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Rebecca Mcbrain - Paul Walker's Former Girlfriend


If you are a fan of Paul Walker, then you probably know Rebecca Mcbrain. Rebecca is a celebrity girlfriend from the United States.

Rebecca Mcbrain is the ex-girlfriend of Paul Walker, the legendary actor. Paul rose to prominence as Brian O'Conner in the Fast and Furious franchise.

Quick Facts

Name:Rebecca Mcbrain
Also known as: Rebecca Soteros
Date of Birth 1974
Estimated Net Worth $800,000 approx.
Birth Place California, United States


COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/rebecca-mcbrain/ by Amandeep Coleman on 2022-11-25T09:07:37.494Z

Rebecca Soteros is her full birth name. There is no information about the day or month she was born. She was born in 1974, and she is now 48 years old.

The media has not been given her date of birth, so we do not know what zodiac sign she was born under. Similarly, she was born in the United States of America, specifically the state of California, and she currently possesses American citizenship.

Regarding both her race and her faith, she is of the Caucasian racial group and adheres to the Christian faith.

In terms of her private life, she is the daughter of Mark Soteros and Julie Ann Soteros. In California, her father is the proprietor of his own successful business.

Similarly, her mother is a homemaker. Likewise, she has one brother whose name is Joshua Soteros. When discussing her previous educational experiences, she mentioned that she received her diploma from Village Christian School in California in the year 1992.


Rebecca McBrain is a straight woman who was in a relationship with the late American actor Paul Walker. They first met in California and began dating in early 1998.

Meadow Rain Walker, their daughter, was born on November 4, 1998. They were never married. They seperated in 1999, shortly after her daughter was born.

Following the end of her relationship with Paul, she developed an addiction to alcohol. She followed her mother to Hawaii and began a new life there. Her daughter had been living with her father up until recently.

At the age of forty, Paul Walker was taken from us too soon on November 30th, 2013, when he was involved in a terrible car accident in Valencia, Santa Clarita, California.

In order for her to regain custody of her daughter, she was required to complete an alcohol treatment program. She relocated to California so that she could be closer to her daughter.

Net Worth

Rebecca began her career as a teacher in a private school in Hawaii, which contributed significantly to her earnings and income at the beginning of her career. However, when she became pregnant with their daughter, she decided to quit her job.

At the moment, she is employed as a servicewoman in a private company in the state of California. In a similar vein, it is estimated that her net worth is 800 thousand dollars.

People Also Ask

Why Is Rebecca McBrain Famous?

Rebecca McBrain is best known as Paul Walker's ex-wife.

Where Is Rebecca McBrain?

Rebecca began her teaching career in a private school in Hawaii.

Did Meadow Walker Inherit?

Meadow Walker inherited her father Paul's entire estate.

Final Words

Rebecca McBrain has never been one to seek the attention of the general public with her life or her work. Her romantic involvement with Paul Walker was the catalyst for the entire change.

Despite the fact that Paul has passed away, she has made an effort to keep a low profile while also doing her absolute best to raise their daughter.

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