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Berlin: 7 Reasons To Travel To The Capital

The Brandenburg Gate, the Kudamm or the Reichstag building - there is a lot to see in Berlin. But sightseeing is not always the reason why numerous visitors are drawn to Germany's capital every day.

Tyreece Bauer
Mar 10, 2023196 Shares2722 Views
The Brandenburg Gate, the Kudamm or the Reichstag building - there is a lot to see in Berlin. But sightseeing is not always the reason why numerous visitors are drawn to Germany's capital every day. In the city, where there is a lot to do day and night, many events, stores and cultural highlights await guests of all ages. But is it really worth taking a trip to the east of Germany?

The 7 best reasons to pay Berlin a visit

If you're still unsure whether a trip to Berlin is worth it, buckle up now. After all, the beautiful city on the Spree has a lot to offer. We have summarized the best reasons why Berlin is worth a visit below.

Tip 1: Berlin - a city with many faces

The population of Berlin is currently around 3.6 million. However, more than half of the inhabitants are immigrants. Thereby, about 190 different nationalities come together. Berlin is absolutely multicultural and you can feel it on every street corner. Nevertheless, the solidarity is sensational. Whoever arrives in Berlin feels right at home, is welcomed everywhere and is happy to be a guest in the capital of the Federal Republic. And by the way: If you need some help, you can get it here.

Tip 2: Big city flair meets impressive historical highlights

Berlin has often been the center of eventful happenings. Historically, the capital was first mentioned around 1244. However, it was not until the Middle Ages that buildings steeped in legend were built. Berlin became the residence city of the elector, had to witness several wars, was finally divided in two and reunited in the course of time. This city has truly experienced a lot. Some relics have been preserved to this day and act as memorials to visitors. It is therefore always worthwhile to learn a little of the city's history and immerse yourself in the past - to better understand the character of the city.

Tip 3: Berlin is beautiful in every season

In winter, when there is a light blanket of snow on the city's rooftops, Berlin seems almost quiet and fairytale-like. But in summer, life truly rages here. People settle down outdoors, celebrate extensively and show their joy loudly. Especially in the city center or on the waterfront it is crowded. But that's what makes Berlin so charming. People like to come together and also show visitors how beautiful Berlin is at any time.

Tip 4: Culinary no wishes remain open

You don't always want to enjoy home cooking? Then Berlin is the right place for you. You can discover new culinary delights on every street corner. Whether hearty, vegan or gluten-free - there is exactly the right dish for every taste. Enjoy street food, settle down in one of the numerous cafés and experience the hustle and bustle of the city with a tasty meal that makes your mouth water just by looking at it.

Tip 5: Enjoy life!

Where, if not in Berlin, could you celebrate life so extensively? Berlin has the reputation as a party metropolis away and also holds this title in honor. Party in discos, clubs or bars until the wee hours of the morning and enjoy music, dancing and fun in various locations.

Tip 6: Experience Hollywood live

Numerous Hollywood movies were made in whole or in part in Berlin. Whether "Run Lola Run", "Inglourious Basterds" or "The Tribute to Panem" - the capital has given many films a beautiful backdrop. Take a look on location and perceive Hollywood from a different side.

Tip 7: Kommse rin, könnse rauskieken!

Many guests can hardly get to know all the sights, clubs or restaurants during a vacation. That is also not bad. Just come back to Berlin and let yourself be captured by the intoxicating city. There will always be new and surprising things to discover. This city is not boring, but diverse - promised!
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