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Rumor Mill News: Covid-19 Pandemic Synopsis And Its New Variants

Everyone will get the Covid virus, so don't worry about it; remain healthy, avoid the vaccine, and go on with your life. The vaccination they're giving patients is called "gene therapy," and it's not a seasonal flu vaccine for the elderly. A genuine vaccine takes years to create. Furthermore, flu strains change every year, and the flu vaccination you had last year will not protect you against the current strain.

Daisy-Mae Schmitt
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Everyone will get the Covid virus, so don't worry about it; remain healthy, avoid the vaccine, and go on with your life. The vaccination they're giving patients is called "gene therapy," and it's not a seasonal flu vaccine for the elderly. A genuine vaccine takes years to create. Furthermore, flu strains change every year, and the flu vaccination you had last year will not protect you against the current strain.
The flu virus evolves mostly due to its ability to move from animals to people and back. Smallpox, on the other hand, does not have the capacity to transfer from people to animals or vice versa. That is how they were able to eliminate smallpox with one injection all across the globe.
The covid 19 flu virus has a survival rate of 99.75 percent. The only people who die from it or who have additional diseases are those who are over 80 or who are very overweight – known as co-morbidities. The remainder of those who are dying are those who received the jab. Therefore, the jab is killing people, but the government will not let this information be made public. This information came from private researchers, physicians, and nurses who were aware of the reality.
We've been informed that getting the vaccine has a survival probability of less than 95%. However, I believe it is considerably less. The authorities, on the other hand, aren't giving us the whole truth. The greater a person's chance of mortality, the more jabs he or she gets. This has been shown. It is hazardous and does not protect a person from being infected with the virus. Vaccination is not a cure.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

It is said to reduce the intensity of flu symptoms, although there are no reliable studies to back this up. They are deceiving the public. More individuals are becoming very sick and dying as a result of vaccines than the general public is aware of. If a person wishes to survive, he or she must avoid it.
The government is concealing the true number of people who died as a result of the vaccine. Also, since it changes a person's immune system, if they don't die from the jab within weeks, their body will ultimately battle against itself in 3-5 years, and at least 50% of people will die from the jab. Competent physicians state that this is a low estimate. This information is being withheld from the general public in order to keep them in the dark.
To maintain appearances, communist regimes began lying about this, and they "had to keep lying" to maintain continuity. It's a massive fraud that's going on all across the globe. Those who received the jab should refrain from receiving any more jabs. More vaccinations will simply weaken their immune systems more. If they were fortunate enough to live, they may have gotten a placebo injection at random, which has been shown to occur.
The vaccine also causes a high incidence of sterility in both men and women, which will have a long-term impact on the country's birth rates. It was designed to kill some people at once, kill others later, and act as a population control tool. The vaccine results in miscarriages and the deaths of infants. Breast-feeding mothers who received the vaccine have lost their infants as a result of the vaccine's harmful effects on their breast milk.
The vax is being promoted by the same globalists that pushed for population control by whatever means necessary. This isn't a coincidence.
It is a communist strategy to compel people to take any vaccination. It's also not a medically safe practice. Real physicians understand that there must be a control group that does not get the vaccine, or else the individuals will not receive a medically sound test process.
Furthermore, the jab does not protect people from contracting covid or from transmitting it to others. The exact opposite is true; this is exacerbating the problem! Those who get the vaccine are dubbed "super-spreaders" because they spread the illness everywhere they go.
Wearing masks has the same effect; it makes things worse. The holes in the masks are 4 microns wide, while the flu virus is only.04 microns thick, which is 100 times smaller than the openings!
The only thing a mask does is gather illness within the mask, which, along with humidity and a lack of fresh air and oxygen, builds up the virus, which then enters the body in more concentrated doses and has a greater risk of infection than not wearing one at all.
The tests for covid have been shown to be inaccurate by the same doctor who developed the testing method. In reality, putting that item into a particularly sensitive region of the nasal cavity may disrupt your blood-brain barrier, producing the exact sickness you're seeking to avoid!
You do not need to get tested if you are not ill.
You do not need to get tested if you are ill!!!!
Everything is a huge giant lie. Covid is treatable and does not need a test to determine whether or not you have it. With the exams, you get a misleading sense of whether you have it or not. When the flu is, in fact, simple to recover from 99.75 percent of the time.
Furthermore, even if the test is correct, it is ineffective if you have completed two weeks earlier since it no longer appears in the test.
People are not informed about these realities.
As a result, you may be told you don't have it when, in fact, you have and are now resistant to it! And if they tell you that you need the shot and you've already had it, you'll be at much more risk. The whole medical procedure is littered with poor decisions and recommendations.
If you don't want to be tested, don't get the jabs. And if you've already had a jab, don't get another. If you look on the internet, there are methods to rid your body of hazardous jab chemicals. Furthermore, the fact that they are now promoting a third jab and more shows that it is useless in preventing the covid flu virus. Getting another shot would simply aggravate the situation and weaken your already weakened immune system.
Doctors have shown that when your immune system confronts and kills the virus, it is almost 250 times more effective than the flu vaccine in decreasing flu symptoms.
To prevent sickness, take standard measures such as washing your hands after shopping. During this pandemic, stay away from people and don't gamble that you won't get the virus or any infection. The virus is genuine, and it can infect anybody. However, it causes fewer illnesses than the normal flu viruses that we encounter each year.
If you do catch the flu, staying at home rather than rushing to the hospital is a preferable option.
Avoid hospital ventilators at all costs; they have a mortality rate of 80 to 90%. The patients are also given the same lethal drug that killed Michael Jackson, who never awoke.

