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Play Date Movie Wiki, Cast And Storyline

"Play Date Movie," also referred to as "Play Date Movie Wiki," is an engaging horror film that captivates audiences with its delightful storyline and memorable characters.

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"Playdate" is an intense psychological thriller that takes audiences on a gripping journey filled with mystery, suspense, and unexpected twists. Directed by Andrew C. Erin, Written by Kraig Wenman, and released in 2012, the film garnered attention for its compelling storyline and captivating performances. Let's delve into the plot, explore the central characters, and discover thePlay Date movie wiki. Why "Playdate" remains a must-watch for thriller enthusiasts.

Play Date Movie Wiki And Plot Overview

In the quiet suburban neighborhood of Willowbrook, the Johnsons, a seemingly perfect family, reside. Mark and Emily Johnson are loving parents to their five-year-old daughter, Sophie. Their idyllic life takes an unexpected turn when Emily decides to arrange a playdate for Sophie through an online service.
Emily connects with Lisa and David, parents to a boy named Tommy, who is the same age as Sophie. The playdate is set for a sunny Saturday morning in the Johnsons' backyard. At first, everything seems to go well as the children play together while their parents engage in conversation.
However, as the day progresses, Emily notices something peculiar about Tommy. He becomes increasingly possessive of Sophie, refusing to let go of her hand. His behavior becomes more unsettling as the hours pass, and it becomes evident that something is wrong with Tommy.
When Emily suggests ending the playdate, Tommy throws a tantrum and refuses to leave, causing a tense and uncomfortable scene. Finally, Lisa and David manage to pry their son away from Sophie, apologizing for his behavior before quickly leaving.
The Johnsons are left shaken and concerned about Tommy's disturbing attachment and behavior. As days turn into weeks, Sophie begins to have nightmares about Tommy, prompting her parents to investigate further. They discover that Lisa and David have a dark history of unsettling incidents associated with Tommy, leading to their eviction from their previous home.
Determined to protect their daughter, Emily and Mark seek legal counsel and attempt to obtain a restraining order against Lisa, David, and Tommy. However, as they delve deeper into the family's disturbing past, they uncover shocking secrets and a chilling truth that puts their own lives in danger. As the Johnsons fight to protect their family, they are drawn into an evil force that threatens to unravel their lives in ways they could never have imagined.

Play Date Movie Director Andrew C. Erin

Born on May 29, 1973, in the picturesque city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Andrew C. Erin has emerged as a multifaceted talent in the world of filmmaking. As a producer and writer, he has made a significant impact on the industry, known for his contributions to notable films such as "Simple Things" (2007), "Havenhurst" (2016), and "From Darkness" (2011).
Andrew's journey in the film industry is a testament to his unwavering passion for storytelling and cinematic excellence. His works reflect a deep understanding of human emotions and a commitment to exploring various genres, captivating audiences with his creative vision.
In "Simple Things" (2007), Andrew C. Erin takes viewers on a poignant journey through the complexities of life and love. This film beautifully portrays the profound impact of seemingly ordinary moments on our happiness and relationships. With a keen eye for detail, Andrew crafts a narrative that reminds us of the importance of cherishing life's simple pleasures.
"Havenhurst" (2016) represents another facet of Andrew's talent, as he ventures into the realm of horror and suspense. In this film, he masterfully builds an atmosphere of dread and intrigue, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats. "Havenhurst" showcases his ability to delve into the darker aspects of storytelling while maintaining a captivating and suspenseful narrative.
"From Darkness" (2011) further demonstrates Andrew C. Erin's versatility as a filmmaker. This project allows him to explore the depths of human psychology and the haunting effects of trauma. Through intricate storytelling and compelling characters, he unveils a gripping narrative that leaves a lasting impact on the audience.
Andrew's dedication to his craft is evident not only in the quality of his work but also in his enduring commitment to the art of filmmaking. His contributions to cinema continue to captivate and resonate with viewers around the world, making him a respected and influential figure in the industry.
As a filmmaker, producer, and writer, Andrew C. Erin's work serves as a testament to the power of storytelling to evoke emotions, provoke thought, and transport audiences to different worlds. His creative vision and dedication to the craft continue to inspire aspiring filmmakers and entertain audiences worldwide.

