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Spiritual Awakening – Its Signs And Stages For Achievement


Even though a spiritual awakening is sometimes compared to a trip, it does not involve travel. Instead, it is a process of pushing oneself to the limit to grow and change.

A spiritual awakening is one of the most life-altering events that a person may go through. Knowing and living as a divine being is a paradigm change on a cosmic scale.

To have a spiritual awakening is tearing at the fabric of your known world and being propelled forward into a life of conscious development and expansion.

You "wake up," as the name suggests, from the illusion of your ordinary, material, and ego-based daily existence into the greater reality of the spiritual realm.

And just as if you woke up from a deep slumber, you realize the dream was only an illusion from which there is no turning back.

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Spiritual awakening occurs when a person can take a step back and "awaken" to their existence with a new feeling of being in this world.

The concept of spiritual awakening was popularized in the Western world by eminent psychiatrist Carl Jung, who defined the process as returning to one's original self. Yet, the experience of rising to a higher level of awareness has always been an inherent element of what it is to be human.

Causes Of Spiritual Awakening

Anything, from a minor event to a major turning point in one's life, might set off a spiritual awakening.

Life-altering experiences such as losing a job, moving far away from home, being in a vehicle accident, etc., and people who open a spiritual "door" for you are some of the most typical reasons.

Spiritual awakenings can be spontaneous, but for most, they are triggered by major life changes or traumas like life-threatening illnesses, car accidents, divorces, war, pandemics, quarter-life or midlife crises, mental health crises like clinical depression or anxiety, or even a near-death experience.

Expert psychic and author of Angel Intuition Tanya Carroll Richardson says that the first step toward enlightenment is to look at your life from a more spiritual viewpoint.

A human hand with a ring on it reaching up while sunlight passes through big trees
A human hand with a ring on it reaching up while sunlight passes through big trees

Benefits Of Spiritual Awakening

According to experts, the greatest benefit of a spiritual awakening experience is the chance for further waking. It's like being a long-time resident of home and learning of the existence of a whole new wing. While coming here, you will learn about yourself and how to live in new ways.

Spiritual awakening may also simplify your daily routine. The more you follow the road of awakening and begin to fully embody your unique identity and the gifts you've been given, the more manageable your life will become.

This doesn't mean that problems go away. Instead, it means that your view of the human condition changes in a way that improves your life.

Among the many benefits of having a spiritual awakening are feelings of relief, pleasure, grace, and knowledge. It may help you learn more about yourself and other parts of your life. The realization may lead to acceptance or materializing of some different positive outcomes.

Signs Of Spiritual Awakening

The following are some indications that you are now going through a spiritual awakening or are on the verge of beginning one:

  • You have a sense of disconnection or separation.
  • You have conducted a value check on the things you believe.
  • Your dreams have been more vivid recently.
  • You encounter more synchronicities and déjà vu.
  • Your relationships start to go through a transition.
  • You get the sense that spirituality is increasingly playing a significant role in your life.
  • You're more perceptive.
  • You can tell when someone is being dishonest or trying to manipulate you.
  • You come to understand that everyone is on their road.
  • You want to be helpful to others.
  • Your instructors will locate you.
  • You feel alone.
  • You get the impression that you are more closely linked to the natural world.
  • Your senses have been sharpened as a result.
  • It's possible that you'll feel more sensations in your body.
  • You could have some physical problems.
  • All of a sudden, your customs and practices have undergone a shift.
  • Your perspective on the world seems to have shifted.
  • A greater capacity for empathy
  • You demonstrate greater sympathy.
  • You suddenly find yourself curious about things.

What Does It Feel Like to Awaken Spiritually? | Eckhart Tolle

Stages Of Spiritual Awakening

It is within your power to realize your spirituality since you are a spiritual being. Nevertheless, beginning a spiritual path is a choice, just like everything else in life.

At certain junctures, you may decide whether to continue living as usual or pursue your spiritual path's wonders. The trick is to maintain vigilance and tune in to your inner knowing.

The Innocent Phase

You enter this planet with your lowest three chakras already activated since you were born into a material universe. As long as you are healthy and have a loving family, life is wonderful from the moment you are born.

Your awareness has just recently emerged from a sphere of absoluteness, yet you nevertheless have a profound connection to the Divine. The nonphysical being is wide awake even now.

But when you learn to "blend in" and grow preoccupied with the world around you, chances are you'll forget about that time in your life. Only a select few people can keep their Divine connection strong and experience the spiritual glory that comes with it.

Fear And Ego Phase

The development of an ego coincides with the dawning realization that one depends on external factors. It's natural for fear and the feelings it evokes to begin to cloud your previous experiences of unadulterated love.

You learn that pleasing the powerful is necessary to achieve your goals. Personality flourishes and you start writing the tales that will define you and your life.

Power Phase

You make progress in your life by actively seeking to face your fears. You go to school, get jobs, and start families. You want the power to overcome anxiety. You amass possessions for emotional support.

Giving Phase

At this point, you understand that life is about more than personal power and monetary gain. You consider how you may assist others and serve the world around you. You feel at ease with both giving and receiving.

The Seeker Phase

You've started your regular spiritual practices. You develop a desire for Enlightenment. Your judgments are now influenced mainly by the heart region's fourth chakra.

You start looking for deeper significance in everything. You strive to figure out why you're here and how you can improve your life.

You can learn from professors and gurus. You study books and put methods into practice. You can see the end objective in the distance, which motivates you to keep going.

As you manifest the characteristics of the heart in your life, the throat chakra expands.

The Sage Phase

Cosmic Consciousness appears. Your intellect completely wakes. You become a witness to your own acts and understand that you are the role actor in the many parts you perform.

As you understand that life is only another role, your dread of death fades. We get access to simple yogic abilities. There is still a barrier between the provider and the receiver.

Spirit Phase

Your heart has finally awakened. You have Divine and Unity Consciousness experiences. There is no longer any division. There is no giver, gift, or giving. There is no "I" or "me," just a knowledge of Oneness. You are still "in the world," but not "of the world."

Pure Joy is your spiritual practice. All chakras are open, and spiritual energy is flowing freely. There are no more options after you reach the seventh step.

You operate in complete harmony with nature. Everything is delivered exactly as required, at the correct time. You are the Absolute.

As you advance through these phases, the material world seems highly appealing initially, while the spiritual appears empty and difficult. Still, if pursued, it finally leads to the experience of the True Self and everlasting pleasure.

7 Spiritual Awakening Stages

People Also Ask

How Do You Recognize A Spiritual Person?

A spiritual person is usually always happy and friendly to other people. They don't like to put other people down or criticize them.

Instead, they always try to make the world a better place by saying encouraging and kind things. Yes, you are a spiritual person if you believe in the same things.

What Is Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual awakening is a personal experience in which a person's ego goes beyond their usual, limited sense of self to include a larger, infinite sense of truth or reality.

What Are The 3 Elements Of Spirituality?

Spirituality has three elements: connections, values, and life purpose.


Spiritual awakenings are intricate, deep, and life-altering in the greatest possible manner. With perseverance, trial and error, and a little bit of time, these tasks may not be simple, but they will enhance your life.

If you find yourself in one, all you can do is trust the process, hold on for dear life, and prepare for a fresh awakening.

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