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Reiki Information FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


If you are looking for information about Reiki, you are in the right place. Continue reading this article.

Below are the Reiki Information FAQs that will serve as an introduction to learning Reiki.

What Is Reiki And What Does The Word Mean?

Reiki (ray-key) is a Japanese word that consists of two parts; “Rei” which means Universal, Light, Spirit or Mystery and “Ki” which means Life Force Energy. (Ki means the same as Chi in Chinese and Prana in Sanskrit.) Therefore, Reiki means Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy. It is the energy found in and around all living things.

Reiki is a natural, gentle, non-invasive yet powerful method of healing that is given by gentle touch. It is an ancient Japanese hand- on technique that promotes relaxation and stress reduction. Reiki also enhances the natural power of the body to heal itself. Reiki is not a substitute for medical and other health care treatment but compliments supports and enhances them.

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How Does Reiki Work?

A beautiful woman lying feeling relaxed while receiving reiki
A beautiful woman lying feeling relaxed while receiving reiki

After a Reiki Practitioner is attuned by a Reiki Master Teacher, within seconds the Reiki energy will enter the practitioner’s crown charka, at the top of the head, and flow into the heart center. Once at this loving center, the Reiki energy will flow out of the Practitioner’s arms and into the hands. At this point the Reiki Practitioner can lay the hands directly on the recipient’s body or the hands may be off the body in the person’s aura.

Essentially, the Reiki Practitioner is a channel, or conduit, of the Life Force Energy and both the Practitioner and receiver must remain open to receive the flow of the Reiki energy. Reiki then goes where it is needed for the recipient’s greatest good and highest healing.

What Can Reiki Be Used For?

Reiki's purpose is to amplify and accelerate the body's inherent ability to heal itself. Reiki does not replace medical or other forms of health care; rather, it complements, supports, and enhances them.

  • Reiki is both strong and gentle and has been shown to aid in healing a variety of illnesses, including headaches, colds, insomnia, fatigue, heart disease, broken bones, and cancer.
  • Reiki has been demonstrated to alleviate pain and aid the body in eliminating toxins associated with chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Reiki aids in the recovery process following injuries, surgery, or trauma.
  • Reiki assists in balancing and harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit.
  • Reiki also provides physical and emotional relief from the effects of stress and anxiety.
  • Reiki is an excellent relaxation technique with a high healing potential.

According to Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, Reiki is a way to maintain one's health, which results in increased happiness and prosperity at home, then in society, then in the nation, and finally, in the world. "Reiki is a way to bring peace to all hearts," Usui Sensei once stated.

What Are The Reiki Ideals?

Just for today, I will let go of anger.

Just for today, I will let go of worry.

Today, I will do my work honestly.

Today, I will be kind to every living thing.

Today, I will give thanks for my many blessings.

The Reiki Ideals are principals, or “Golden Rules” that were taught by Dr. Usui. They reflect the Reiki way of living and should be recited daily and taken to heart. In this way, the true goal of Reiki could be achieved: to bring happiness to one’s self and to humanity.

Can Anyone Explain How Reiki Works?

Reiki is Life Force Energy that exists in and around all living things and thus this energy can be harnessed by anyone who is open to act as a channel. You can think of Reiki energy the same way you think of light waves, radio waves, microwaves, etc. All of these energies are invisible but powerful and effective when they are harnessed for their specific purpose. In the same way, Reiki waves also exist and anyone who is attuned to Reiki will act as a human antennae, able to channel this life force energy. It is the same principle behind windmills that work by using the wind to generate power. Reiki is the energy in nature and people are the windmills that harness that energy.

How Do I Know If Reiki Is Working And Not Something Else I Am Doing?

When Reiki is flowing during a session and the recipient is open to receive Reiki, there will be peacefulness, gentleness, tenderness and an encompassing feeling that will leave the recipient with no doubt that Reiki is working. Reiki blankets the recipient with love which is the greatest healer of all. In addition, Reiki continues to stay with a person even after the session is over. That peaceful feeling carries into the rest of the day and enables the client to receive a new idea, message or an answer that is exactly something that will help with their continued healing. Paying attention to events of the day will give answers that can further help that person to heal. So it might seem as if Reiki is not the healer, when in fact it has set the stage for healing.

How Is Does One Learn Reiki? What Kind Of Training Is There?

In the process of learning Reiki, the student goes through a series of attunements, or energetic empowerments, by a Reiki Master that opens and clears the energy centers of their body. This allows them to access this healing energy and bring it to those they are treating. There are generally four levels of Reiki Training, each given in separate day long workshops.

  • In First-Degree Reiki, the student learns the history of Reiki, how it works, and the hands-on positions for treating self and others.
  • In Second-Degree Reiki, the student is given various keys that increase the power of Reiki, allow one to send absentee (or distant) healing, and promote mental and emotional healing.
  • The next level, Advanced Reiki Training teaches advanced techniques that increase one’s skills and abilities to work with the Reiki energy.
  • In Third Degree, the Master/Teacher level, one learns how to pass the Reiki energy on to others, as well as additional healing technique thus helping one to begin the path of the teacher.

