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Prince Harry Went To Court About The Phone Hacking Case To Stop Hate Towards His Wife

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry went to court about the phone hacking case to stop "hate" from being spread about his wife, Meghan Markle. Prince Harry's case against Mirror Group Newspapers for hacking is over. He was questioned by the other side for two days.

Daisy-Mae Schmitt
Jun 09, 20231586 Shares158640 Views
The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry went to court about the phone hacking caseto stop "hate" from being spread about his wife, Meghan Markle. Prince Harry's case against Mirror Group Newspapers for hacking is over. He was questioned by the other side for two days.
Harry is suing Mirror Group Newspapers for illegally gathering information. He says that reporters from several publications hacked into his and other celebrities' voicemails in the 1990s and 2000s and then released what they found out. The prince says that the media illegally got information about him by listening to his voicemails and hacking into his phone.

Prince Harry Went To Court About The Phone Hacking Case

Prince Harry emotional in final phone-hacking court appearance

The Duke of Sussex told a court that he is suing the owner of the Daily Mirror to stop "absolute intrusion and hate"toward him and his wife. Prince Harry testified against Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) in a case about illegal news gathering, such as phone hacking, for which MGN is being sued.
On Tuesday, the second day of his trial, Prince Harry went back to a London court and told the judge that he started his phone hacking case so that his wife Meghan Markle wouldn't have to deal with "intrusion and hate" from the press. As he finished giving evidence for the second day, he got choked up and said it had been "a lot".
Andrew Green KC, representing Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN), asked when the Duke of Sussex first talked about going to court. The Duke of Sussex said that he thought it was talked about that he wanted to stop the "absolute intrusion and hate that was coming towards me and my wife and see if there was any way to find a different course of action, rather than relying on the institution’s way".
Harry was asked questions by the other side at the trial, which took place on Tuesday and Wednesday at London's High Court. He talked about articles that he says were the result of phone hacking. These included stories about his relationship with his brother Prince William and his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy, who he dated from 2004 to 2010.
In a statement to the court, Harry said that TV personality Piers Morgan, who was the editor of the Daily Mirror from 1995 to 2004, had made "a barrage of horrific personal attacks and intimidation"against him and Meghan.
Harry also said that he thinks this behavior was "in retaliation" for the phone hacking claim "and in the hope that I will back down."
After Prince Harry's testimony was over, he stayed to watch Jane Kerr, who used to be a royal reporter for the Daily Mirror, give her testimony. She had been a royal reporter and then a royal correspondent for the newspaper for ten years, up until 2007. She wrote a number of the pieces that are being looked at in the case.
In her written witness statement, she denied getting into voicemails or using private detectives to get information in a way that was against the law. In this case, three other people are also suing MGN. They are Coronation Street stars Michael Turner, who goes by the stage name Michael Le Vell, and Nikki Sanderson, as well as the ex-wife of comedian Paul Whitehouse, Fiona Wightman.
The claimants say that information for stories was gathered through illegal means, and they say that senior executives must have known about this and done nothing to stop it. MGN rejects this. The distributor has either said that none of the claims are true or that they are not true. MGN also says that some of the people who are suing have done so too late.


As part of his hacking case against the Daily Mirror owner, Prince Harry testified at the High Court for a second day. He says he sued Mirror Group Newspapers to stop what he calls "hate" against his wife Meghan. MGN says it didn't do anything wrong to find out about the prince.
At London's High Court, the prince said that he started talking about possible legal action with David Sherborne, who is now his lawyer, after the two met by chance in France in 2018. Before that, the prince said that he didn't worry about any news stories about illegal behavior because "it was all contained in the Palace."
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