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Ten reasons to go to a concert


If you have never been to a concert before, you can’t quite appreciate the enthusiasm of those who have had the luxury of attending one. Being in a room with people who all love the same band or artist is overwhelming in a good way. You can see communities of people coming together to listen, sing and dance without abandon and you all have something in common. The person or band performing in the concert has brought something to every single person in the concert space, so when they hold up the mic and 50,000 people start singing their songs back to them, it’s an emotional moment. Being a part of that moment is one of the biggest and best reasons for anyone to go ahead and choose to be a customer at a concert.

It generally doesn't matter the size of the event, either. If you are in a room with people that all have the same love of a certain entertainer, you’re all going to feel that rush of adrenaline that comes with knowing that you’re going to be up close with one of the best artists you know. It’s important that you choose to see an entertainer that you want to see, though, as these aren't cheap events. You want to know that you are spending your money where you want to spend it, and you also want to know you’re spending it safely.

One of the biggest issues with going to a concert isn't the view that might get blocked by someone dancing in front of you, it’s the risk of buying tickets from a less than reputable website. Sites like TicketsOnSale.com would be the better option, as you can see that they are a business and not a tout. Ticket touts are a big issue at concert venues, so always buy in advance from a site you can trust. With this in mind, here are some solid reasons you should choose to go to a concert as soon as you can.

People in concert
People in concert
  • Your favorite artist is right there on stage. This is one of the best reasons to go to a concert. Your favorite artists are going to be there on the stage in front of you and not just playing through the speakers in your car. It’s so different to listen to someone on the radio compared to seeing them live. The energy, the adrenaline and the atmosphere all play a part and it’s not the same as rocking out at home. Everything about the venue is going to be impressive and add to elevating your favorite rockstars.
  • You might get the chance to meet and greet. There are certain concert venues that offer extra tickets for you to meet your musical heroes in person. You might need to pay extra (or you might get lucky and be chosen!), but you can ask for an autograph, a selfie and even just have some time to talk. These moments create memories; a flesh and blood star and you’re shaking their hand!
  • You’re going to meet new friends. Being in the presence of other people at the concert is a good place to start with making new friends. These other fans are the same as you; they’re there to see their favorite artists and they are going to be dancing and singing beside you. Eventually, you’ll end up dancing and laughing together because how amazing is it to be in the presence of someone you never thought you would be? Making new friends based on the memories you can create is exciting and you can carry that memory for years.
  • The anticipation is incredible. Every single band or artist has that one song that they play and the whole crowd goes wild. Whether it’s Bon Jovi singing Livin’ on a Prayer at Wembley or it’s Queen on stage way back when during Live Aid, the command that the artist has over the crowd is incredible. The anticipation of that song you’ve screamed out in your house is huge, and you can bet that everyone will be jumping, screaming and crying because it’s THAT song that pops up. The whole crowd then starts singing along and listening to people come together because of the artistry of another is just stunning.
  • There’s merchandise to buy. Every single concert has stalls throughout the venue packed with merchandise. Have you really been to a concert if you haven't bought an oversized t-shirt with the band name and dates of the concert on it? Absolutely not!

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People having a concert
People having a concert
  • Capturing the moment is so much easier now because of hashtagging and social media. As a general rule, you should try to avoid taking too many pictures and videos of the band because you should be living the concert for real and not through your phone. Instead, you should look out for the social media platforms that have put up selfie spots and post that on social media. You can then show the world you loved that moment, without recording the entire concert on your iPhone.
  • You get to discover something new. Perhaps you choose to go to a concert for an artist that you’ve never heard much of before - that’s a nice change of pace! Nobody pays much attention to the opening acts; it’s the time for getting food, merchandise and drinks. The last thing that people do is listen too closely to the supporting acts - but you should. You might discover a whole new band or artist that really resonates with you.
  • You’re making memories when you add concerts to your list of things that you want to do. When you’re in a live show, you soak it all in with the senses. You smell everything, taste the air, hear all the sounds and see everything. The lighting is perfect, the musicians get the crowd moving and everything banks in your memory.
  • You might end up with a surprise. Some artists pull fans on stage and others bring out a special guest. You’re going to love the surprises that some artists come up with when you are watching them live in concert!
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