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Richard Jewell Wife - Dana's Biography, Wiki, Net Worth & Death

Richard Jewell Wife - Dana's Biography, Wiki, Net Worth & Death

By looking at her, we can guess that she must be in her mid-50's and was born and raised in the United States. She belongs to the white ethnicity and, by nationality, she holds American nationality.

Thomas Dixon
Last updated: Jan 19, 2022 | Dec 07, 2021

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By looking at her, we can guess that she must be in her mid-50's and was born and raised in the United States. She belongs to the white ethnicity and, by nationality, she holds American nationality. There is no information about her family and parents on the internet, but we will try our best to update their information as soon as it is available.

Dana Jewell Biography & Richard Jewell Wiki

Richard Jewell was an American security guard and law enforcement officer who alerted police during the 1996 Summer Olympics bombing in Atlanta, Georgia. He discovered a backpack containing three pipe bombs on the park grounds and helped evacuate the area before the bomb exploded. For months afterward, he was suspected of planting the bomb, leading to adverse publicity that "came to symbolize the excesses of law enforcement and the news media".

Dana Jewell during an exhibition

Richard Jewell Death Cause

Richard A. Jewell, 44, died on August 29, 2007, at his home in Woodbury, Ga. The cause of death according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's Coroner was natural causes and said he had battled serious medical problems since February of that year.

He became an instant celebrity after a bomb exploded in Centennial Olympic Park in 1996. Mr. Jewell had spotted an abandoned bomb in a knapsack and called it to the attention of the police.

Dana Jewell Net Worth

When his husband, Richard Jewell, died, he had a net worth of $5 million, according to some online media. But we don't have any information about her net worth or salary. But, she must have earned well already and lived a luxurious life as she is the wife of Mr. Jewell.

Richard Jewell Wife, Dana Net Worth

Dana Jewell's Interview

Clint Eastwood's new film, "Richard Jewell," was released in theatres around the country last Friday amid controversy. As a result of a botched FBI investigation and reckless reporting by the media, he went from being acclaimed as a hero to being labeled a terrorist.

His name is also revisited in Fox Nation's new documentary, "Hero for a Moment: The Richard Jewell Story." Richard Jewell was the subject of 88 days of intense media attention after an FBI study determined he fit the profile of a domestic terrorist.

His wife, Dana Jewell, says it was difficult for him because he was in law enforcement and that his coworkers thought he could carry out such an act. "He would describe it as eighty-eight days of hell," she said.

How Much Did Richard Jewell Get In Settlements?

In December 1996, NBC reached a settlement with Jewell for a reported $500,000, and the suit was dismissed by a judge.

Did Richard Jewell's Mom Think He Did?

"I think it killed him," Bobi Jewell said. "I really do," she said, about what happened to her son during the 9/11 terrorist attacks.


In 1998, Jewell married Dana Jewell, and the couple stayed together until his death. Dana is still alive and well. Dana's professional future seems to be bright. We wish her continued success in both her professional and personal lives. Let's hope for the best.

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