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The Difference Between Plain Jane CBD And Others


The mission Plain Jane CBD has set out to do is to make CBD hemp flower products more accessible and affordable to the general public. Over 75,000 customers are now distributed across almost the entire United States. The goal is to provide customers with the best CBD flower at the most affordable prices.

Plain Jane is located in Southern Oregon and is licensed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. The CBD flowers are all sourced from small family farms in the United States. Some of the things available include CBD flower, CBG flower, CBD smokes, and CBD joints. More than 20 hemp strains are used to source the highest quality outdoor, greenhouse, and interior flowers.

Plain Jane CBD was the first to create a CBD cigarette with a low odor. They used a water curing procedure to remove the typical cannabis aromas, and the flavor comes from the cigarette paper. This gives hemp cigarettes a familiar flavor while removing all tobacco and nicotine. They also offer a full-flavor hemp smoke with a high concentration of hemp terpenes.

Almost every product on offer has earned rave reviews, praising the product's quality as well as the brand's professionalism.

Plain Jane is one of the most well-known and well-respected CBD products on the market, and it's a great option for most CBD consumers, especially those searching for higher-quality options that aren't too expensive. Plain Jane is a modern and evolving brand with reasonable pricing, environmentally friendly farming, and a strong social media presence, among other things.

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All About Plain Jane CBD Hemp Flower

A blue sealed container of Plain Jane CBD's Moon Rocks with the cover beside it
A blue sealed container of Plain Jane CBD's Moon Rocks with the cover beside it

One of the first things you'll notice about Plain Jane's hemp flower is the package it comes in.

Plain Jane's hemp comes in a clean, compact container with product information sealed in a box.

All of the relevant legal information is printed on the outside of the package, including a QR code that leads to the product's lab information.

This data, also known as a certificate of analysis, specifies the amount of CBD in your flower and is crucial for both personal and legal reasons.

Depending on the strain, you'll find rich, colorful buds with a variety of pleasant fragrances when you open the package.

Plain Jane's CBD flower is available in a range of indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse strains, with sizes ranging from 3.5 grams to a pound (454 grams).

The different products offered by Plain Jane CBD lined up
The different products offered by Plain Jane CBD lined up

The Quality Of Plain Jane CBD's Hemp Flower

Plain Jane, as previously said, offers CBD hemp flower varieties for indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse use. The method of cultivation determines the quality of the flower you select.


Outdoor-grown flowers are occasionally of the lowest quality for the reasons indicated above, despite the fact that they appear to be the most "natural" option.


CBD flower types are frequently seen in the center of greenhouses. They're protected from the bulk of factors that can diminish quality (pests, weather, etc. ), but without the precision that indoor growth facilities can provide, they're still prone to damage.


Flowers grown indoors are usually the greatest in terms of quality. This is because when flowers are cultivated indoors, the risk of flower damage or degeneration due to exposure to the outdoors and natural changes in the environment is eliminated (temperature, humidity, et cetera).

Plain Jane has gone to great lengths to ensure that the flower you purchase is of the highest quality possible, regardless of the type of flower you select.

All of the brand's flowers are sent to Kaycha Labs, a third-party testing firm, to ensure purity and overall quality.

In Conclusion

They have a unique menu with extremely low prices, and the flowers you buy will almost probably be of higher quality than usual (depending on which type you choose).

Plain Jane's products are ideal for the average CBD consumer who isn't concerned with immaculate quality but still wants a product that is worth their money.

If you must purchase a Plain Jane product, opt for an indoor strain; you'll likely obtain a much higher-quality, though still affordable, product.

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