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Semen Retention - Overview Of Its Potential Effects On Health

Semen retention is just as it sounds. It is the act of not ejaculating. Taoists and tantric sex practitioners have been doing it for ages. You can avoid ejaculating by not having sexual encounters or learning to reach climax without ejaculating.

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Semen retentionis just as it sounds.
It is the act of not ejaculating.
Taoists and tantric sex practitioners have been doing it for ages.
You can avoid ejaculating by not having sexual encounters or learning to reach climax without ejaculating.
People do it for a variety of reasons. For some, it is about spiritual or emotional development.
Others feel it will boost their fertility.
Some individuals feel it boosts physical strength and builds muscles.
There are no known ill effects of sperm retention, so go ahead and do it if that's your thing.

What Is Semen Retention?

Semen retention occurs when a person deliberately resists ejaculating.
This can be done by not getting sexually active, stopping before ejaculation, or learning how to climax without ejaculating.
However, it is not the same as abstinence.
Many guys who practice semen retention may still experience orgasms; they do not ejaculate.
Semen retention is often mistaken with the NoFap movement, which seeks to assist people suffering from porn and sex addictions.
Even though people interested in sperm retention may also be interested in NoFap and promoting abstinence, this is a different practice.
Some suggest that retaining sperm leads to benefits such as improved memory, a larger penis, and super strength.
The energy usually used during sexual activity, mainly when sperm is lost, can be used in other ways.
Although this behavior seems new, it is most likely a result of the internet's current prominence.
Keeping sperm is an old method that is said to make men stronger physically and spiritually.
The current semen retention movement has its origins in ancient Taoist self-control methods.
Semen is associated with the masculine life energy in this culture.
Loss of sperm is supposed to cause mental and physical lethargy.
Self-control can be very powerful, and many religions and philosophies encourage it differently.
Judaism observes annual fasts, Hinduism promotes sensory awareness and control, and particular Christian churches prohibit sex before marriage.
These disciplines try to get people to put their energy toward spiritual, mental, and physical growth instead of getting what they want.

NoFap Vs Semen Retention

NoFap, although part of the same discussion, is not the same as sperm retention.
The NoFap lifestyle encourages people to stop masturbating and doing porn.
Some NoFappers choose not to do any sexual activities at all in order to change their sexual habits for the better.
Proponents claim it may aid in the treatment of obsessive sexual behavior. "Fapstinence" is said to provide many of the same mental and physical advantages as sperm retention.
However, most of the claims lack scientific support.
The words "semen retention" and "abstinence from sex and masturbation" are occasionally interchangeable.
NoFap is a non-profit organization that helps individuals watch less porn or quit viewing porn altogether, and some people now equate the name with not masturbating.
Some online groups think this technique may assist with various medical illnesses, but no scientific proof supports this claim.

Studies That Support Semen Retention

It's a difficult, diverse issue with little investigation. However, the lack of sufficient research does not imply that all assertions are wrong.
However, further research and longer-term studies must establish factual findings concerning specific claims.
Here are a few documented studies:
  • In 2018, researchers did a systematic review of studies on the period of ejaculatory abstinence and sperm characteristics. They noticed the varying quality and scope of current research. Evidence shows that a shorter abstinence time, rather than a longer abstinence period, is associated with increased sperm motility.
  • Researchers discovered that regular masturbation reduced the number of androgen receptors in the brain, which help your body utilize testosterone.
  • In a tiny 2003 study, researchers discovered a relationship between ejaculation and variations in blood testosterone levels. The testosterone levels of the 28 participants peaked on the seventh day of abstention.
  • A brief research published in 2001 discovered higher testosterone levels in subjects who refrained from masturbating for three weeks.
  • In a 2000 study of male athletes, researchers discovered that sexual activity had no negative influence on athletic performance; however, having intercourse two hours before a competition may.

Why May People Try Semen Retention?

