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The Many Faces Of Scott Grimes - A Look At Scott Grimes Movies And TV Shows

Beyond Steve Smith! Dive into Scott Grimes' diverse filmography. Explore iconic roles in Band of Brothers, American Dad, & The Orville. Discover scott grimes movies and tv shows you never knew he was in!

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Born on July 9, 1971, Scott Richard Grimes is a multi-talented American actor, voice artist, and musician. He is best known for his notable roles, including Dr. Archie Morris in ER, Will McCorkle in Party of Five, Technical Sergeant Donald Malarkey in Band of Brothers, and as the voice of Steve Smith in the acclaimed animated sitcom American Dad!. Since 2017, Grimes has been a mainstay in the Fox/Hulu science fiction comedy-drama The Orville, playing the character Gordon Malloy. Let's dig into further details of Scott Grimes movies and tv shows.

Personal Life

Scott Grimes
Scott Grimes

Childhood And Family Background

Scott Grimes hails from Lowell, Massachusetts, born to parents Pam and Rick Grimes. He spent his early years in Albuquerque, New Mexico, before relocating to Dracut, Massachusetts at the age of 10.
There, he was educated in the Dracut Public Schools system. His sister, Heather Grimes, has pursued a career in acting as well. Scott holds the title of uncle to Camryn Grimes, famed for her portrayal of Cassie Newman and Mariah Copeland in the soap opera "The Young and the Restless".

Personal Affairs

Scott Grimes has two children, a son and a daughter, with his first wife, Dawn Bailey-Grimes. The couple tied the knot on May 5, 1997. He entered into his second marriage with Megan Moore in December 2011, but the union led to a divorce filing by Moore in October 2017.
At the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con, it was disclosed that Grimes was in a relationship with Adrianne Palicki, his co-star from "The Orville." They got engaged in January 2019 and subsequently married on May 19, 2019, in Austin, Texas.
However, just two months after their wedding, in July 2019, Palicki filed for divorce. This initial divorce filing was dismissed in November of the same year. The couple eventually parted ways again in June 2020, with Palicki re-filing for divorce the following month.

Professional Journey

Scott Grimes at FOX networks group event
Scott Grimes at FOX networks group event
Scott Grimes embarked on his acting career at a young age. His early breakthrough came in 1984, at just 13, when he starred alongside Mickey Rooney in the television holiday movie "It Came Upon the Midnight Clear." The following year, in 1985, he appeared in a "The Twilight Zone" episode titled "Little Boy Lost."
Grimes also nurtured a passion for singing since his childhood. In March 1986, he showcased his vocal talent on a Bob Hope television special, performing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow." This special was recorded in Sweden and was attended by the Swedish King and Queen.
In 1987, he lent his voice as a guest singer on Richard Carpenter’s album "Time," from The Carpenters. Carpenter praised the then 15-year-old Grimes in the album's liner notes for his "spirited" performance and expressed confidence in his future in music.
Grimes released his debut music album, titled "Scott Grimes," in 1989 under A&M Records. The album featured the single "I Don't Even Mind" and was produced by Richard Carpenter. He continued his musical journey with the release of his second album "Livin' on the Run" in 2005, followed by his third album "Drive" in 2010.
In 1987, Scott Grimes lent his voice to the character of Pinocchio in the animated feature "Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night," known for its darker tone.
Since 2005, Grimes has been the voice behind Steve Smith in the American animated sitcom "American Dad!" In addition to this regular role, he has voiced several recurring characters, including Midget Assassin and Frat Guy, along with a range of one-episode characters.
Since September 10, 2017, Grimes has been portraying the role of Gordon Malloy, the confident helmsman and best friend of Captain Ed Mercer (played by Seth MacFarlane), in the Fox/Hulusci-fi comedy-drama "The Orville." This series is created and executive produced by Seth MacFarlane.


  • In 1986, he appeared in "Critters" as Brad Brown.
  • The year 1987 featured him in "Frog" playing Arlo Anderson, and he voiced the character Pinocchio in "Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night."
  • He played Georgie Gillis in 1988's "Bring Me the Head of Dobie Gillis" and reprised his role as Brad Brown in "Critters 2: The Main Course."
  • In 1989, he took on the role of Archie Melville in "Night Life."
  • He was featured as Schroder in the 1991 film "Letters from the Heart."
  • In 1995, he appeared in "Crimson Tide" as Petty Officer Hilaire.
  • "Mystery, Alaska" in 1999 saw him portraying Brian "Birdie" Burns.
  • He played the character Owen in the 2002 film "Couples."
  • In 2003, he was in "Dreamkeeper" as Tehan/Red-Headed Stranger.
  • He appeared in "To Kill a Mockumentary" in 2004, playing the character Jerry.
  • The 2005 short film "Inside the CIA" featured him as Steve Smith.
  • He was cast as Mark in the 2007 film "Who's Your Monkey" (also known as "Throwing Stars").
  • In 2010, he appeared in "Robin Hood" as Will Scarlet.
  • He played a Carriage Driver in the 2014 movie "Winter's Tale."
  • In 2015, he appeared in "Pearly Gates" as Richard Weiner.
  • His most recent role, as of 2023, was in "Oppenheimer," where he played the character Counsel.


