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Sidney Star - A Popular Trans Rapper


Rapper Sidney Star, who is transgender, is from Chicago, Illinois. She gained notoriety in 2010 after allegedly dating the rapper Chingy.

She acknowledged that it was a lie two years later. Her numerous reality television appearances include those on Lifetime's Atlanta Plastic, EBotched, !'s and VH1's Black Ink Crew: Chicago. She has also worked as an actress, making an appearance on FOX's Star.

Quick Facts

Full Name: Sidney Starr
Birth Date: 05 Feb, 1989
Age: 33 years
Profession: Social Media Star


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Sidney gained popularity for her postings on "World Star Hip Hop" and quickly became a social media sensation with live chats on "Periscope" and more than 417,000 Instagram followers.

Additionally, she has a sizable fan base on Facebook and Twitter. "Sidney Starr" is the name of Sidney's "YouTube" channel.

Black parents gave birth to Sidney Starr on February 5, 1989 in Chicago, Illinois. On her mother's birthday, she did share a photo of her mother as a young child, but other than that, she has kept her family's identity a secret.

She has openly acknowledged that she was harassed at school for being transgender, but rather than focus on what others thought, she decided to carve out her own path and is now happy with her life.

She gained notoriety by posting videos of herself "twerking" to well-known hip-hop songs on the website "World Star Hip Hop." Others mocked and despised her videos while some urged her to post more. She consequently has almost equal numbers of supporters and critics.

She persisted in following her passions, though, and later came out as a transgender model. Many people refused to believe her and thought it was a clever publicity stunt.

But when she showed proof, including her birth certificate and pictures of herself as a baby, to show that she was truly transgender, her videos and confessions quickly went viral, and she quickly rose to fame online.

In an effort to encourage other transgender people who were having difficulties coming to terms with who they were to stand up to bullying, she created her own "YouTube" channel, proudly referring to herself as a "transgender diva." She appeared on television for the first time in five episodes of "Girlfriends & Champagne" in 2016.


Sydney is single at the moment. But in 2013, she did have a relationship with Oblock Montanna. The couple broke up because of internal problems.

Rapper Chingy and Starr were said to have had a sexual relationship. The rapper, however, denied the assertion. When Starr brought it to the media's attention in 2010, the rapper steadfastly refuted it.

Sidney and Chingy were later found to have never been romantically involved, and in 2012, Starr came forward to admit the truth and apologize. Starr claimed responsibility while fabricating the entire incident. But there was no doubt that at this moment, she was laying the foundation for her future career. This put an end to Chingy's professional career.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Sidney Starr is $3 million. All of Sidney Starr's possessions, including cash in her checking or savings accounts, equity in her home, savings and investment plans, and things with a clear market value, are considered her assets (car, jewelry, clothes, art, etc.).

People Also Ask

How Old Is Sidney Starr Love And Hip Hop?

She is currently 33 years old.

What Is Sidney Starr Instagram?

Her account name in Instagram is @sidneystarrbad.

When Did Sidney Starr Come Out?

She came into the public eye in 2010 after claiming to have dated the rapper Chingy.

Final Words

Even though this outspoken and curvy model has received a lot of attention, her path has not always been straightforward. It was evidently difficult for her to come out as transgender to the world however she chooses to ignore insults and pursues her own happiness.

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