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Running might just be What You Need

Running might just be What You Need

December 18, 2020

Table of Contents

  • Running improves Lung Capacity
  • Running provides a Full-body Workout
  • Running is a great Active Recovery Exercise
  • Running builds your Mental Strength
  • Running effectively Burns Fat

Are you a die-hard yogi who in your physical exercise has reached a plateau, an enthusiast of weight training who wants to advance your fitness target, a swimmer who wants to go faster and deeper, or just someone who just wants to be healthier? Chances are you can load up on resistance or strength training, or raise the duration of your workout. We allow you to take your fitness up a notch in a better way: swapping one of your weekly training sessions for a sprint. Here is the reason why:

Running improves Lung Capacity

A type of aerobic exercise, running will help you get more out of your lungs, increase oxygen capacity (so you can take in more oxygen with each breath), and thus reduce breathlessness, particularly when performed on a regular basis. Enhanced strength and increased mobility are enhanced with improved lung ability. Over time, you can go faster and further while still breathing easily; tiring movements in strength training or even simple poses in yoga, such as the downward dog, are even more bearable if kept for longer periods of time.

Running provides a Full-body Workout

In addition to the lower body muscles, but also the core and auxiliary muscles, running is a perfect aerobic exercise that gets the heart pumping. For example, as you pump your arms, the biceps are engaged, while the core muscles function to stabilize the spine and maintain the right posture to prevent injury during runs. Some experts have also said that cardio exercise will improve the fast-twitch muscles' aerobic capability, giving you strength and power to bear greater loads.

Running is a great Active Recovery Exercise

It seems counterintuitive, but running will actually help with muscle recovery by stimulating blood circulation during your harsher exercise sessions to decrease both the severity and length of muscle soreness. The key is to have a short, comfortable run and maintain a steady pace.

Running builds your Mental Strength

While all workouts take determination, there's nothing to measure your mental strength like a long, steady run. However, you get to relax and reflect once you fall into a relaxed groove, which is why running is so relaxing for many.

Running effectively Burns Fat

You'll need to chalk up a steady jog for at least 30 minutes to get into fat-burning mode. Go for a HIIT running exercise, mixing sprints, jogs, and walks for better results. A mobile app that provides pre-programmed HIIT routines can be used to direct your runs.

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