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Riko Shibata- A Very Well-Known Internet Personality Since She's The Wife Of Actor Nicolas Cage


After Patricia Arquette, Lisa Marie Presley, Alice Kim, and Erika Koike, Riko Shibata is Nicolas Cage's fifth wife. The two shot Prisoners of Ghostland in Japan, and now the 27-year-old Japanese actress is expecting the action hero's third kid.

In Cage's 2021 film Prisoners of Ghostland, Shibata is billed as "Mannequin Woman." According to an IMDB summary, the high-concept picture is about a known criminal who "must break a terrible spell in order to rescue an abducted girl who has inexplicably disappeared."

Cage is said to have met Shibata through a common acquaintance in her native country, Japan. They were first photographed together in February 2020, when he escorted her to the location of a tomb he'd purchased for himself ten years prior in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. Then, in July 2021, she appeared on the red carpet for his film, Pig, and in October, she graced the cover of Flaunt Magazine.

Riko Shibata Biography

Riko Shibata was born on April 19, 1995, in New York City, New York, and will be 27 years old in April 2022. Her horoscope sign is Aries. In addition, she comes from a Japanese family. Her parents, on the other hand, raised her in New York, where she was born. Shibata, on the other hand, has yet to divulge her father's and mother's names to the media.

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Shibata, in reality, has kept her sibling's and other family members' identities hidden from the public eye. She is a Christian from a religious standpoint. Moving on to Riiko's scholastic history, she graduated from a local high school. Shibata has completed her studies as well, but has yet to divulge the names of her high school and college to the media.

Riko shibata Looks Stunning while sanitizing her hands
Riko shibata Looks Stunning while sanitizing her hands

Riko Shibata Family

When it comes to her family, Riko comes from a well-established Japanese family. She is of Asian heritage and comes from a mixed ethnic background. She adheres to the Christian faith. Due to a lack of information, Riko's family members are unknown.

Her father, according to our investigation, has a firm in Japan. Her mother (name withheld) is a stay-at-home mom. She and her brothers spent their childhoods in Kyoto.

Riko Shibata Wedding

Riko Shibata is a new name that is causing a lot of buzz in the media. Riko Shibata made her first appearance as the lady who married Nicolas Cage's fifth wife. Nicolas Cage is 30 years younger than Riko Shibata.

To commemorate Cage's late father, professor, and novelist August Coppola, Riko Shibata, and Nicolas Cage were married in August on Coppola's birthday. Nicolas Cage married Riko Shibata at the Wynn Hotel on February 16, 2021. Nicolas is getting married for the sixth time.

The wedding was a tiny but gorgeous affair, with traditional Catholic Shinto vows being exchanged. Riko Shibata went down the aisle in a traditional Japanese bridal kimono that was handcrafted in Kyoto. The wedding was followed by a party, which included Alice Kim, Nicolas's ex-wife turned friend.

Riko Shibata rose to fame only as a result of her connection with Nicolas Cage, and their age disparity is a source of fascination and rumor, as Riko is three years younger than Nicolas's eldest kid. The duo was spotted at JFK airport on February 28, 2020, according to reports.

Riko Shibata and Nicolas Cage also took a vacation to Atlanta and visited the aquarium. They were even observed riding in a horse-drawn carriage through Central Park and the Museum of Natural History. At the 2020 Film Independent Spirit Awards, Riko Shibata and Nicolas Cage were also spotted together. Riko Shibata is a big fan of the color black, hence her engagement ring is a black diamond.

Riko Shibata Height

Riko stands at a height of 5'6". Following her graduation, she began modeling. Her physical weight is between 54 kilograms and 145 pounds.

Riko Shibata Net Worth

Riko Shibata's net worth has not been updated, but based on her popularity and estimates, her net worth should be in the millions.

What Does Riko Shibata Do For A Living?

Riko was born and raised in the city of New York. She is a well-known actress, model, and internet personality from the United States.

How Old Is Shibata?

Shibata, who will be 27 in a few months, is nearly 30 years younger than Cage, who recently turned 58. Nicholas Cage's fifth wife, Shibata, is well-known in the entertainment industry.


The age gap between Riko Shibata and her spouse has been a source of conversation (and rumor) among fans since the couple married in February 2021. In Las Vegas, the pair were married at the Wynn Casino and Hotel. The Ghost Rider star had previously married Oscar-winner Patricia Arquette, Elvis Presley's daughter Lisa Marie Presley, Erika Koike, 38, and Alice Kim, 37, with whom he shares a 15-year-old son, Kal-El Coppola.

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