There isn't much scientific evidence to show that holding in sperm is either good or bad for you.
If a person doesn't ejaculate, the body will break down the sperm and take it back in.
There are many reasons why a person might try to keep their sperm inside.
For example, some people think that maintaining sperm in the body may help:

Potential Health Benefits

  • Increased stamina at the gym and in bed
  • Increased stamina at the gym and in bed
  • Muscle growth
  • Better sperm quality
  • Thicker hair
  • Possibility of having more than one orgasm.

Potential Mental benefits

  • Less stress and anxiety
  • More motivation
  • More self-confidence
  • Better focus and concentration.

Potential Spiritual Benefits

  • Greater overall happiness
  • Stronger life force
  • Stronger life force
A naked man in underwear with a muscular body.
A naked man in underwear with a muscular body.

How Is Semen Retention Done?

You may either avoid sex or learn to experience an orgasm without ejaculating.
It requires a lot of muscular control, so start practicing Kegel exercises. It is critical to flex your pelvic muscles right before ejaculation.
The Mayo Clinic recommends the following exercises:
  • Determine the location of your pelvic floor muscles. Stop urinating in the middle of it or tense the muscles that prevent you from passing gas. You now have an idea of where those muscles are.
  • These exercises may be done while laying down, sitting, standing, or even walking.
  • Contract the muscles in your pelvic floor. Hold for three seconds before releasing for three seconds.
  • Concentrate only on squeezing your pelvic floor muscles. Keep your buttocks, thighs, and abdominal muscles relaxed. Breathe normally.
  • To strengthen muscular control, do this in sets of ten at least three times each day.
You'll need to keep your muscles under control during vaginal, anal, or oral sex. suggests the following:
  • Let go of any tightness in your jaw, buttocks, or legs. Learn to relax to prevent an excess of energy in the pelvis.
  • Take long, deep breaths as the climax approaches. To rest your body, try standing still for a few seconds. Concentrate on the other person.
According to, you may apply pressure to the region between the anus and scrotum at this point (perineum).
This may result in retrograde ejaculation when ejaculate flows into the bladder rather than out of the penis. It makes no difference to the orgasm.
But UKaskmen.comsays that ejaculating backward might not be the best way to get "positive, flowing energy."
According to, after you've reached the point of no return, contract your pelvic floor muscles as if performing Kegels, open your eyes, and cease stroking to have a dry orgasm.
Because it takes time and experience, you may be too early or too late at first.
There is no right or wrong way to do things. It might just be a matter of what you want to accomplish or what seems right.

Sperm Retention Benefits

Enhanced Sexual Stamina

According to sexologist McDevitt, the main reason people practice sperm retention is to maintain an erection after climax, allowing them to continue pleasing a partner and having sex for long periods.
The penis usually goes through a refractory period after ejaculation, during which it cannot stiffen again. However, this does not happen after dry orgasms.

More Intense Orgasm

Some individuals believe that if they don't ejaculate for a long, their orgasms will be stronger.
However, a small-scale study from 2001 indicates that not ejaculating for three weeks may have little impact on a person's neurological system when they ejaculate.

Assist With Premature Ejaculation

People who ejaculate prematurely may use edge tactics to lengthen their sexual activities.
Start-stop or squeeze treatments include stimulating the penis until just before orgasm, then pausing or squeezing the penis until the impulse to ejaculate disappears.

Several Orgasms

Multiple orgasms are possible for males and those with penises, albeit not as often as for women and those with vaginas, and semen retention is regarded important, according to McDevitt.
Without a refractory period, you may have many non-ejaculatory orgasms in succession without losing your erection.
A sexy couple in the bathroom while the man is relaxing in the bath with wine.
A sexy couple in the bathroom while the man is relaxing in the bath with wine.

Superior Sperm Quality

Some people believe that storing sperm improves sperm quality and increases fertility. However, study on this has been limited.
The previous study has shown that refraining from ejaculating for one day is all that is necessary to provide the best possible sperm samples.
According to a 2018 study, ejaculatory abstinence intervals of more than 4 days were detrimental to sperm.
According to one 2015 research, there were no substantial negative impacts on sperm quality from any ejaculation.
If you're trying to conceive, practicing semen retention for a brief period may help you conceive the following time you have intercourse.

