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Governent solar rebates & free solar panels

The cost of installing rooftop solar in Australia is relatively cheap and after just a few short years your new solar system will literally pay for itself by reducing your power bill by 90% on average.

Jaya Mckeown
Apr 26, 202275 Shares75334 Views
The cost of installing rooftop solar in Australia is relatively cheap and after just a few short years your new solar system will literally pay for itself by reducing your power bill by 90% on average. The relatively cheap installation cost is mostly thanks to solar rebates both by the state governments and the federal government.
In a nutshell, how much rebate you get is determined by several factors including the size of the solar system, your location and the cost of STCs in the market. For instance, if the cost of STC in the market is $39, a 5KW system will attract a rebate of over $2900.
Through the rebates program, anyone who wishes to install a new solar power system are subjected to discounts at the point of purchase. This has made solar power within reach for many but there is always the question of how much you are getting with the rebates program.

What Determines How Much Rebate You Get?

As mentioned earlier, there are several factors that will determine the cost of your rebate. Here are some of the most notable ones;

The Location

The Australian government has divided the country into 4 zones with each having a different STC rating. The rating is important as it’s factored in while calculating the rebates one is to receive. Postal codes are important in determining STC ratings as they act as the geographical referencing. Under this system, the Clean Energy Council places New South Wales under zone 3 where the STC rating is 1.382.

The Cost Of STCs

It’s important to note that the rebate program is given in terms of Small Scale Technology Certificates, otherwise known as STCs. The STCs are awarded according to the size of the solar system. For instance, a 6 KW solar system attracts 74 STCs while a 6.6KW solar systemattracts 82 STCs.
The STCs are then traded in the open market with the price fluctuating between $35 to $40 mark. The STCs are claimed by the solar installers on your behalf and hence you will not have to worry about how you will go about selling them.

The Size Of The Solar System

The solar systems come in different sizes each depending on the size of the house and the power consumption. It’s no-brainer then that the size of the rebate will come at a different cost depending on how big or small your solar system is. For a standard home, the common solar system used is usually a 5KW solar power system. Depending on your power consumption, which is usually the amount of electronic gadgets you have, you can increase or reduce that.

How Much Solar Rebates Will You Get In NSW?

To get the actual cost of rebates in NSW, you will have to factor in factors like cost of STCs, the size of the solar system and more. Here are a few examples of solar rebates in NSW depending on the size and assuming the STCs currently cost $39.5;
  • A 3Kw system with attract 45 STCs which translates to about $1773 in government rebates
  • A 6Kw system attracts 91 STCs which will get you $3585 in government rebates.
  • A 10Kw solar system has 152 STCs and gets about $5988 in rebates.
You can head over hereto learn more about the cost of installing solar power in NSW and the solar rebates you will get when installing solar systems.

What Do You Need To Claim Solar Rebates In NSW?

There are several things that you need to have in order to claim solar rebates in New South Wales. Here are some of them;

Installing A New System

Solar rebates in NSW and the rest of the country only apply for a new solar system. If you have an old solar system installed, you will not be eligible to get the solar rebates. Even if you want to upgrade the system, you will not qualify for the rebates as they only apply to new solar power systems.

It’s Your First Time

Solar rebates will only apply for the people installing solar systems for the first time. More like saying you only qualify to get solar rebates once. If you have ever benefited from solar rebates, you will not be eligible for another rebate. First timers are encouraged to get solar power systems as the solar rebates will make it much easier.

Proof Of Ownership

When applying for solar rebates, you will need to prove you are the owner of the property. Thus you will need to show documents supporting the claim of ownership. A title deed is important in all this as the solar rebates are designed to help homeowners get solar power at a reduced cost.

Registered Solar Installer

When installing a solar system, you will need to work with a solar installer registered and regulated by the authorities. This is not just to get solar rebates but also get to have quality solar products. Getting a qualified team will ease your job as they will claim the solar rebates on your behalf meaning the final bill you will get will have factored in the government solar rebates.
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