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A software marketplace will solve a $30 billion problem for the U.S. market

With an overabundance of software available online, it’s more and more difficult for users and companies to find optimal solutions for their needs. As a result, many entrepreneurs end up choosing the incorrect software, leading to non optimal results and money losses.

Stefano Mclaughlin
Dec 10, 202131997 Shares463731 Views
To fight the growing oversaturation on the software market, Tekpon was created - a massive digital marketplace where both individuals and companies can find the best software for their specific needs, with descriptive reviews listing pros and cons of each choice.
Here’s what Tekpon is all about:

Designed To Help Users And Businesses Alike

Software is getting more and more expensive, both for individuals and businesses. Subscription rates are growing, and we need more and more individual pieces of software every year to keep up with the advancing technology.
Tekponhas been created to satisfy the needs of firms and users, bringing them helpful reviews and the best deals on a wide range of software. Whether you need a password tracking app or a full business management suite, you’ll find the best choice for you at Tekpon.

Work From Home Made Easy

The last couple of years have transformed many of our jobs, keeping us at home in front of our own computers - left to ourselves to find the most optimal way of doing our work.
In order to keep up with the racing job market, you need appropriate tools to make your work easier, more organized, and even automated. Tekpon was created as a response to the pandemic, helping users and businesses alike to adapt to the new way things work. Our aim is to provide insightful guidance and honest reviews, with additional affiliation programs and member clubs to help customers save money on their software purchased online.
Whenever you’re looking for software for a specific task, make sure to check up at Tekpon. You’ll find the latest discounts, special deals, and professional recommendations, curated by experts in the field.
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