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Cannabis trends: rolling blunts are out & pre-rolls are in

Cannabis trends: rolling blunts are out & pre-rolls are in

06/04/2021 07:43
Johnathan Floyd

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The pandemic & the pre-rollMillennials & Gen Z are powering the pre-roll surgePre-rolls – the bottom line

Listen, manually rolling up joints and blunts is a thing of the past. It's messy and outdated. Similar to the tobacco industry shifting from manually rolled cigarettes to offering pre-rolled cigarettes, the marijuana industry is in the process of doing the same thing. Pre-rolls are taking over and that is not changing any time soon. With their rise in popularity also comes a little shine for pre-rolled cones.

Pre-rolls will eventually be the number one method of joint smoking as they continue to grow in popularity amongst weed smokers and cannabis companies alike.

In the world of pre-rolls and pre-rolled cones, RAW cones are up there with the top brands of joint papers. Many pre-rolls you’ll find at dispensaries are made with RAW cones. If you are a smoke shop or dispensary looking to satisfy your customers, you probably supply some type of cones as well (most likely RAW cones). Weed smokers are becoming more familiar with the convenience cones offer and the product's reliability.

The pandemic & the pre-roll

Although this pandemic has affected many businesses, one market that continues to thrive is the cannabis industry. Sales of cannabis pre-rolls are up nearly 50% in 2020 despite the pandemic. The same can be said for cones, which are the base of pre-rolls. Elements, Futurola, and RAW cones are continuing to fly off the shelf extremely fast, although supply is dwindling. Pre-rolls and pre-rolled cones are selling like crazy because they save smokers time.

If you didn't know, the top consumers of cannabis right now are Millennials and Gen Z. As a growing cannabis company, it would be smart to target these people. When it comes to smoking,  Millennials and Gen Z prefer convenience over customization. They also love sustainability. Pre-rolls and cones offer all these perks.

Millennials & Gen Z are powering the pre-roll surge

Pre-rolls provide an unbeatable convenience that Millennials and Gen Z have become accustomed to. To use a cone, you simply grind your weed and stuff it into the cone until it's full, then you light it to enjoy your marijuana. Boom, you're done and it's that simple. For pre-rolls, the ground bud is already packaged and ready for you to light up.

RAW was one of the first brands to provide organic papers to the marijuana industry and their products continue to reign supreme today. Furthermore, RAW cones have become a household name in the cannabis community and will be for a long time. That is why they rank supreme amongst cannabis smokers, especially Millennials and Gen Z, who care about sustainability and health.

A Millennial enjoys a joint

There are also other cones and pre-rolls, such as Elements or Futurola, that are made from hemp paper. This means they don't have the harmful chemicals that other joint papers contain. Companies such as Marijuana Packaging find themselves offering deals and sales on cones constantly to appease customers and attract more sales. This strategy is starting to get employed all over the cannabis packaging industry.

Pre-rolls are less harsh than vapes as well. And unlike vapes, pre-rolled cones allow weed smokers to enjoy the smell and taste of cannabis.

Pre-rolls – the bottom line

As cannabis laws continue to change, causing more states to legalize weed, the demand for high-quality marijuana and cannabis packaging products is going to simultaneously rise. Pre-rolled cones are trending higher than ever, and it wouldn't make sense for your business to purposely miss out on such a lucrative market.

Johnathan Floyd | Born and raised in New Jersey, Johnathan enjoys hiking, traveling, sports and is passionate about marijuana legalization. He spends most of his time with family or educating himself by reading self-growth literature. When he's not working on his degree, you can find Johnathan exercising or watching horror films.


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