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About Saratoga Horse Racing and The Latest Picks

About Saratoga Horse Racing and The Latest Picks

05/11/2021 12:43
Pooja Bean

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Racing as Saratoga’s Culture General Information About Saratoga’s Race Track The Latest Picks

Save this page and come back for free Saratoga choices each time you bet. The picks we have here are for free and sourced from different in-house handicappers. These aren't the run-of-the-mill free bets like you'll find on any other websites. 

If you’re on this blog to check not just the latest picks but as well as Saratoga’s history, we provided a comprehensive guide on this blog. Check out more by scrolling down this page. 

Racing as Saratoga’s Culture 

Horses, riding, and wagering have been a winning mix in Saratoga Springs since 1847, when a trotter meet was conducted on a dirt track adjacent to Union Avenue named "Horse Haven." The Saratoga Racing Association was established by a community of private investors who were inspired by the rising popularity of the sport. The four-day meet was expanded in 1864, and a bigger circuit was constructed on the other side of Union Avenue, where the Saratoga Race Course now stands.

It was fully known as the showplace it is today by the turn of the century.

The New York Racing Association runs the course, which hosts the best racing in America each summer from mid-July to Labor Day. The Saratoga Race Course is America's oldest racetrack and one of Sports Illustrated's top ten sporting venues in the nation. The best horses of all time have run through the history books at Saratoga Race Course. Saratoga Springs' crown jewel stays iconic, ancient, and timeless.

General Information About Saratoga’s Race Track 

Saratoga Springs, New York is home to the famed Saratoga Race Course. To understand the race track's roots, we must first consider Saratoga's history, which dates back to the 14th century. The Saratoga valley was home to and visited by indigenous Native Americans at the time. The medicinal waters (mineral springs), some of which were effervescent, were credited with treating a variety of illnesses, and this was a big part of the area's attraction. 

While Saratoga Race Course is the third-oldest racetrack/course in the United States, it is widely regarded as the country's oldest organized sporting venue of any sort. The number of races and the duration of the meet also increased with time. The Saratoga Racing Association called a stakes race after William Travers in 1864, and it became the country's oldest thoroughbred horse race. The Travers, also known as the Midsummer Derby, attracts the best three-year-old horses from around the world to contend for a $1.25 million purse. 

If you intend to spend your free time watching the race and betting, you should be aware of how the audience is admitted. When paid in advance, general access to the track is $7, and clubhouse admission is $10. On Travers Day, general admission is $10 in advance/$15 at the gate, while Clubhouse admission is $25.Every race morning at 9 a.m., a small number of grandstand seats go on sale at the Union Avenue entrance. On weekdays, the gates open at 11 a.m., while on weekends, they open at 10:30 a.m. On Travers Day, the gates open at 7 a.m.

The Latest Picks

Now, let’s get to the Saratoga picks to help you choose the right player when you bet. 

Boru, Maker Entry, and Turn of Events

Let's get back to it on the last day of the week with a trio of DRF Formulator numbers. # 8 BORU is a model of consistency, having won nine consecutive races dating back nearly two years. The gelding is 2 for 5 with mid-stage turf stayers of this ilk who were in the money 17-67 days ago and are 8-1 or fewer, as he's 11:5-3-1 ($10 x 2, # 12, $5 & $7).

The # 1 The Last Zip (barn 31-84 with mid-range male turf stayers who were in the money fewer than 34 days ago under the 7-1 watermark) — $2.32 ROI — and the # 1A Rhythm Section (barn 3 for 8 with Elmont turf routers at this level who were off the board 34 days ago) make up a strong Mike Maker entry.

The # 9 Turn of Events will be followed by a shot-caller who is 2-5 with turf routers at this stage after missing the board 41-67 days ago ($4 & $11).

NY Traffic, Control Group, and Bears Mafia 

For the rest of our rolling play, we'll stick to just three. # 3 NY Traffic hasn't raced since flopping in the first two legs of last year's Triple Crown, but the colt has a win and a place from as many "real" start of the gate, and shedrow is a near-perfect 6 of 7 with optional dirt stock off 52-280 day sabbaticals (less than 2-1).

/# 4 Control Group was up in time to beat a marginally harder allotment five weeks ago but is now back in for a tag by Potts, who is playing with house capital.

We’re getting conflicting messages about the # 1 BEARS MAFIA, who won six straight games before being vanquished, winning off the bench, and then finishing third.

King of Miami, Deregulation, and Lemon Drop Road

# 2 King of Miami hasn't faced the starter since finishing fourth at the Spa last August but gets an "Around the World" treatment today, and pre-layoff pilot returns, which we appreciate; attempts a turf sprint today, which is Ward's specialty.

# 9 Deregulation (GB) starts his professional career today, and the 359 turf Tomlinson (along with a sharp gate step) indicates that the trip will be manageable.

# 3 Lemon Drop Road defied adversity to take a huge step forward last time around, and while it might be due to having juice for the first time, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention it.

King of Spades, Mandate, and Nutzforboltz

# 1 King of Spade is a true warhorse, making his 65th start today, and although he's been off his game in the last two, we like how he's 2 for 2 on the turf when loading first, as opposed to 7 for 54 when not. In the first two days of this week, Juarez has a pair of longshot champions.

# 6 Mandate returned from a lengthy layoff to beat starter allowance rivals in convincing fashion in Ozone Park on April 9th, and given that this horse has been a member of the exacta in four consecutive races, we're curious if it's available for purchase. Using, though with a certain apprehension.

NutzFforboltz, # 3, completes the top three.

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