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Prince Harry Lawyer Said Nothing Was Out Of Bounds In The Prince's Life


Prince Harry is suing a British tabloid publisher, and his lawyer told London's High Court on Monday that it is not because he has "some vendetta against the press" but because he wants to draw attention to claimed illegal activities.

At the beginning of his phone hacking lawsuit, Prince Harry lawyer said nothing was out of bounds in the young prince's life to the journalists of Mirror Group Newspapers. The desire for such scoops led to the use of illegal methods to find dirt, his lawyer said. Harry says that Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) has done illegal things like hacking phone calls, so-called "blagging," and hiring private investigations.

Prince Harry Lawyer Said Nothing Was Out Of Bounds

Prince Harry a no-show at court

This week, Prince Harry will be the first high-ranking royal to testify in court in more than a century. He will do so as part of his case against the owner of the Daily Mirror, which is still going on.

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He broke his thumb, hurt his back, tried drugs, and went out with girls.

Nothing was sacrosanct or out of bounds and there was no protection from these unlawful information-gathering methods.- Attorney David Sherborne

But a lawyer for Harry's defense said it would have been stupid to watch on him with such tight security, and he denied that Mirror Group reporters ever listened in on his voicemails.

There is simply no evidence capable of supporting the finding that the Duke of Sussex was hacked, let alone on a habitual basis. Zilch, zero, nil, nada, niente, nothing.- Attorney Anthony Green

Even though Prince Harry is expected to be the first senior royal to appear in court in more than a century, he wasn't there on Monday morning when the high-profile trial about his suit against Mirror Group Newspapers continued. The New York Post said that Judge Timothy Fancourt had told him to show up.

David Sherborne, Harry's lawyer, told the High Court that his client had come back from the US on Sunday night and couldn't make it to court.

The newspaper group is being sued because it owns the Daily Mirror, the Sunday Mirror, and the Sunday People. This is one of several lawsuits that the prince is bringing against publishers who he thinks are illegally gathering information.

Harry has said that 140 articles that were released by the three newspapers between 1996 and 2010 were gathered illegally, and 33 of those articles were chosen to be looked at in the case. During the hearing, the prince will be one of the few plaintiffs who will be heard.

In his memoir, "Spare," and in conversations with Oprah Winfrey and others, Harry's anger at the U.K. press and, sometimes, at his own royal family for what he sees as their cooperation with the press, comes through loud and clear.

He has said that paparazzi were to blame for the car crash that killed his mother, Princess Diana. He also said that harassment and intrusion by the U.K. press, including what he called "racist" stories, made him and his wife, Meghan, decide to leave the royal life and move to the U.S. in 2020.

The case against Mirror Group is the first of the prince's many lawsuits against the media to go to trial. It is also one of three that claim tabloid publishers illegally spied on him in their fierce race for news about the royal family.

Harry, who is 38 years old, will be the first member of the British royal family to appear in court in more than 100 years. He is expected to talk about his pain and anger at being chased by the media his whole life, as well as how that has affected those around him.


At the start of Prince Harry's phone hacking case, his lawyer said that the journalists of Mirror Group Newspapers could write about any small or private event in the young prince's life. His lawyer said that he used illegal means to find dirt because he wanted scoops like these.

But a lawyer for Harry said it would have been stupid to watch him with such tight security, and he denied that Mirror Group reporters ever listened to his voicemails.

Harry's much-anticipated showdown with the editor of the Daily Mirror didn't live up to expectations when the star didn't show up, much to the disappointment of the judge and his defense attorney.

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