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Queen Elizabeth Diet - From ‘Jam Pennies’ To Dover Sole

Queen Elizabeth diet was comprised primarily of anything fresh: freshly picked fruits, freshly caught fish, freshly harvested vegetables, and freshly baked goods. There was tea, of course, and some alcohol but nothing too much for the latter. As for sweets, the Queen couldn’t refuse dark chocolates.

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Care to know about Queen Elizabeth dietand try eating the foods she ate?
As the former Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022) had likely enjoyed a variety of foods over the years, including traditional English dishes such as roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, and shepherd’s pie.
She was also known to enjoy game meats like pheasant and venison, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables.
Additionally, she was said to have a sweet tooth and enjoys desserts like chocolate cake and trifle. However, these are general preferences and probably changed over the years.
Find out about Queen Elizabeth diet.

Former Royal Chef Reveals Queen Elizabeth's Fave Meal And The One Thing She Hates

Queen Elizabeth Diet And Drinks

Queen Elizabeth diet is reported to be modest and health-conscious, with a focus on fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains.
She is also known to enjoy chocolate and sweets in moderation. As for drinks, the Queen is reported to be a fan of gin and Dubonnet with a slice of lemon and a lot of ice, as well as black tea.
Dubonnet is a type of fortified wine, flavored with a blend of spices, herbs, and quinine.
It is often used as an aperitif (an alcoholic drink typically served before a meal to stimulate the appetite) and is usually served mixed with gin, lemon, and ice.
The exact composition of Dubonnet is a trade secret and varies between producers, but it is known for its reddish-brown color and sweet-yet-bitter taste.
Gin and tea were a staple part of Queen Elizabeth diet. It was not specified which brand of gin she would request to have. As for the tea, she was known to drink Earl Grey tea.
Earl Grey tea is a type of black tea that is flavored with bergamot oil, a citrus fruit with a distinct aroma.
The tea is named after Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey (1764-1845), who was a British Prime Minister in the 1830s.
The distinct, citrusy flavor of Earl Grey tea makes it a popular choice for tea drinkers around the world. No wonder it made it on the list of Queen Elizabeth diet.
A box of Organic Earl Grey Tea beside one tea bag on a cup, with three huge green leaves on the background
A box of Organic Earl Grey Tea beside one tea bag on a cup, with three huge green leaves on the background

Queen Elizabeth Breakfast

The traditional English breakfast customs typically includes items such as eggs, bacon, sausage, black pudding, grilled tomatoes, baked beans, and toast.
Queen Elizabeth diet was reported to have a simple breakfast routine, typically consisting of cereal, toast with marmalade, and a cup of tea.
This would vary, of course, based on her schedule and personal preferences.
Per HELLO! magazine, Queen Elizabeth breakfast items included the following:
  • biscuits
  • cereal
  • kippers (fish)
  • tea (no sugar)
  • toast
  • smoked haddock (fish)
According to Marie Claire, Darren McGrady, the Queen’s former personal chef sometime between 1982 and 1993) shared that Queen Elizabeth diet consisted of her all-time favorite sandwich for breakfast called “jam pennies.”
A “jam penny” is simply bread with butter and strawberry jam, and, McGrady said, they were made “the size of the old English penny;” hence, the name.
A small white bowl of cereal with milk, with a spoon on it and some cereals on the surface around the bowl
A small white bowl of cereal with milk, with a spoon on it and some cereals on the surface around the bowl

Queen Elizabeth Lunch

As for lunch, Queen Elizabeth diet included these meals, as reported by the London Evening Standard:
  • chicken salad
  • Dover sole (fish; also called common sole or black sole) with courgettes (also known as zucchini) or spinach
  • fish and chips covered in panko breadcrumbs
  • grilled fish
  • grilled meat
  • vegetables

What Does The Queen Eat For Afternoon Tea?

In one vlog uploaded in July 2021 in his eponymous YouTube channel, Darren McGrady said that cucumber sandwich was also part of Queen Elizabeth diet.
She would like to have it - made of white bread, shaved cucumber, cream cheese, and spearmint - for her afternoon tea.
Other sandwiches she would usually have for afternoon tea, according to the London Evening Standard, were:
  • egg mayonnaise sandwiches
  • smoked salmon sandwiches
  • ham-and-mustard finger sandwiches
Her Majesty would also have scones.
Scones are baked goods made from a mixture of flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, butter, and milk, and typically have a flaky texture.
They can come in a variety of flavors, such as fruit, chocolate chip, or savory and be served plain or with toppings, such as jam, cream, or butter.
In the case of Queen Elizabeth diet, the London Evening Standard reported that she liked her scones with clotted cream and jam.
Nine visible pieces of buttery scones piled up on a glass cake stand, with a hand picking up the top scone
Nine visible pieces of buttery scones piled up on a glass cake stand, with a hand picking up the top scone

Queen Elizabeth Dinner

Below are some of the meals Queen Elizabeth had for dinner:
  • burger made from venison (meat of deer, elk, or game animal), with cranberries
  • fillet steak with a mushroom whisky sauce
  • French cuisine (e.g., halibut with spinach and a Mornay sauce)
  • Gaelic steak
  • Gleneagles pâté (smoked salmon, mackerel, and trout)
  • salmon
For desserts, Queen Elizabeth diet included puddings and fruits such as strawberries and white peaches.

Queen Elizabeth Favorite Food

One of Her Majesty’s favorites were chocolates. Queen Elizabeth diet would frequently include anything that had to do with dark (not milk or white) chocolate.
Darren McGrady, now an owner of the Dallas-based Eating Royally Catering, told HELLO! magazine:
She is absolutely a chocoholic. Anything we put on the menu that had chocolate on, she would choose, especially chocolate perfection pie.- Darren McGrady
Queen Elizabeth likewise loved ginger cake, Chocolate Olivers by the British biscuit maker Huntley & Palmers, and chocolate biscuit cake.

What Foods Does Queen Elizabeth Not Eat?

Queen Elizabeth diet normally didn’t include the following, according to Reader’s Digest:
  • bread crusts
  • garlic
  • onions
  • out-of-season fruits
  • potatoes
  • pasta
The said article also noted that the former Queen preferred a well-done steak (not cooked rare nor medium rare).

People Also Ask

How Many Meals A Day Does Queen Elizabeth Eat?

It’s not publicly known exactly how many meals Queen Elizabeth II eats in a day, but as a member of the royal family, she typically follows a structured meal schedule and has a team of chefs to prepare her meals.
According to Darren McGrady, as reported by The Independent, in a given day, she had four meals, namely, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner.

Does Queen Elizabeth Eat Eggs?

Yes, she did, and more often for breakfast.
The Queen preferred brown eggs because she believed they tasted more delicious, according to HELLO! magazine.

Does The Queen Eat Pizza?

Per, Chef Darren McGrady revealed that the Queen never tried having even a slice of pizza.
The pizza lover in the family, as disclosed by McGrady, was Diana’s eldest, Prince William. Diana and Prince Harry would eat pizza, too.

Final Thoughts

The British royal family generally eats a healthy and balanced diet, consisting of fresh and seasonal foods.
When it comes to Queen Elizabeth diet, it is important to note that her specific dietary habits were not publicly confirmed and most likely changed over time.
Well, she was blessed with the capacity to taste the finest food and drinks the world has to offer.
Queen Elizabeth diet could be one factor behind her long - 96 years! - and healthy life.
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