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5 Practical Suggestions For Selecting A Self Storage Unit

As we live, learn, grow, work and evolve throughout our lives we also tend to acquire a substantial inventory of various possessions. These could be extra appliances, clothes, or furniture. While we will like to take our stuff with us when we go to various new locations, there may be reasons we can't accommodate everything in a single space. That's where self storage comes into play. Self storage is a great way to store your precious items while giving yourself room to breathe at home and conserve extra space. Whether you're moving, relocating, or just overflowing with stuff and faced with a lack of space at home, self storage can come to the rescue. Here are a few practical suggestions to help you determine how, why, when, and even where to get a self storage unit for your belongings.

Understand Your Storage Needs

The key to optimizing your selection for a self storage unit is understanding your storage needs. You might see that you have a ton of boxes that need to be put somewhere. If that's the case, examine the contents of the boxes and determine from there how you would like to store them and what your needs actually might entail. Can you stack these boxes vertically to conserve space? Do you need to disassemble some furniture or other items prior to storing? Is anything susceptible to environmental factors and may become damaged? These are all important questions to ask when getting ready to dive into self storage. Determine if you require climate control (keeping items between a certain temperature range via heating/cooling methods) and then start planning further from there. Also figure out what type of security measures you're going to implement at your unit. Understanding storage facility hours and being comfortable with storing your stuff are also pretty important. Many storage facilities do have closed circuit cameras, but you'll also need to determine if you need additional locks or other security measures for your own unit.

Calculate Unit Size

After deciding that you're going to dive into using some self storage, it's essential to understand the different unit sizes and how you can effectively store your stuff. If you're only storing a few things, then a 5x5 unit might be a good idea. If you're storing an entire bedroom size worth of stuff, then you might want to go a little higher at 5x10 or 5x15. As the amount of space increases in the unit, so too does the rental price. Self storage units can get pretty big so knowing how much stuff you're going to store and how it affects the size are crucial. Online calculators are a good place to start. With one of these handy tools at the ready, you can quickly figure out the ideal size.

Check Pricing Online

The internet is an amazing invention. It fosters and promotes communication across the entire world and connects us in many ways. It also helps us find the best value and deals when doing business or seeking a product/service. Since the demand is pretty high for self storage units in Spokane, you'll want to compare and contrast various units online. When you're comparing vendors and researching, be sure to find out what the monthly payments are, whether or not a credit card is required, the sizes of the units, and any potentially negative reviews. All of these factors will help you determine which unit to ultimately choose and set you on the path to a better organized life.

Optimize Your Storage Methods

Another important part of using self storage is optimizing the size of the space. This all comes down to how you actually store the items. Try a bottom up approach. Put larger, heavier items on the bottom and work your way up. Build around that with smaller items and boxes. Fragile items should be stored toward the top in cushions containers. Label everything and consider taking an inventory of what you have. When you're snoring furniture, it's essential to dismantle the furniture and wrap them carefully to store them in a convenient optimized way. If you spend some time meticulously organizing your storage unit and keeping track of where everything is located, it'll be easier when the time comes to actually pull stuff out of it down the line.

Store Vehicles Appropriately

Store Vehicles Appropriately
Store Vehicles Appropriately

There may be times in your life when you're faced with the prospect of storing a vehicle for a prolonged period of time. It just happens sometimes. Maybe you bought an antique truck from the 1930s with the intent to restore it, but simply don't have the time. Perhaps you don't have the space in your garage or a vehicle is used infrequently. Maybe you bought a boat or jet ski that you plan to use down the line but can't keep at home for some reason. Whatever the case may be, putting a vehicle in self storage for a while is certainly an option. When you do store a vehicle, make sure you prepare the vehicle for long term storage first. Fill up the gas tank, disconnect the battery, make sure to remove any valuables from the trunk, and consider using a car cover to further protect it. Ask about insurance and unit size before making a commitment. Many self storage facilities have larger units or lots intended to store vehicles, with different price points to match your vehicular storage needs.

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