Increased Body Awareness And Self-Control

The discipline of semen retention comprises learning to climax while ejaculating, a practice that often necessitates a person being intimately acquainted with their own body and how it operates.

Spiritual Consequences

Some spiritual practices believe that keeping sperm provides energetic benefits such as greater life force energy.
The idea behind ejaculation is that it releases life energy Kat Nantz, a somatic sex coach, says.
By not ejaculating, your life power is then cycled back through your body, re-energizing you.
Some people believe that ejaculation releases emotions and that not releasing them in this way brings you closer to them. Some believe that not masturbating makes them healthier by increasing their confidence, motivation, and ability to feel.
These statements, however, are not supported by scientific data.

Orgasms Throughout The Body

Semen retention, according to relationship therapist Stephen James Burford, aids full-body orgasms in tantric sex.
By employing air, music, and movement, you can distribute orgasms throughout your body he explains.

Testosterone Levels May Rise

Several studies suggest that abstaining from sex or masturbation for a week increases testosterone.
According to one study, after seven days of abstinence, men's blood testosterone levels reached 146% of their former levels.
Another research revealed higher testosterone levels after a three-week abstinence period.
Carrubba and Giuseppe Aragona, a Prescription Doctor family care doctor, are skeptical that sperm retention influences testosterone levels.
Because they're little studies, their validity has to be questioned Carrubba says. There's some evidence that it may increase testosterone levels, but nothing suggests it doesn't. Go for it if you're interested and feel it will help. Just make certain that you're still having safe sex.
Testosterone levels are also associated with physical traits such as muscle mass and a deeper voice.
Despite this, no evidence has been discovered to link the practice of sperm retention to these consequences.

Risks Of Semen Retention

Although minimal risks are typically associated with not ejaculating, difficulties may arise occasionally.

Epididymis Hypertension

Epididymal hypertension, sometimes known as "blue balls," happens when a person is sexually aroused but does not ejaculate or orgasm.
They may experience discomfort or pain in the testicles after arousal that does not result in the climax.
When a person gets stimulated, blood builds up in the testicles.
According to prior research, it is a mild condition that is common among young male adults.
Common treatments include ejaculation and reducing arousal.
Learn more about epididymal hypertension by clicking here.

Ejaculation Issues

People who frequently avoid ejaculating or orgasm may have ejaculation issues.
A person, for example, may be unable to ejaculate or orgasm when they want to, or they may suffer premature ejaculation.
They may also experience retrograde ejaculation, which causes sperm to return to the bladder.

People Also Ask

Why Do Men's Moods Change After Ejaculating?

Oxytocin, widely called "the bonding chemical" or "love hormone" since women experience it both after sex and during maternal activities such as delivery and breastfeeding, may produce relaxation in males, leading to the blissfully unaroused condition following ejaculation.

How Often Should A Man Release Sperm?

There are no "normal" times to ejaculate. Thus there are no grounds to restrict your ejaculation. Greater frequent ejaculation provides more health advantages.
The average number of ejaculations depends on age, relationship status, and health.

What Happens If You Hold Your Sperm For Too Long?

Unejaculated sperm is not toxic to the body and does not accumulate. The body reabsorbs sperm that does not exit the body during ejaculation.
There are no negative impacts on sexual desire or fertility.

Are There Benefits To Not Ejaculating?

According to a few smaller studies, not ejaculating may boost testosterone levels. Raising your T levels by not ejaculating may be beneficial if your T levels are low.
If you don't have enough testosterone, it could hurt your mood, energy, and sexual desire.


There is currently insufficient research to draw solid judgments regarding the possible advantages of sperm retention.
However, there has been little evidence to show that there may be health hazards.
A person has the option to refrain from sexual behavior for as long as they choose. They may also experiment with methods like edging or tantric sex to see if it is something they appreciate.
There is no specific frequency at which a person should ejaculate. As a result, individuals should do what seems right to them.
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