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Sabrina McGillivray - Wife Of Popular Canadian TV Host Scott McGillivray

Canadian elementary school teacher and part-time house renovator/designer Sabrina McGillivray assists her husband Scott McGillivray with everything from conceptualizing and drawing up floor plans to making cabinetry, draperies, artwork, and bespoke furniture.

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Canadian elementary school teacher and part-time house renovator/designer Sabrina McGillivrayassist her husband Scott McGillivray with everything from conceptualizing and drawing up floor plans to making cabinetry, draperies, artwork, and bespoke furniture.
Mr. McGillivray, her husband, is a well-known real estate investor and contractor in Canada. He is also the host of the HGTV Canada reality show Income Property.

Quick Facts About Sabrina McGillivray

NameSabrina McGillivray
BirthdayApril 7, 1978
ProfessionSchool teacher and TV personality
Net worth$1 million

Sabrina McGillivray Early Life

Sabrina McGillivray's was born on April 7, 1978, in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Lucy McGillivray Mother and Danny McGillivray Father are the proud parents of Sabrina (Father).
Sabrina McGillivray has a younger brother named Carmen. She has a close relationship with her parents and her sibling. She prefers to keep her private life out of the spotlight.
Sabrina received her high school education at St. Joan of Arc Catholic High School and her undergraduate education at York University in Toronto, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts. In addition, she holds a degree in science and education from Buffalo, New York's Medaille College.
It's common knowledge that young Sabrina used to be a professional dancer. She learned jazz and tap dancing under acclaimed choreographer Anne Sprincis, at whose Dansecore studio she would one day teach both styles. Her dancing prowess was validated by her graduation from the Royal Academy of Dance.
She's a third-grade teacher in the York Catholic School District in Ontario right now. The designer's class won the Healthy Lunch Challenge in 2006. They were the best class out of a total of 214.
Sabrina McGillivray hugging her husband Scott McGillivray as they pose for a picture
Sabrina McGillivray hugging her husband Scott McGillivray as they pose for a picture

Sabrina McGillivray Family Background

Scott has said in the past that his wife, Sabrina McGillivray, born Anna Sabrina Deacetis, comes from a large family, however, details concerning her background are sketchy at best. Both Sabrina and her contractor husband have ignored rumors that she is of Portuguese or possibly Italian ancestry.
The only fact that is known for sure is that Sabrina is originally from Maple, Ontario, and that her mother passed away in August 2018. Her brother Carmen is a qualified holistic nutritionist, personal trainer, gym co-owner, and fitness equipment store manager.

Sabrina McGillivray Career

Income Property launched the careers of both Sabrina and her husband, and she had a recurrent role in the show. She and her husband had previously used their savings to make a down payment on a property that had not yet been constructed.
When Income Property ended, Sabrina followed her children's father to his new show, Moving With The McGillivrays, where she became a regular cast member. At first, it was a 10-part docuseries that followed the McGillivray family as they attempted to construct their ideal home.
Season one of the sitcom aired in 2016. While filming the series, Sabrina worked as principal designer and helped her husband with engineering nearly every aspect of the home.

Sabrina McGillivray Relationship

On June 22, 2009, Sabrina and Scott tied the knot. Scott and the educator/TV star met on a tropical beach on a vacation.
Scott asked Sabrina to play volleyball with him when he first laid eyes on his future wife, but the local of Maple said no.
They ran into each other again later that night, and this time Sabrina decided to go out for a drink with him. From there, the two got to know each other better and eventually developed feelings for one another.
Their wedding took place about the same time that Scott set out on his "Income Property" adventure. Despite the fact that Sabrina and her husband didn't disclose many details about their wedding day, Scott did upload a video of his first dance with his new bride to his YouTube account in October 2011.
The Canadian couple married, and soon after, they had two girls named Myah and Layla. Myah McGillivray was born to them for the first time on January 25, 2012. After a year, the former child dancer and her husband welcomed their second daughter, Layla McGillivray.
Scott, Sabrina was born and raised in Toronto, but the couple initially settled in Brampton after their wedding. However, they now split their time evenly between their homes in Toronto and Fort Myers, Florida. Scott and his wife reportedly purchased a home in Toronto's northwest neighborhood in 2006.

Scott McGillivray married to wife Sabrina McGillivray; who is she?

A Brief Overview Of Scott McGillivray

Scott, Sabrina's husband, has participated as a judge on various shows, including All American Handyman and Canada's Handyman Challenge, in addition to starring in his own home improvement shows. Scott's Vacation House Rules is a show he debuted in 2020.
Similarities between the new show and Income Property can be drawn, as Scott will be giving advice to homeowners on how to increase their wealth through home improvement. In addition, Sabrina's husband may be seen helping homeowners with house renovations and flips on Buyers Bootcamp with Scott McGillivray.

Sabrina McGillivray Net Worth

TV star and successful property investor Sabrina McGillivray has accomplished so much in her profession. Sabrina has amassed an incredible fortune throughout the course of her career and has a self-reported net worth of $1 million.

Scott McGillivray Net Worth

Even though Scott's popularity and fortune haven't grown since the cancellation of the classic show Income Property, that has nothing to do with the show's cancellation. As a matter of fact, that was merely the tip of the iceberg on his way to worldwide fame and fortune.
Sabrina's husband is reportedly worth $4 to $5 million. He is a carpenter, actor, investor, and TV host. More than 100 rental properties, many of them multi-unit, including 15 in Guelph, contribute significantly to his income. From his numerous television shows and extensive history of real estate investing, he brings in additional millions of dollars annually.

Scott McGillivray Plays the Newlywed Game

People Also Ask

Is Sabrina McGillivray Married?

Sabrina married Scott McGillivray, the man she loved most in the world. In 2009, they tied the knot and started a new life together. They dated for a long time before getting married.

What Does Sabrina McGillivray Do?

Sabrina McGillivray is a TV star and an investor in real estate. She teaches as well. She takes her job very seriously and loves it a lot. She also wants to enjoy what she does for fun.

How Tall Is Sabrina McGillivray?

Sabrina McGillivray is 6 feet tall and weighs 75 kilograms. Her eyes are light brown, and her hair is blonde. No one knows her shoe size or dress size.


The fact that Sabrina McGillivray and Scott's new dream house is in North America and has an ice rink in the basement shows how Canadian they really are. Her boards are mostly about her kids and her job as a teacher, but she also has some personal interests, like do-it-yourself projects, home decor, and "peacock habits."
Sabrina's husband says that her favorite food is salad, which shows that she has always eaten a healthy, well-balanced diet. When the problems got too expensive to fix up, the couple decided to tear down their fixer-upper and start over.
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