the business unveiled a new artificial intelligence tool known as "DJ" to further customize the music listening experience for its customers.
This update was made in preparation for the company to announce a revamped home feed and other upgrades. In a manner analogous to that of a radio DJ, the DJ function of Spotify will play a curated selection of music while also providing AI-powered spoken commentary about the tracks and artists that you enjoy. Spotify describes this commentary as being delivered in a "stunningly realistic voice."
Music lovers just can't get enough of the playlists on Spotify. After all, it has music and artists that you like for every imaginable state of mind and circumstance.
Whether you're going through a difficult breakup, in need of a pick-me-up, or need a pump-up soundtrack for your workout; some of you even have playlists dedicated crushes or situationships (that didn't work out in the end, but that's another story), or even ultra-niche experiences; you can be sure that you have a personalized playlist for it.
You get access to a large number of playlists and features when using Spotify as well. You absolutely adore their Discover Weekly, Spotify Wrapped, and other features like these. Another feature that takes customization to a whole new level by providing you with a DJ that was developed by artificial intelligence is presented here.

Spotify’s New AI DJ X

It's just like having your own personal DJ that you can carry about in your pocket. Forget about it; there isn't any gathering or celebration for which you require a soundtrack.
With the assistance of an artificial intelligence-generated music guide, all you need to do is put in your headphones and start listening to songs that are both new and old, as well as known and unfamiliar.
These songs are referred to as "current go-to's, old favorites, and new discoveries." It was initially released during the first half of the year, and it has just lately expanded into further markets.
The business claims that the goal is for Spotify to get so familiar with its customers that when the button is pressed, the DJ will know exactly what to play for that particular users. Or, to put it another way, as Spotify puts it, it's like having a "AI DJ in your pocket."
More generally speaking, the functionality has the potential to transform Spotify into a lean-back, passive experience for consumers at those moments when they don't feel like dictating to Spotify what to listen next or stumbling about with its UI to discover a playlist that they enjoy.
As of the time of today's debut, the OpenAI-powered feature was still under beta testing, and it is currently only available in English to Spotify Premium customers in the United States and Canada. Spotify has been at the forefront of the industry for years with its personalisation technology.
In 2015, the company launched its flagship playlist Discover Weekly, which was an instant hit with users. This was later followed by a variety of different playlists meant to suit to the individual interests of the end user.
These included Release Radar, Daily Mixes, Your Time Capsule, Blend, and those that were directed towards certain activities, such as commuting or working out, amongst other things. In recent years, Spotify has also become a trailblazer with its personalized annual review known as Spotify Wrapped.
Since then, its competitors have begun to mimic Spotify's success with this feature. It was only a matter of time until Spotify put out its own perspective on how current AI could be used to better its customization experience, given that the larger technology market is increasingly focusing on new ways to exploit developments in AI.
In this instance, the business claims that its new DJ function is a mix of the personalized technology it already possesses, an artificial intelligence voice obtained through the company's acquisition of 2022 Sonantic, and generative artificial intelligence achieved through the use of technologies developed by OpenAI.
(Spotify has confirmed to us that it does, in fact, conduct business with OpenAI; however, the company did not refer to OpenAI as a partner.) Instead, Spotify claims that it gave its music editors, specialists, scriptwriters, and data curators access to the Generative AI technology that is offered by OpenAI in order to scale the insights that they have about music, artists, and genres.
According to the business, the technology is being utilized to make "culturally relevant, accurate pieces of commentary at scale." (Given recent AI failures at Bing and Google, the word "accuracy" may be the most appropriate choice here.
Only time will tell if the use case for Spotify encounters comparable challenges.) When users interact with the new DJ function, they will be given a tailored stream of music that will play in the background.
These songs will include both recent releases and fan favorites from the past. We are under the impression that this stream will undergo continuous updating. They will hear commentary while they listen, and then the music to which the commentary is referencing will immediately follow it.