**COVID-19** a visual summary of the new coronavirus pandemic

Health Organization Monitors 'Mu' Variant Of Covid

In a study released Tuesday, the WHO said that Mu "features a constellation of mutations that suggest potential characteristics of immunological escape."
"Preliminary results provided to the Virus Evolution Working Group indicate a decrease in neutralization ability of convalescent and vaccination sera comparable to that observed for the Beta version," it said.
Delta, which was first detected in India and is the most prevalent variant currently circulating in the United States; alpha, which was first detected in the United Kingdom; beta, which was first detected in South Africa; and gamma, which was first detected in Brazil, are among the four "of concern" variants being monitored by the CDC. A mutant strain that is more infectious, lethal, or resistant to existing vaccinations and therapies is referred to as a variation of concern.
It's also keeping an eye on four additional variations of interest, including lambda, which was originally discovered in Peru and has genetic alterations that may make it more hazardous than other strains.
Delta was a viral variation of interest until the WHO categorized it in early May after preliminary research revealed it propagated faster than other strains. Since then, that variety has been responsible for many major outbreaks throughout the globe, including in the United States.
According to the WHO, the new variety, mu, was initially discovered in Colombia and has now been verified in at least 39 countries. Although the worldwide frequency of variation among sequenced cases has decreased to around 0.1 percent, it has continuously risen in Colombia and Ecuador, according to the agency.
More research is needed to understand the clinical features of the novel variation, according to the WHO.
"Changes in the Mu variation's epidemiology in South America, especially with the co-circulation of the Delta variant, will be watched," the agency stated.

Doctor on Covid mu variant: I'm always concerned when we see new variants

Delta Plus India Covid Variant

A new variation of the coronavirus discovered in Europe has been designated as a "variant of concern" in India, but it's too early to say if it presents a major danger.
The so-called Delta plus strain-also known as AY.1-spreads more readily attach more easily to lung cells, and is possibly resistant to monoclonal antibody treatment, a powerful intravenous infusion of antibodies to neutralize the virus, according to India's health ministry.
The variation is linked to the Delta, a previously known variant of concern that was initially detected in India last year and is believed to have been responsible for the fatal second wave of illnesses in India this summer.
The Delta plus variation, originally discovered in India in April, has been identified in approximately 40 samples from six districts in three states: Maharashtra, Kerala, and Madhya Pradesh, according to the health ministry. At least 16 of these samples were discovered in Maharashtra, one of the pandemic's worst-affected states.
In comparison to the initial extremely infectious Delta strain, which has already spread to 80 countries, Delta plus has been discovered in nine more nations: the United States, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Switzerland, Japan, Poland, Nepal, Russia, and China.

Covid-19 News: New Delta Plus Variant Could Cause Faster Surge In India, Warns AIIMS Chief

Gamma Brazilian Variant

Gamma was first discovered in November 2020 in Manaus, Brazil, and is another variation of worry for WHO. It is still the most common variety in South America at the time of writing. Gamma SARS-CoV-2 is 1.7-2.4 times more transmissible than wild-type SARS-CoV-2, according to research. Few trials have been done to see whether covid vaccinations are effective against the gamma version.
However, a report on a gamma outbreak among employees of a goldmine in French Guiana found a “strikingly high attack rate” among people fully vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine, with 60% of fully vaccinated people becoming infected, compared to 75% of unvaccinated miners with no history of infection. Sputnik V's makers say it's "very effective" against variations like gamma, but a study of antibody responses published in July showed decreased neutralizing effectiveness against gamma and other variants.

Brazil's Covid 19 Gamma Variant

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