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Reiki Distance Healing Prayer - How Is It Done?


The basic idea behind Reiki distance healing prayer treatment is that because you are all connected to the same energy source, you are also connected to one another.

By setting the intention to do so, you can connect energetically with anybody, anywhere, and offer them healing energy. Energy follows intent. Energy is not limited by time, place, or distance because it never starts or stops and moves in a continuous cycle.

But Reiki distance healing prayer treatment is a little bit more than that. It may be equally as intense as receiving Reiki in person.

Continue reading if you prefer in-person interactions or if you have trouble seeing how this works from a distance. If it does, this is the right fit for you; if not, there are lots of other choices available.

White "How Distance Reiki Works?" text written on a purple background
White "How Distance Reiki Works?" text written on a purple background

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Distant Reiki Healing Session

  • Using the four planes of being or energy fields, here are some ways to improve a Reiki treatment done at a distance.
  • The Usui power sign should be used to first energize your hands and chakras. After that, treat yourself to 10–15 minutes of Reiki.
  • Next, invoke or picture the sign for remote healing, and repeat its name three times. Think about the individual to whom you will be sending Reiki. For 10 to 20 minutes, intend to send Reiki to each level of being.
  • Imagine sending Reiki into their head chakra to reach their physical state of being. After that, it enters their bodies and gradually and softly fills them. All of their body's organs and parts are drenched in Reiki as they fill up with it.
  • The energy then starts to leave their physical body. Think of them as being illuminated by healing energy. Watch them grow, their first energy layer filling up.
  • After that, Reiki their emotional self. Imagine them to be awash in tranquility, joy, love, contentment, and general well-being. Imagine that their physical body's light has now permeated their emotional level.
  • Reiki should then be sent to their mental state. Ensure that their ideas are organized and tranquil. Imagine if their brain was functioning in a way that allowed for effortless, well-thought-out cognitive processes.
  • Imagine that answers to challenging situations are simple to come by. Imagine that anxiety slowly leaves your body. When all these troublesome thoughts depart from their physical level, Reiki fills up and spreads out on their mental level.

Reiki Gratitude Prayer

Use the mental/emotional sign to express your gratitude by saying this:

I am aware of my blessings in my thoughts and emotions.

Distant Reiki 417 Hz Energy Healing & Prayers✨🙏✨

People Also Ask

How Do You Do Reiki Prayer?

  • Hand Position 1: To start your reiki self-treatment, place your hands in the middle of your chest, just below your chin, in a prayer position.
  • Hand Position 2: Gently rest both hands atop the head.
  • Hand position 3: Gently place them over the eyes.

Can You Do Reiki Long Distance?

Distance Reiki energy "works" no matter where you are since it transcends time and space, making it just as powerful as receiving one in person.

What Are The Benefits Of Distance Reiki?

It enables practitioners to carry out reiki on a person who is not physically present and to remove blocks from someone's past.


During a Reiki distance healing prayer treatment, you connect to your energy and direct the energy into your energy field. Like in person, the energy operates similarly.

The healing area does not separate the healer from the patient. The majority of people who receive distance Reiki experience everything as strongly as they would in person, which always takes them by surprise.

Distance Reiki treatment, which you can do from the comfort of your own home, is a great therapy for relaxing in all kinds of ways.

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