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Can You Trust Rhino Air Hockey?


Work and family take up so much of our time these days that it's surprising how little time we have left for our enjoyment and fun.

But just because we're adults doesn't mean we have to make our whole lives about work.

You need to play Rhino Air Hockey Table to add joy to your life, relieve stress, and connect with other people and the world around you.

Although the Rhino Air Hockey brand is not well known, it is owned by a company that has a significant amount of recognition.

One such example is Escalade Sports, which is not only a gaming table maker but also the parent business of other such companies as Harvard and Atomic.

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8-Ft Rhino Air Hockey

A scoring board is located above the glossy surface of the 8-foot Rhino Air Hockey table
A scoring board is located above the glossy surface of the 8-foot Rhino Air Hockey table


Up to four people can play at the same time on the Rhino 8-foot game table, and they can keep track of their scores with the overhead scoring device. A simple push of a button will activate the sound effects or, if you want, turn the system off entirely.


  • Formica playfield feature
  • Perspex top - for more expensive or commercial tables
  • PVC top - general purpose home table
  • Side cushion made of aluminum
  • Digital scoreboard
  • Strong construction
  • Dimensions of the package: L:2.5m x W:1.32m x H:0.2m
  • 123kg package weight

7.5-Ft Rhino Air Hockey Table

The 7.5-ft rhino air hockey table has a blue glossy table surface and a pair of white pushers
The 7.5-ft rhino air hockey table has a blue glossy table surface and a pair of white pushers


It is worth noting that the second model is also a huge air hockey table, measuring 7.5 feet in length and designed for four players, with four pushers and four pucks included. The large size and short but stable legs give the table a sense of sturdiness.


  • Fair Price.
  • Excellent playing surface.
  • Near arcade quality.
  • Strikers were provided
  • Sturdy table
  • Strong motor airflow
  • Equipped with leg levelers

This Rhino 7.5 air hockey table has an aluminum rail around the smooth playing surface that helps keep the puck in place.

To keep the puck in motion, the dual motors are creating a steady and powerful airflow that is more than sufficient.

There is no need to worry about floor condition because the table comes with leg levelers, which ensure that the playing surface is perfectly smooth.

One customer who purchased a Rhino air hockey table commented:

We purchased the Rhino Air Hockey Table from Costco in October 2005. Once the box was in the house and laid flat, it opened easily. All of the components were individually boxed and affixed to the underside of the table. The table is assembled in the upside down position and it is here that the purchaser can first see the construction. I was impressed that plywood was used for the base, and this was well braced by fiberboard.

Rhino Air Hockey Table Scoreboard Not Working

In the case of issues experienced while playing air hockey, an anonymous commenter said:

Harvard by Escalade Sports, their website is www.escaladesports.com. Calling their telephone number for replacement parts is better though, the telephone number is 1-866-556-2758. I hope this helps.

If your table scoreboard isn't working right, you can get help from the video below.

Air Hockey Repair: The Scoring Sensor

Rhino Air Hockey Table Review

Electronic Score Panel

One user named sportsman1 wrote a comment:

We purchased the escalade rhino hockey table and it was easy to put together and I did it by myself . We had had it for a few years and it still looks like new , I am having a problem with the electronic score panel , it won't work and sometimes goes on and off . How do i fix this problem.

Prize Range

Camper6464 mentioned:

Don't like the high price? Find one used on craigslist. Great fun, professional table. Play with 2 pucks on the table at the same time and that is the way to go. 3 pucks at the same time is a riot. If your pucks get slow, just file them down flat and they really fly.

The user also mentioned that the pucks become dented when there is intense action, so it is important to file them so that they are smooth.

The computerized scoring frequently fails to function properly and appears to experience interruptions.

Table Assembly

The table has a sturdy and looks cool just like in arcades. However, It's very heavy and lots of work to assemble (though not complicated). Pucks drag. Overall well worth the money.

Table Construction

One user known by the name Spricker said in the review section:

The table is strong and sturdy. People seem to complain that the table is too heavy, but I disagree. Yes, the table is heavy but sturdy. It is better to have a sturdy air hockey table than a light piece of garbage. The table is strong and can take the abuse that kids and adults will put onto this table.

Spricker also mentioned:

The Rhino Play Air-powered 7.5 ft Hockey Table is close to commercial grade; just like the ones found in the arcade but for a fraction of the price. The table works great for what it is and for the price!

Rhino Air Hockey Table Manual

Assembly Tips

The following can be found written by the company in the introductory statement of the manual:

We strive to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and free of manufacturing defects or missing parts. However, if you have any problems with your new product please contact us.

Before you begin assembling your Roll a Score Table, make sure you understand the following tips.

  • When installing parts with multiple bolts, tighten ALL of the bolts in that part by hand before tightening anything.
  • Some of the drawings or images in this manual may not exactly match your product. Please read and comprehend the text before beginning any assembly steps.

Professional Air Hockey Table

Tournament Pro 7' Air Hockey Table by Gold Standard Games

Pointers For Newbies To Air Hockey

If you're new to the game of air hockey, here are some helpful hints on how to improve your game and increase your chances of winning.

Triangular Defense

Defending against shots that come in from an angle is the most difficult part of the triangle defense.

You only need to put your hands in a triangle configuration to set up the triangle defense.

Place your lead hand 2 feet from the center of your goal, which is easier to defend by going backward.


The term "tracking the puck" refers to the act of using your mallet to track the puck's progress.

Move your mallet to the right if the puck is coming from the right.

Your mallet will likewise move to the left if it moves left.

Return to the center if it is moving toward you from the center.

The best way to intercept the puck is to track it with your mallet.

The Straight Shot

Use a straight shot if you detect that your opponent's goal is unprotected from the center of the rink and the puck is coming toward your goal at an angle.

People Also Ask

What Are The Dimensions Of An Air Hockey Table?

There are different sizes of air hockey tables, from small ones that fit on a table to big ones that are up to 90 inches long.

Most tables that meet the rules are about 84 inches long and 48 inches wide.

How Much Space Do You Need For An Air Hockey Table?

If you want your players to be able to move around the table, experts recommend at least three feet of extra room on each end.

To store a ping pong table, you'll need a rectangular area 13.5 feet by 6 feet for an air hockey table.

Are Air Hockey Tables Worth It?

An air hockey table is a wonderful home entertainment option for families with children.

People of any age and athletic ability can enjoy this game because of its simple rules and accessible action.

How Much Is A Air Hockey Table Worth?

A used air hockey table can cost as little as $50 or as much as a few thousand dollars, depending on its size, brand, condition, and features.

Do Air Hockey Tables Need To Be Plugged In?

For those who are unfamiliar with air hockey tables, this one has a motor that requires electricity to operate.

The motor is designed to push air through the table's hundreds of tiny holes, allowing the puck to glide across them.

Without being plugged in, the puck would barely move at all, making the game far less enjoyable.


Playing air hockey is a great way to make friends and get along with others.

If you are a parent, you may also consider this game table to teach your children how to "play nice" with others through play.

Through this, your kids learn how to get along with others, work together, and follow rules that everyone agrees on.

As the specifications of the Rhino Air Hockey Table are shown in this article, there is no doubt that you can rely on this air hockey table.

Anyway, how you handle and use a product can have an effect on how long it lasts.

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