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2022 Best Sportcraft Air Hockey Table Reviews


Purchasing an air hockey table in these uncertain economic times entails additional costs. It's even more complicated if you're a budget-conscious hobbyist. However, you do not have to deprive yourself or your loved ones of worthwhile entertainment.

Sportcraft air hockey tables do not always include all of the features found on professional tables. However, its quality is adequate for the purpose.

The following are the top three choices. Read on for the sportcraft air hockey table reviews.

Sportcraft Air Hockey Table Reviews

Sportcraft 90-Inch Extreme Hockey Table

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A 90-inch air hockey table with exquisite design and construction
A 90-inch air hockey table with exquisite design and construction

Even before you purchase it, you will fall in love with this table due to its exquisite design and construction. Two large arches support a beautifully carved apron, with the tabletop resting on sturdy legs. This alone demonstrates that this hockey table is capable of withstanding any assault of high-intensity gameplay.

While the Sportcraft 90-inch extreme hockey table is built to last, it is not without flaws. This table has unique characteristics that make it popular among air hockey players.

From the high-gloss acrylic playing surface that enhances fast-paced games to the state-of-the-art blower that ensures an even supply of air pressure, this table proves its worth in every detail.

Along with the already attractive features mentioned previously, this table includes an electronic scoreboard and LED lighting on the table sides. Simply put, this table marries beauty and sophistication.

Sportcraft 72-Inch Rebound Turbo Air Hockey Table

A 72-inch air hockey table with an eye-catching appearance
A 72-inch air hockey table with an eye-catching appearance

The Sportcraft 72-inch Rebound Turbo Air Hockey Table is another good option if you're in the market for an air hockey table. As with many other Sportcraft hockey tables, this one is designed to be enjoyed both at home and in the arcade. Its captivating characteristics and accessories ensure that.

The table is stable and balanced on four strong-looking legs that prevent the table from shifting during gameplay. Two LED scoreboards mounted on the table's sides assist players in keeping track of game scores. Additionally, the air hockey table features a smooth surface that is designed to withstand the rigors of any fast-paced game.

This hockey table's features do not stop there, as the inside of the side rails are fitted with spinners that propel the puck around the table at a fairly high rate of speed. This table's air blowing system is extremely efficient at maintaining constant air pressure throughout the duration of a game.

Sportcraft Silver Line Turbo Air Hockey Table

Air hockey table with a glossy body
Air hockey table with a glossy body

There are few hockey tables that can match this one in terms of durability. While its glossy body will eventually lose its sheen (as is the case with most tables of this caliber), the hockey table's ruggedness will ensure that it lasts as long as possible.

Although the table's adjustable legs allow it to fit easily into any room, the table is still quite large, and there is a limit to how much space the table can occupy.

Apart from its sleek aesthetics, the Spacecraft Turbo Air Hockey Table features powerful centrifugal blowers that keep the puck floating on the tabletop. The on-board electronic scoreboard makes it simple to keep track of game scores.


All of Sportcraft's products will always be among the best on the market. Indeed, they are their own greatest rivals. This article has examined their best air hockey tables in detail and compiled a list of the best Sportcraft air hockey table reviews available on the market in 2022.

It should be noted that these air hockey tables have been tested and reviewed by numerous professionals and other players, and they have been determined to be among the best. This simply means that if you're in the market for an air hockey table, those three should be your first stop.

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