Play Date Movie 2012 Cast

Marguerite Moreau As Emily Valentine

American actress Marguerite C. Moreau was born on April 25, 1977. She has starred in many films in The Mighty Ducks franchise and is best remembered for her performance as Katie in the cult classic comedy Wet Hot American Summer. In addition to those shows, she has guest-starred on the critically acclaimed shows Smallville, Lost, Cupid, and The O.C.

Richard Ruccolo As Brian Valentine

On March 2, 1972, Richard Robert Ruccolo was born in Marlton, New Jersey. After being cast as Will Parker in his high school's production of "Oklahoma!" he realized he had a passion for acting. He moved to Hollywood, California, after finishing high school, sleeping on a friend's couch until he got an acting job. After appearing in supporting parts on shows like Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990), and The X-Files (1993), he had his big break as Pete Dunville in the 1998 comedy Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place. In addition to his appearances in films like All Over the Guy (2001), The One (2003), and Anacardium (2001), he has moved out of the Los Angeles area and is now a resident in the suburbs.

Abby Brammell As Tamara Moor

Abby Brammell was born on 19 March 1979, in Kentucky, USA. She has appeared in films including "Jobs" (2013), "The Unit" (2006), and "Fastlane" (2002). Married to Stefan Bishop since January 22, 2010, they have two children. In all, they're parents to one youngster. She had been married once before to Jake La Botz.

Darren Goldstein As Detective Iommi

On August 27, 1974, Darren Goldstein was born on Long Island, New York. Both "The Affair" (2014) and "Ozark" (2017) included him as an actor. On August 16, 2010, he wed Katie Finneran.

Natalie Alyn Lind As Olive Valentine

Natalie Alyn Lind, the eldest of the three Lind sisters, all actors, grew raised in showbiz. Her mother, an actress, appeared in films and TV shows, including "One Tree Hill". Natalie appeared as a guest on the same drama with her mom at age 4. She commuted between the series' North Carolina setting and her California home as a child. Her father produces in LA. Natalie started booking guest star roles on Lifetime's "Army Wives", Nickelodeon's "iCarly", CBS's "Flashpoint", Disney's "Wizards of Waverly Place", CBS's "Criminal Minds", and Lifetime's "Playdate" when her family moved to LA permanently. Natalie has improved as an actor, appearing in TNT's "Murder In The First", ABC's "The Goldbergs", and Fox's "Gotham". Natalie returns to "The Goldbergs" as 'Dana Caldwell' in its third season. For a Batman fan, portraying Silver St. Cloud on Fox's gritty criminal thriller "Gotham" is a dream role. Working on Gotham allows you to see New York's greatest sights and settings. Natalie has numerous future projects, including Universal's horror picture "Mockingbird". Natalie hikes with her dog Georgie and writes screenplays despite her hectic bicoastal acting career. Natalie and her family support the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses. Natalie, a surfer, works with Conserve the Bay Foundation and the Mermaid Project to conserve beaches.

Play Date Movie Wiki - FAQs

Who Is The Writer Of Play Date Movie 2012?

Kraig Wenman is the writer of Play Date movie 2012.

Who Is The Director Of Play Date Movie 2012?

Andrew C. Erin is the director of Play Date movie 2012.

Who Perform The Role Of Emily In Play Date Movie 2012?

Marguerite Moreau, the role of Emily in Play Date movie.


Play Date movie wiki - "Playdate" is a suspenseful and harrowing thriller that explores the dark side of suburban life and the terrifying secrets that lie hidden behind seemingly ordinary appearances.
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