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Sport Squad HX40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table - Compact And Portable

Elevate your game room with the Sport Squad HX40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table. Discover a compact and portable design, kid-friendly safety features, and endless fun for all ages. Enjoy the excitement of air hockey with this versatile and entertaining gaming table.

Tyrese Griffin
Oct 06, 202331570 Shares426615 Views
The Sport Squad HX40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table is a fantastic addition to any game room, offering hours of entertainment for players of all ages. This air hockey table is designed to provide a thrilling and fast-paced gaming experience. In this detailed overview, we will discuss the specification, key features, and some reviews that make the Sport Squad HX40 a popular choice among air hockey enthusiasts.


MaterialPlastic and rubber
Product Dimensions40"L x 20"W x 5"H
Item Weight10.7 Pounds
Assembly RequiredYes
Number of Players2

Quick Features

  • The electric fan, powered by an AC-12V motor and accompanying adapter, produces powerful, yet silent and even airflow for a smooth and frictionless playing surface.
  • Simply connect the two goal boxes and you're ready to go! It includes two air hockey strikers and two pucks. The manual sliding abacus scorers maintain track of total goals, and the goal boxes make it easy to return the hockey puck.
  • The HX40 slide hockey table is composed of solid MDF and is both fun and competitive.
  • The dimensions are 40"L x 20"W x 5"H and the weight is 14 lbs.
  • The non-marking rubber pads on the tiny air hockey table protect all table surfaces.


This is an interesting and engaging game for people of all ages and sizes. The table is powered by electricity and has a uniform and constant airflow. For your home, workplace, or community center, this tiny tabletop version provides the excitement of a fast and smooth gliding air hockey game.
It is made of high-quality wood for durability and can be readily transported, packed, or stored for households with limited room. Because the HX40 contains nonmarking rubber pads on its feet to prevent scratches, you may play hard without damaging your floors, tabletops, or other furniture.
The goal boxes return the puck easily and feature manual scorers above to keep account of who is winning the game. An AC adaptor, two fast-action round pucks, and two plastic strikers are included.

Build Quality

The build quality of any gaming table, including an air hockey table like the Sport Squad HX40, is a critical factor that determines its durability, stability, and overall performance.
The Sport Squad HX40 boasts a sturdy and robust build designed to withstand the rigors of intense gameplay. It is crafted from high-quality materials, including durable MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard), which provides both strength and stability. This construction ensures that the table can endure enthusiastic and competitive matches without wobbling or feeling flimsy.
One notable feature contributing to its durability is the reinforced corners. The corners of the table, where much of the impact occurs during play, are designed to withstand repeated collisions with the puck and pushers. This design choice helps prolong the lifespan of the table, ensuring that it remains in excellent condition even after extended use.
The playing surface of the Sport Squad HX40 features a smooth and laminated finish. This not only enhances the aesthetics of the table but also contributes to its longevity. The laminated surface resists wear and tear, ensuring that it can handle the swift movement of the puck without showing signs of deterioration over time.
Sport Squad HX40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table poster
Sport Squad HX40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table poster

Powerful Electric Motor

One of the standout features of the Sport Squad HX40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table is its powerful electric motor. This motor plays a pivotal role in delivering a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.
The electric motor in the Sport Squad HX40 generates a steady and powerful airflow across the entire playing surface. This consistent airflow minimizes friction between the puck and the table, allowing the puck to glide effortlessly. Players can expect a smooth and fast-paced gaming experience that closely mirrors the feel of playing air hockey in an arcade.
The robust airflow produced by the motor contributes to the excitement and competitiveness of the game. It ensures that the puck moves swiftly and unpredictably, requiring quick reflexes and precision from the players. Whether you're engaging in casual matches with family or intense duels with friends, the powerful motor adds an extra layer of thrill to every game.
The motor's powerful operation not only affects gameplay but also adds to the overall ambiance of the gaming experience. The airflow produced can create the distinctive sound of air hockey, enhancing the immersive quality of the game. It adds an authentic touch that players appreciate, making each match more engaging.