Scott Grimes as Lieutenant Gordon Malloy in The Orville
Scott Grimes as Lieutenant Gordon Malloy in The Orville
Scott Grimes portrayed these characters in the following TV shows:
  • 1984 -"A Doctor's Story" as Charles Wickes (Television film), "The Night They Saved Christmas" as David Baldwin, "It Came Upon the Midnight Clear" as Robbie Westin
  • 1985 -"The Twilight Zone" as Kenny (Episode "Little Boy Lost")
  • 1986–1987 -"Who's the Boss?" as Chad McCann (2 episodes), "Together We Stand" as Jack Randall (19 episodes)
  • 1987 -"Foofur" as Additional voices (13 episodes), "Popeye and Son" (Episode "There Goes the Neighborhood/Prince of a Fellow")
  • 1988 -"Charles in Charge" as Gary Marlin (Episode "Sarah Steps Out")
  • 1989 - "Star Trek: The Next Generation" as Eric (Episode "Evolution")
  • 1990 -"My Two Dads" as Jordan (Episode "Power Struggle"), "21 Jump Street" as Christopher (Episode "Buddy System")
  • 1991 -"Frogs!" as Arlo Anderson (Television film)
  • 1992 -"Wings" as Marty (Episode "Noses Off")
  • 1994 -"Birdland" as Scott McKenzie (Premiere episode)
  • 1994–2000 -"Party of Five" as Will McCorkle (70 episodes)
  • 1996–1997 -"Goode Behavior" as Garth (22 episodes)
  • 2001 -"First Years" as Seth Kolatch (Episode "...And Then You Die"), "Band of Brothers" as Sergeant 1st Class Donald Malarkey (10 episodes)
  • 2003–2009 -"ER" as Dr. Archie Morris (112 episodes)
  • 2005–present -"American Dad!" as Steve Smith, various voices (Main role)
  • 2010 -"Dexter" as Alex Tilden (Episode "In the Beginning")
  • 2011 -"NCIS" as Detective Danny Price (Episode "Baltimore"), "Harry's Law" as ADA Ben (Episode: "Purple Hearts")
  • 2012 -"The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange" as Larry the Donut (voice) (Episode "Generic Holiday Special"), "Republic of Doyle" as Jimmy O'Rourke (4 episodes)
  • 2011–present -"Family Guy" as Kevin Swanson, various voices (Recurring role)
  • 2012 -"Suits" as Thomas Walsh (Episode "All In")
  • 2013 -"Criminal Minds" as Donnie Bidwell (Episode "Carbon Copy"), "NCIS: Los Angeles" as Special Agent Dave Flynn (3 episodes)
  • 2014 -"Shameless" as Doctor Zabel (Episode "Iron City")
  • 2015 -"Justified" as Seabass (6 episodes)
  • 2016 -"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" as Thomas Zimmerman (Episode "Sheltered Outcasts")
  • 2017–2022 -"The Orville" as Lieutenant Gordon Malloy (Main role)
  • 2024 -"Ted" as Matty Bennett (Main role)

Frequently Asked Questions - Scott Grimes Movies And Tv Shows

Are Scott Grimes And Seth MacFarlane Friends?

Grimes has been with MacFarlane since American Dad, playing teen dweebus Steve. “First and foremost, he's one of my best friends,” Grimes told Vulture on Ted red carpet. “We were friends first, and he said 'You wanna do American Dad?'”

Why Did Seth MacFarlane Change Stewie?

As the series progressed, the writers and MacFarlane agreed that his personality and the jokes were starting to feel dated, so they began writing him with a different personality.

Was Band Of Brothers Successful?

Critically acclaimed, the series won the Emmy and Golden Globe awards for best miniseries. The series dramatizes the history of "Easy" Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division.


The breadth of Scott Grimes' movies and TV shows highlights his remarkable career, showcasing his versatile acting skills across a wide array of characters. From his memorable roles in "ER" and "Band of Brothers" to his voice work in "American Dad!" and his recent portrayal in "The Orville," Grimes has consistently demonstrated his ability to captivate audiences. His contribution to the entertainment industry is clearly evident in the variety and quality of the projects he has been involved in.
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