How To Use The Spotify AI DJ

To begin, ensure that your app is up to date. To begin listening to the DJ set, open the Spotify app on your iOS or Android device, navigate to the Music Feed on the Home page, and then touch the Play button on the DJ card. After that, the DJ will start playing a lineup of songs followed by some brief remark. The simplest position should be under the Music tab. Scroll down to locate DJ, a brilliant blue rectangle with a green circle.

DJ AI Spotify - How to Use It?

To begin, tap on it. It will announce itself as DJ X in a realistic human voice, and before diving into a stream of music, it will provide a brief commentary (provided of Spotify's music experts) on the songs, artists, and genres you're going to listen to. Consider the DJs on your favorite radio stations throughout your commute, but more customized and on your own phone.
For example, the AI may share commentary like:
This week, Chicago rapper Polo G teams up with Atlanta’s Future for his first release of the year. This also marks the pair’s first collaboration, but they’re united by production from Southside, who has worked extensively with both and is said to be responsible for most of the music on Polo’s upcoming project.- DJ X
If the DJ misses what the user wishes to hear, the user may simply hit the DJ button again to switch to a new genre, artist, or mood. The more you use the function, the more accurate its suggestions will become, much to how skipping songs or enjoying a music would normally tell an algorithm of your preferences.

The DJ’s Voice

Meanwhile, the DJ's voice is based on Spotify's Head of Cultural Partnerships Xavier "X" Jernigan, who formerly presented Spotify's morning program podcast "The Get Up." The business says that his voice is the "first model" for the DJ feature, implying that other voices will be added in the future.
We can confirm that the voice did sound legitimate even when it included tailored material during its introduction, such as allusions to the names of bands you often stream, in brief tests of the functionality before to its rollout. However, in terms of music selection, it did not appear to be more impressive than one of Spotify's tailored playlists.
However, DJ's improvements should come with time. After going through a few early choices, the DJ moved to playing music you have streamed in the previous year. We anticipated the flashbacks to be blended in with the contemporary songs, but the separation surprised us.
We then went back over the recommendations, and the DJ changed genres. It changed back to summer flashbacks. In some ways, it was like flipping between playlists.
The DJ initially appears as a green circle on a blue background, but as you play the music, it moves to the bottom-right of the Now Playing interface, which otherwise looks the same — it plays the looping visuals if available, offers player controls, and, as before, provides access to the heart button and lyrics.

Issues And Criticisms

Spotify's promotion of the function as an AI-powered innovation is intended to pique user interest in its streaming service at a time when AI advances such as ChatGPT and Google's Bard are raising awareness of both the promise and the risks of AI advancements.
The Spotify app
The Spotify app
The functionality, however, comes at a time when there is growing criticism that Spotify's investments in other audio formats have made its interface bloated and difficult to use for streaming music.
The streamer's shares jumped last month after it reported solid user growth in Q4, which saw the addition of 10 million new subscribers, bringing the total to 205 million, and 22 million more ad-supported users, bringing the total to 295 million.
But, given that Spotify's early gains in customization technology are now practically standard practice for any music provider, it's evident that the company sought to raise the bar even higher by creating something unique with AI that wasn't as readily replicated.

People Also Ask

Why Don't I Have Spotify DJ Mode?

Make sure the "AI DJ" toggle is switched on by going into the settings for your account, selecting "Playback," and checking its status. Attempt to log out of your account and then log back in: It is possible that signing out of and then back into your Spotify account can allow you to access new features and help refresh your account settings.

What Is The DJ Feature On Spotify?

DJ is a feature that allows users to customize their listening experience by selecting music from a curated playlist that includes spoken-word commentary provided by a computerized voice. This feature may be accessed through the "music" feed area of the Spotify mobile app.

Does Spotify Have A Personal DJ?

The Spotify DJ feature is a combination of the platform's own customization engine, which provides you with a line-up of music suggestions based on what you enjoy, and generative AI made possible through the usage of technologies developed by OpenAI.

Final Words

The news about Spotify introducing 'DJ,' a new tool with AI-powered commentary quickly gained attention among music enthusiasts. However, the company has stated that the DJ function will start rolling out today in its supported areas, this indicates that you might not be able to see the feature right now, but you should shortly.
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