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Rare Desert Lion Killed In Angola After Supplying Unprecedented Data

Rare Desert Lion Killed In Angola After Supplying Unprecedented Data

The seven-year-old rare desert lion killed in Angola after supplying unprecedented data on August 24 in the Namibian town of Tomakas in Kunene Province, around 100 kilometers from the Angolan State of Namibe.

Amandeep Coleman
Last updated: Mar 15, 2022 | Mar 12, 2022

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The seven-year-old rare desert lion killed in Angola after supplying unprecedented data on August 24 in the Namibian town of Tomakas in Kunene Province, around 100 kilometers from the Angolan State of Namibe.

The lionesses that were escorting the lion managed to depart, presumably "perturbed," according to the Desert Lion Project, which was monitoring it via satellite using a collar that was put on two years ago.

Namibia’s Desert Lions

Desert lions in Namibia, which largely wander outside of protected areas in isolated, arid northern Namibia, have adapted to withstand some of the worst circumstances known to man. Thick coats enable them to adapt to colder climates, and they can survive without drinking water, hydrating themselves by eating prey like ostriches and antelopes.

Desert lions, like the majority of Africa's wild lions, face danger from farmers seeking to safeguard their livestock from predators. Stander's group has been attempting to promote peaceful coexistence between people and lions.

Rare Desert Lion looks so beautiful

Attempt To Hide Its Killing

In what environmentalists suspect was an effort to conceal the lion's death, the collar was eventually discovered, burnt, around 100 meters away from the body.

Monitoring Of The Animal

The source added that "this is a tragic situation," noting "important knowledge" about how the species thrive in severe, near-desert circumstances as a result of the animal's surveillance. "It was a magnificent lion."

Area Covered By Lion

It traveled about 1,300 kilometers and covered an area of more than 40 square kilometers in northern Namibia and southern Angola during the 762 days that researchers tracked its movements. It was capable of traveling between 50 and 70 kilometers per day at times.

Can Namibia’s Desert Lions Survive Humanity?

Although desert lions are not a unique species or even a subspecies, they are distinct. Watch a plains lion dying in the Namib Desert, where it may barely rain 5 millimeters per year.

They have a slimmer and woollier appearance (due to frigid nights). They also behave differently than other lions: pride are smaller, they have larger home ranges and wander farther, and they do not conduct infanticide, which is common among plains lions.

The lions that have survived now live in a world governed by humans and designed by humans. Desert lions in Namibia, like Namibians, are now fighting anthropocentric climate change. According to Smit, Namibia has been suffering from a harsh drought for many years, putting lions in a "precarious situation." Due to the drought, lions and humans are more likely to collide. Drought-stricken farmers would occasionally graze their animals in tourist areas out of desperation, putting them in close proximity to the lions. Meanwhile, lions may be compelled to hunt cattle due to a lack of food. "As [the lions] face food stress, we predict greater losses," Smit adds.

Also, females in poor health are less likely to become estrous, and those that do may not be able to meet the cub's nutritional requirements. To stem the bleeding, Smit argues the government has to completely apply its "sound" human-wildlife conflict policy, which has yet to be implemented. Farmers who poison or kill lions unlawfully, he claims, should be prosecuted. He also believes that MET has to improve its collaboration with local non-governmental organizations. "Rather than attempting to remain an exclusive club," he adds of the government agency, "they need to source and embrace all the aid they can receive."

Are Desert Lions Real?

A tiny number of desert-adapted lions may be found in one of the world's most hostile settings. Despite being siblings and sisters to the well-known savannah lions, these lions have developed tolerance to tolerate the harsh Namib Desert over many generations.

What Type Of Lion Lives In The Desert?

Mountain Lions like to dwell in locations with rough mountains and forests, although they may also adapt to areas with limited cover, such as rolling hills and the desert. An adult male lion's home range might be over 100 square miles. Females have a limited range of travel, between 20 and 60 square miles.


In this article about the rare desert lion killed in Angola after supplying unprecedented data, the African lion population has shrunk to 35,000, occupying just 25% of its original territory. The situation is particularly dire for the species' geographically isolated populations in West Africa, where it is classified as regionally endangered. Recent genomic studies have shown that West and Central African lions are genetically distinct from other African lions, which makes them more important for conservation.

There are three things you can do to help prevent lions from extinction.

  • Adopt a lion as a pet. By adopting a lion, you'll be making a monthly donation to the organization's programs to safeguard lions and minimize human-lion conflict.
  • Make a financial contribution to the cause.
  • Finally, and perhaps most importantly, spread the word!
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