Puck And Pushers

The components that directly interact with players in an air hockey game are the puck and pushers (also known as paddles). These elements play a crucial role in determining the quality of gameplay and overall enjoyment.
The puck included with the Sport Squad HX40 is precision-engineered for optimal performance. Typically, air hockey pucks are lightweight and made of a low-friction material, allowing them to glide smoothly across the table's surface. This ensures that the puck moves rapidly and unpredictably, adding excitement and challenge to the game.
The well-designed puck's smooth movement on the playing surface provides players with precise control. This is crucial for executing shots, passes, and defensive maneuvers with accuracy. It allows players to showcase their skills and strategy while maintaining a fast-paced and competitive match.
Accessories poster of the Sport Squad HX40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table
Accessories poster of the Sport Squad HX40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table
The pushers (or paddles) provided with the Sport Squad HX40 are designed with player comfort in mind. They typically feature a comfortable grip, allowing players to hold them securely during intense gameplay. This ergonomic design ensures that players can maintain control and maneuverability throughout the match without discomfort.
Both the puck and pushers are constructed with durability in mind. They are designed to withstand the impact and friction that occurs during gameplay. This ensures that these essential components can endure countless matches, providing long-lasting entertainment for players.

Smooth Playing Surface

A key feature of any quality air hockey table is its playing surface. The playing surface of the Sport Squad HX40 is designed to provide a smooth and consistent playing experience, contributing to the overall enjoyment of the game.
The playing surface of the Sport Squad HX40 features a low-friction finish, which minimizes resistance between the puck and the table. This design choice ensures that the puck glides effortlessly, maintaining high speeds and unpredictable movements. It creates a dynamic and thrilling gaming experience.
The playing surface is designed to be even and level, which is essential for fair and competitive gameplay. An uneven surface can result in puck deviations and affect the outcome of the game. The Sport Squad HX40's attention to detail in this aspect ensures a level playing field for all players.
Consistency is a hallmark of the Sport Squad HX40's playing surface. Whether you're playing a casual match or a heated competition, you can expect the same level of smoothness and predictability throughout. This consistency allows players to refine their skills and adapt to various playing styles.
The playing surface is often laminated, adding to its durability and resistance to wear and tear. Lamination helps protect the surface from scratches, scuffs, and other forms of damage, ensuring that it maintains its quality over time.

Easy Assembly

The assembly process of the Sport Squad HX40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table is designed to be straightforward and hassle-free, allowing players to set up the table quickly and start enjoying the game without delays.
The Sport Squad HX40 typically comes with clear and user-friendly assembly instructions. These instructions guide users through each step of the assembly process, making it easy to follow along.
The assembly process of the Sport Squad HX40 is designed to be efficient. With clear instructions and all the required components provided, assembling the table typically takes a relatively short amount of time. This means that players can enjoy air hockey almost immediately after unboxing.
The design of the Sport Squad HX40 takes into account the convenience of users. Assembling the table typically involves straightforward steps that require minimal effort. This user-friendly approach ensures that players of all skill levels can set up the table with ease.

Compact And Portable Design

The Sport Squad HX40's compact design not only makes it suitable for various room sizes but also makes it highly portable. If you need to move the table to a different location or store it when not in use, it can be done with ease. Its portability ensures that you can enjoy air hockey wherever you desire.
The Sport Squad HX40 boasts a compact and portable design that sets it apart as an excellent addition to various spaces, offering convenience and versatility to users. Here's a closer look at the design features.
Measuring 40 inches in length, the Sport Squad HX40 is designed with space efficiency in mind. Its compact dimensions make it suitable for various room sizes, including game rooms, basements, family rooms, and even smaller living spaces. This means that you can enjoy the excitement of air hockey without requiring a large dedicated area.
The table's portable design allows for effortless relocation. If you need to move the table to a different location within your home or take it to a friend's house for a game night, it can be done with ease. Its relatively lightweight construction and compact size make it manageable for users of all ages.
The Sport Squad HX40 is also designed with storage in mind. When not in use, it can be conveniently stored away, taking up minimal space. This feature is especially valuable for users with limited room or those looking to maintain a clutter-free environment when the table is not in use.
The compact and portable design of the Sport Squad HX40 allows for versatile placement. You can set it up in different areas of your home based on your preferences, whether you want it in your game room, basement, or even outdoors for a change of scenery.
Kids playing on Sport Squad HX40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table
Kids playing on Sport Squad HX40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table
Unlike some larger gaming tables that may require permanent installation or dedicated game room spaces, the Sport Squad HX40 can be set up without any significant alterations to your home. This flexibility ensures that you can enjoy air hockey without the commitment of a permanent installation.

