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SmiteSource - A Free-to-play Online Battle Arena Video Game


There are many turns in Smitesource, both positive and negative. The game is a conflict between gods and humans that takes place in the Valoran universe.

As people adore video games, Smitesource just so happens to be one of their all-time favorites. If you're interested in learning more about the game's mechanics or what it's like to play online, you can read some of the pieces we've already written about it.

However, the focus of this article is Smitesource's history and some interesting information about SmiteSource not any of that. This has some rather intriguing turns and twists that many people aren't aware of until they know to seek them out.

Background Of Smitesource

The video game Smitesource features a distinctive plot. It has been in development for more than six years and was established by two brothers.

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The game was first made available on Steam in May 2016, and since then it has been made available on additional platforms.

It is a MOBA game set in the made-up country of Valoran. Players can select from a variety of champions in the game, which contain characters from the Warcraft universe.

The object of the game is to demolish the opposing team's base, and the winner is determined by either destroying every enemy tower or taking control of the opposing team's base.

It's a difficult game where winning depends on the strategy. This game is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), a genre that puts groups of players against one another in a struggle to seize objectives or take out the bases of the opposition.

It has a peculiar map layout that necessitates teamwork in order to destroy the enemy's base. Compared to conventional MOBA games, this results in a more strategic game.

Two brothers are set against one another in this video game's plot as they seek to rule the planet. Veteran actors in Hollywood Michael Clarke Duncan and Randy Quaid provide the voices for the brothers.

The players can select to play as either brother and by interacting with the characters in various ways, they can change how the game turns out.

How Does The Smitesource Game Function?

Anyone can participate in this online game, SmiteSource. The game is a conflict between gods and humans that takes place in the Valoran universe.

Numerous elements of the game include numerous modes, maps, and characters. Some competitions take place each month.

There are two screens in the main Smite builds menu. Do you want to play Conquest, Joust, or Arena? Your main PvP engagement method is the arena.

In Conquest, teams must defend five different capture points while fending off enemies; in Joust, only two players engage in horse-mounted combat with the goal of being the first to knock the other off their mount; and in Single Player, a variety of tutorial battles against AI gods are available so new players can pick up the basics before taking on human opponents.


Pros Of Playing Smitesource Game

The pros of playing the SmiteSource game are as follows:

  • Everyone can enjoy this game, which has a special plot.
  • There are numerous champions and skins available, each with special skills and gameplay preferences.
  • The game is always changing; new champions, skins, stages, and game modes are frequently added.
  • There is a vibrant player base that is constantly seeking new methods to advance their abilities.
  • The game is available for free both to download and to play, making it a perfect option for anyone searching for an entertaining and difficult online experience.

Cons Of Playing The Smitesource Game

The cons of playing the SmiteSource game are as follows:

  • There are many different online games to choose from. However, this game falls short when compared to others with original stories. The conversation is corny, the tasks are boring, and the characters are at best one-dimensional.
  • Despite the game's distinctive multiplayer experience, it is insufficient to make up for its unimpressive single-player campaign. In order to find teammates, players will spend longer time than necessary playing the game.
  • The game is forgettable overall, and neither your time nor your money is worth it.

How Can You Start Playing Smitesource?

You'll have a vague notion of what to anticipate from this game if you're familiar with League of Legends and its Annie, Varus, or Teemo skins.

The three-dimensional characters in the game may be modified with tattoos and attire, and players can even buy a variety of horses to help them move across the area more swiftly.

You must first download the client and register for an account before you can begin playing the game.

After that, you may either play in one of the numerous public games already in existence or start your own game with pals.

Simple logic underlies Smitesource's fundamental idea. Players unite against one another to destroy the base of the opposing team.

Each game may be played in a variety of ways, so there is always something that everyone can enjoy.


People Also Ask

Who Owns Smite Source?

Titan Forge Games own SmiteSource. With more than 30 million players worldwide, SMITE is an award-winning MOBA created by Titan Forge Games, the largest studio within Hi-Rez.

What Religions Are In SMITE?

Smite has gods from a wide range of pantheons, including those from the Greek, Chinese, Egyptian, and Norse cultures. Hinduism, one of the oldest, biggest, and most diversified religious traditions in the world, also serves as inspiration for the deities in our game.

Is SMITE As Toxic As LoL?

No, absolutely not. This game is not even close to being as harmful as LoL or even DOTA.


SMITE is not completely the same as LOL, but they do have similarities. Actually, Smite and League, at least in certain cases, both model their characters after deities and other such beings. In fact, no matter the genre, a lot of fantasy characters are often modeled on mythological creatures, deities, or tales since they make excellent sources of inspiration.


Every player's performance depends on Smitesource because it offers accurate information. You will visit numerous locations in this game where gods and foes are rumored to battle. Each of these gods has distinctive qualities that could change as the game progresses.

The mythological beings from Smitesource are well-known across mythology and develop special skills as they gain experience. As they become stronger, so do their strength, intelligence, armor, and abilities.

Aside from that, leveling up or finding new talents, artifacts, relics, and spells in the world gives players access to them.

In Smite, players take on the role of a god. Likewise, decide how to strategically defeat an opponent's deity. In single-player games, players can engage in brief competitions with other players or more challenging AI foes.

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