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Use SimilarWeb Extension To Level Up Your Marketing Strategy In 2022


Similarweb extension allows you to access all of similarweb.com's features right from your chrome's toolbar. You may get detailed statistics for any website you visit with a simple click.

What Is SimilarWeb Extension?

Chrome Web Store website shows the Add to Chrome Similarweb - Traffic Ranks and Website Analysis
Chrome Web Store website shows the Add to Chrome Similarweb - Traffic Ranks and Website Analysis

Any website's traffic and essential metrics, such as engagement rate, traffic ranking, keyword ranking, and traffic source, can be accessed and viewed using the Similarweb extension.

You can use the Similarweb extension to access all of similarweb.com's features right from the toolbar of your browser. With a single click, you can acquire complete data for any website you visit.

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What Is SimilarWeb?

SimilarWeb is a service that calculates the overall amount of traffic that various websites receive. It lets you examine your competitors' top traffic sources, which are divided into six categories: referring sites, social traffic, and top search phrases.

Despite the fact that SimilarWeb isn't perfect, it allows you to see the traffic sources of your competitors. Anyone doing SEO or content marketing will find this extremely useful. It's also a quick approach to figure out who the biggest players are in your industry and how big they are. You may also use SimilarWeb to discover more comprehensive information about your competitors' or industry's most important referral sources. When you upgrade to SimilarWeb Pro, you gain access to a number of additional services, including device distribution, audience information, and traffic sharing from multiple social media networks.

How Do I Use SimilarWeb?

To begin, go to similarweb.com and type any URL into the search box. If you already set up a custom bookmarklet or install the SimilarWeb Chrome extension, you can access SimilarWeb data for every website you are visiting in just one click. If you conduct a lot of competition analysis, this is quite useful.

How Does SimilarWeb Collect Data?

The following data sources are used by SimilarWeb:

  • Data obtained directly from website owners
  • Data from partners and internet service providers that serve millions of people
  • Patented technologies and indexing systems that are constantly scanning public data are used as public data sources.
  • Anonymized panel data from visited websites' browser add ons.

SimilarWeb Extension Firefox

Similarwebshows the in-depth analysis of amazon ranks, monthly visits, and more
Similarwebshows the in-depth analysis of amazon ranks, monthly visits, and more

SimilarWeb for Firefox allows you to learn more about the websites you visit on the internet and discover additional websites that are similar to them. Using the menu button after installing the extension, you will be able to see data about a site's traffic. It will also show you sites that are similar to the ones you are currently visiting. You can acquire extra details by utilizing the "Full Analysis" option in addition to the information that is given by default.

In terms of the type of information provided by the extension regarding websites, you will be able to see the locations of its visitors and where on the web they are coming from, such as going directly to the site, clicking a link, or clicking an advertisement. You may also examine how the site compares to other websites and the internet as a whole. You may view some statistics about their traffic and identify the top sites that suit the category when you look at the list of other sites. This might point you in the right direction for more information or to join similar communities.


For a complete 360-degree perspective of your industry, competitors, and customers, Similarweb is the ultimate competitive digital intelligence tool. Try it for free right now!

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