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Reiki Healing Procedure Using Reiki Violet Flame Symbols


Are you someone who is uncertain and restless? Do you desire to have a physical experience that will aid in your inner peace? So, you need to try the Reiki Violet Flame symbols healing procedure.

A kind, feminine, and potent form of healing energy is called Violet Flame Reiki. It is perceived as the Yin side of Usui Reiki's Yang energy. The power of the Violet Flame can be combined to produce a more potent, all-encompassing healing experience.

Violet Flame Reiki Healing Procedure

Below are the steps of a healing procedure by using Reiki Violet Flame symbols:

  • Three times, say, "Om Namo Guan Shi Yin Pusa."
  • "X is/I am a being of holy violet fire," say the mantra.
  • Nine times are "X is/I am the purity God seeks". If you are utilizing on your client, kindly add this step.
  • Draw the HSZSN (Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen) and ask Mother Kuan Yin and Saint Germain to be with you during the session.
  • Use HSZSN to connect with your higher self and imagine the healee being surrounded by Violet Flame from ascended masters.
  • To completely cleanse the physical body of all toxins, draw the "Heat / Full Physical Cleansing" sign.
  • To purify the healer's aura, chakra, body, mind, and soul, draw the "Purification" symbol on their front and back chakras.
  • To heal all 9 planets that have an impact on the healer's life, draw the "Celestial Healing" emblem on their aura.
  • To clean the healer's soul from the beginning of Cosmo, they should draw the "Universal Cleansing" symbol.
  • To overcome past life trauma and wounds and release them for the healee's highest good, use the "Past Life Healing Symbol," "Cleansing Trauma Symbol," and "Releasing Symbol" on air.
  • To treat all traumatic scars throughout all dimensions, space, and time, place the symbols for "Spiritual Healing" and "Remove/Lessen Pain" on the healer's crown, third eye, and on air.
  • Thank the Ascended Masters and your higher self/X for the amazing healing.
  • After the healing is done, stay still so you can get guidance from heaven for your own growth or the growth of the healer.

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/reiki-violet-flame-symbols/ by Karan Emery on 2022-12-08T09:19:14.330Z

Poster of some Violet Flame symbols
Poster of some Violet Flame symbols

People Also Ask

What Is The Violet Flame Meditation?

The energy of the Violet Flame is extremely potent, able to transform lower-level, dense energies. It infuses this environment and your life with healing, purifying, restoring, and regenerative energy. You will be able to connect with and experience the Violet Flame through this channeled meditation.

What Reiki Symbols Are Violet In Color?

Following Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, all symbols are violet in hue. Beyond the crown chakra, the Dai Ko Myo will also be violet in color. The highest healing and purifying beam is violet. Anything violet-related is holy or divine!

How Powerful Is A Violet Flame?

The violet flame is strong enough to not only absorb energy patterns and debris from the aura but also change them into light.


Instead of being utilized independently from Usui Reiki, Violet Flame Reiki and Reiki Violet Flame symbols are intended to strengthen and support your Reiki healing sessions. There is no need to concentrate on either "kind" of Reiki after receiving your attunement because the Violet Flame will flow naturally.

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