Air Hockey Table Safety Features For Kids

For families with children, safety is a top priority when selecting gaming equipment. The Sport Squad HX40 is designed with several kid-friendly safety features.
The Sport Squad HX40's sturdy construction adds to its safety. Its robust build ensures that the table remains stable and secure during gameplay, reducing the risk of tipping or wobbling, especially when children are involved.
Parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children can enjoy air hockey on the Sport Squad HX40 without unnecessary risks. The safety features are integrated seamlessly into the design, allowing for worry-free family game nights.

Fun For All Ages

One of the most appealing aspects of the Sport Squad HX40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table is its universal appeal, it's designed to provide entertainment and enjoyment for individuals of all ages:
The table is ideal for family game nights, where players of all ages can come together for friendly and competitive matches. Whether you're a parent, child, or grandparent, the Sport Squad HX40 offers a common ground for fun and bonding.
The Sport Squad HX40 is equally suitable for gatherings with friends. Whether you're hosting a game night with friends or having guests over for a party, air hockey is a social and engaging activity that brings people together.
Air hockey is a game that can be enjoyed by individuals with varying skill levels. The Sport Squad HX40 accommodates both casual players and enthusiasts, ensuring that everyone can have a blast.
Even if you're flying solo, the Sport Squad HX40 offers a great opportunity for solo practice and skill development. Practicing alone can be just as rewarding as playing with others, allowing you to hone your skills and improve your game.
The game's competitive nature appeals to individuals of all ages. Whether you're a child competing with a sibling, a teenager facing off against friends, or an adult challenging coworkers, the Sport Squad HX40 brings out the competitive spirit in everyone.

Sport Squad Hx40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table Reviews

Here are some of the reviews from Amazon:
J. Shilling says,
This air hockey game is very nice. The grandkids didn't want to stop playing. The only issue we had was the felt on one of the pusher pads came off after 5 minutes of play. We were able to put if back on but it fell off several times while they were playing. After they were done, I used some glue to hopefully keep it on there.
The other issue was when the 6 year old was playing when I had the set on a table, she kept scraping her arm on the sharp edges of the scoring bar. I had to put the set on the floor for them to play so the angle would be such that her arm wouldn't scrape anymore.Other than those few minor issues, I would probably buy this same set again.
S Cumbus says,
Our family and friends have had a great time playing this air hockey game, both kids and adults! It is large enough to require skill and and has been a wonderful diversion during the too hot days!

Sport Squad Hx40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table FAQs

How Does The Electric Motor In The Sport Squad HX40 Enhance Gameplay?

The powerful electric motor generates consistent airflow, ensuring a smooth and frictionless playing surface for fast-paced and enjoyable gameplay.

What Are The Sport Squad HX40 Air Hockey Table Dimensions?

The dimensions of the Sport Squad HX40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table are 40"L x 20"W x 5"H.

What Accessories Are Included With The Sport Squad HX40 Air Hockey Table?

The table comes with two pushers (paddles) and two pucks, designed for precise control and smooth gameplay.

Is The Playing Surface Of The Sport Squad HX40 Smooth And Consistent?

Yes, the table features a smooth playing surface that minimizes friction, ensuring the puck glides effortlessly for fair and competitive play.

How Easy Is It To Assemble The Sport Squad HX40?

Assembling the table is straightforward and typically takes a short amount of time. Clear instructions and necessary tools are included.

Is The HX40 Sport Squad Air Hockey Table Suitable For Players Of All Ages?

Yes, the table is designed to be enjoyable for players of all ages and skill levels, making it a versatile and family-friendly gaming option.


The Sport Squad HX40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table is a feature-packed gaming table that offers endless entertainment. Its compact size, powerful motor, electronic scoring system, and safety features make it an ideal choice for those looking to bring the excitement of air hockey into their homes. Whether you're a seasoned air hockey pro or just looking for a fun addition to your game room, the Sport Squad HX40 delivers a thrilling and immersive gaming experience.
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