Can Anyone Do Reiki?

Absolutely! Reiki can be taught to anyone by a certified Reiki Master Teacher. Reiki is not a religion and has no dogma. It is compatible with all religious paths and faiths. Contact the LIRC for information on locating a Reiki Practitioner of Reiki Master Teacher.

How Many People Use Reiki?

William Lee Rand, founder and director of the International Center for Reiki Training, estimates (1998) that there are at least 300,000 Reiki Masters, and well over 2 million Reiki practitioners, worldwide. These numbers are undoubtedly much higher today.

What Research Has Been Done?

The National Institutes of Health, Office of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, is currently funding several Reiki research projects. These include measuring the benefits of Reiki for Fibromyalgia related pain and discomfort, and for improving the quality of life for people living with HIV/AIDS. There are many other Reiki research efforts completed or underway in major hospital medical centers, community hospitals, and holistic centers. Some of these have been criticized for lack of rigorous scientific method.

It is generally accepted and documented that Reiki does reduce physical discomfort and speed healing times. But the way Reiki works makes it somewhat difficult to capture with double blind, placebo controlled, randomized, research protocol. Reiki has a tonic effect on the system, and does not easily lend itself to the magic bullet theory, which attempts to identify specific remedies for specific physical problems.

How Much Does A Reiki Session Cost?

The cost of a Reiki session varies but generally the cost of a session can range from $25 to $125. The cost of a session usually is similar to the fee of a one hour massage. Moreover, there are some people that do not charge for a Reiki session since they believe it is part of their spiritual practice and consider Reiki part of their ministry work.

Does Insurance Reimburse You For It?

Some insurance companies do reimburse for complementary therapies. Some people have a rider on their policy that covers complementary therapies so it is advisable to check with their employer or insurance company regarding insurance reimbursement.

What Will My Doctor Think About This?

Many doctors today are open to Reiki especially when Reiki is explained as a simple relaxation or energy balancing technique. If Reiki is explained too metaphysically a doctor would probably be less open to its validity.

Doctors have been known to tell their patients that are receiving Reiki to continue sessions since they see the benefits of Reiki. Interestingly, there are many doctors that have taken Reiki classes as well.

Do I Need To Approve It With My Doctor Before I Start Using It?

No. Reiki does no harm. It is at its simplest, a relaxation technique which relaxes the body, mind, and spirit. All of which are beneficial to healing any condition.

Does Reiki Interact With Any Of My Medications I Am Taking?

There have not been any known cases of Reiki interacting with medications. On the contrary, Reiki has even been known to aid with side effects from anesthesia, radiation treatment and chemotherapy. Most people experience less nausea and recovered quicker.

Should Regular Pain Medications Be Discontinued When Doing Reiki?

Reiki does not take the place of medication and should not be used for such. However, because of its relaxation effects and overall benefits, some people have found that they might require less medication. All medication adjustments should be done under the supervision of their doctor.

Does One Have To Be Licensed Or Certified In Reiki?

Licensing and certification requirements for all health and holistic modalities are state determined. In New York there is currently no governmental licensing or certification requirements for Reiki practitioners.

New York has attempted to institute requirements for Reiki that are similar to those for massage therapy. Reiki people are not in favor of this, because Reiki is not bodywork. Advantages of this kind of regulation could be standardized training requirements, increased exposure for Reiki, greater acceptance of Reiki by the general public, and greater likelihood that Reiki would be included in medical insurance coverage.

Disadvantages could include greater expense to become a Reiki practitioner, more time consuming paperwork and bureaucratic involvement, and state intervention in particular Reiki healing situations. One recent proposal included an 800 number that a Reiki client would call if they had complaints about a Reiki session or practitioner.

This is different from massage therapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture, which do require New York State licensing. Connecticut, but not New York, licenses naturopathic doctors (ND’s).

Is Reiki Being Used In Hospitals And Other Health Care Facilities?

Yes, Reiki is being used in many hospitals, as well as other health care facilities around the world. Reiki has been found to be beneficial in every aspect of healing. This includes physical, psychological, emotional, as well as spiritual benefits, so the possibilities of using Reiki within these settings are limitless.

Is There Additional Information About Reiki?

There are numerous books and information on Reiki that can be found on the internet. Some of the most informative books available about Reiki and/or energy healing are listed in our Library section, under Book References.

Does Reiki Really Work?

Reiki always works where it is needed and on the level that it is needed. Since Reiki is spiritually guided and channeled by Highest Wisdom, it will work in ways that might not be known to the recipient or in the way that is expected. Therefore, Reiki will never do harm as it is innately Good and works for the Good of anyone open to receive it. Does it really work? The answer is yes, since Love is the greatest healer there is. And Reiki, in a word, is LOVE.

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