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Best Poker Table Tops In 2024

Once you have made up your mind to play poker properly with a proper poker table or a top, you need to consider several things before purchasing one. You don’t want to have any regrets or feel guilt after you purchase one.

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Once you have made up your mind to play poker properly with a proper poker table or a top, you need to consider several things before purchasing one. You don’t want to have any regrets or feel guilt after you purchase one. You should be satisfied and happy with the amount you spent on buying a tabletop. Therefore, make sure to keep in mind the following things before you make a purchase.
  • If you have plenty of space in your home, then you might want to select a proper poker table with a poker layout surface that comes built-in to the table. But, you have to keep in mind the cost. Poker tables with legs cost more than just poker tabletops. So, if you have space as well as a budget, then go ahead and pick one. If not, then you can always convert your existing table into a poker table.
  • If you already have a table for playing poker, then you might consider purchasing a foldable tabletop, which can be used to cover the table you already have.
  • Poker table tops come in various sizes and shapes. Make sure the shape matches your table. Also, make sure you purchase the right size for your table.
  • Make sure to read the reviews and opinions online before purchasing one. You don’t want to end up purchasing something that is not durable or has any noticeable issues.
  • Make sure to see how many players can play at once on the tabletop.

Why Should You Buy Poker Table Tops?

To play poker, you don't need a poker table or a tabletop, technically. Poker may be played with just poker cards and chips. You may play poker at a regular table. So, why should you invest in a poker tabletop?
There are a variety of reasons for investing in poker tabletops. The top five reasons for purchasing a poker table are listed below. Poker table tops allow you to play poker at home in a way that is comparable to playing poker at a casino.
Poker table tops are reasonably priced. Anyone can afford one and play poker from the comfort of their own home. Poker table tops are lightweight and portable. When you're not playing, they're also simple to store. They're very robust and long-lasting.
They are durable and may be used for a long time. You can turn any round or square table into a professional poker table with poker table toppers. It may also be used to play various board and card games.
So, if these aren't enough to persuade you to purchase one, I'm not sure what would be. Simply get a poker table and begin playing poker for yourself. I am certain that you will not be disappointed if you purchase one.

10 Best Poker Tables 2020

Best Poker Table Tops To Play Poker At Home

Playing poker can be a lot of fun if we play together with our friends or family. But, it is no fun if we don’t have one of the best poker table tops or even poker chips for that matter. It is not possible to play poker every day in a casino. Casinos are expensive and you need to travel, which costs money. But, with the right poker table tops, you will have a poker experience in your home similar to that of a casino.
Poker table tops are not expensive and they are portable as well. You can fold and keep it aside once you finish playing poker. You can instantly convert your dining or any other table into a poker table. With the right table tops, you’ll be able to host plenty of poker games in your home.

Homcom Deluxe Foldable Poker Card Game Tabletop

8 PLAYER POKER TABLE: With a traditional green felt surface, this poker table is ideal for gathering friends and family for the card or board games.
Individual built-in poker chip trays and drink containers make the games more enjoyable and comfortable for all eight players. A great recreational facility for playing a variety of card games with family and friends, such as Blackjack and Texas Holdem.
The poker table top is made of sturdy MDF board and high-quality green lint felt for an unrivaled casino experience. Reliable and long-lasting, the poker table top may suit different desktop or plate places.
An updated version of the classic model, this poker tabletop has a four-fold design, making it simple to transport and store in the closet or trunk. The package includes a carry bag. 48"L x 48"W x 0.6"H overall, 23.6"L x 23.6"W x 2.36"H folded.

Giantex Folding Poker Table Top

This table top's three-fold design makes it simple to use and store. When you need it, you can unfold it, and when you're done using it, it won't take up much space in your room.
It's a highly cost-effective solution. Large Play TopThe large play top has a large capacity for individuals, allowing up to 8 people to play at once. You may invite a large number of pals over to play with you.
It has the potential to make the celebration more enjoyable for everyone. This tabletop does not need any assembly; you can just unfold it and place it on the floor to use it.
You also don't have to be concerned about the location; you may have fun anywhere you choose. Portable Carry One bag with a handle is provided, and the item's weight is not excessive.
The table may be packed in a bag, making it extremely portable to transport and move. In each play area, there are five pre-drilled slots and one card position. There is enough space in the center for poker cards to be placed and for each participant to simply take a card.

6 Best Shapes Of Poker Table Tops

The various poker table shapes each have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. Let's take a look at each one separately.

I Bought a Poker Table! | The Nightly Grind Poker Vlog


The most common form of a home game without a dedicated dealer is an oval poker table. They may be seen in card rooms and casinos on rare occasions, but they are extremely prevalent at mid-range consumer tables.
If you're rotating the dealer, however, the players at the far ends have gotten the short end of the stick since they'll have to transmit the cards a great distance! However, if the playing surface is speed fabric, the cards will move much more easily than they would on plain felt.


Heads-up poker tables are for those who want to put their poker skills to the ultimate test: one on one. Competitive heads-up tournaments utilize professional heads-up tables with adequate space for a dealer, although table tops are also available for home use. Of course, you may play heads-up poker at any poker table, but if you do so often (either by choice or necessity), this is a good alternative to consider.


By replacing the curves with eight flat edges, octagonal poker tables address the inefficiency issue of round tables. That should bring the total number of players to eight, which isn't quite a complete ring, but close enough for informal home games. Many individuals, however, find octagonal tables to be too small, particularly if the sides aren't long enough.
For six-max games, octagonal tables are generally preferable to eight-player tables. For the same edge-length, they do take up more room than square or oval tables. If your poker table will be used for many purposes, its form is much superior to the conventional long table for board games. Similarly, if you play self-dealt poker.


The most popular poker table in casinos and card rooms is the kidney-shaped poker table, often known as the scallop or cut-out form. It's an oval table with a tiny portion carved out for the dealer's station on one side.
The dealer's station will often have a chip rack but no rail, so you won't be able to utilize it as a player unless you're desperate. If you don't have a permanent dealer and require extra room, an oval table is a better choice.


Although rectangular poker tables are uncommon, most basic card tables, as well as many dining tables, are square or rectangular. As a result, they're a popular form for home poker games. The advantage of this form is that it is fast and simple to produce, making it less expensive.
If you utilize a poker mat or table topper to reuse your current dining table for your home game, you'll also be playing on a rectangular table! The disadvantage of rectangular tables over oval tables is that players can not sit at the table's corners as they can with an oval table.


For smaller home games, round poker tables are the best option. Everyone has become closer, and dealing with the ends is no longer an issue since there are none! In addition, the round table takes up much less room than the oval table. Round tables, on the other hand, maybe uncomfortable for certain individuals.
With a greater area-to-edge ratio than octagonal tables, they utilize the space somewhat less effectively, leaving less space around the edge for the same amount of space they take up in the room.
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