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Top Facts About Pink Sparkles's Relationship With Asmongold


Samantha Tomlensen, alias Pink Sparkles, is a Twitch Steamer, Instagram Star, Gamer, and Internet Star who was born on May 17, 1990. She is well-known for live streaming games such as Fortnite, World of Warcraft, and League of Legends. She was born in the country of Canada. Stacey is her mother's name, and she looks up to her father, whose identity has yet to be revealed. She is a dedicated athlete who likes basketball, volleyball, and badminton.

Pink Sparkles Is The Girlfriend Of Asmongold

Pink Sparkles and Asmongold streaming together on Twitch
Pink Sparkles and Asmongold streaming together on Twitch

After a long time of streaming together on Twitch. Fans constantly disputed Asmongold and his girlfriend Pink Sparkles' relationship status, but for a long time, the world remained unaware of their relationship status until Asmongold's girlfriend Pink Sparkles announced their relationship in a live broadcast. She clarified that her relationship with Asmongold isn't a joke, and that they've been dating for a long.

Pink Sparkles And Asmongold

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Pink Sparkles holding a koala stuff toy and Asmongold behind her
Pink Sparkles holding a koala stuff toy and Asmongold behind her

After announcing their romance in August 2018, Asmongold and Pink Sparkles stated that they are breaking up "for many reasons." Izzy "Pink Sparkles" G confirmed the break-up in a series of tweets as she returns to California. Izzy described why they opted to terminate their relationship after more than a year on Twitter. “I’ve been very unhappy in Austin for many reasons. It’s lead me into a pretty deep depression for a while, making it impossible for me to go live. So I’ve decided that it’s best for me to move back to Cali and work on myself.”

She goes on to say that being in Texas made her miserable, and she fell into a "pretty deep depression for a while," making it difficult for her to entertain her followers. She also mentioned that she hadn't streamed in about two months. She is currently relocating to California in order to "work on myself," and she has indicated that Asmongold is also struggling with personal issues.

“It’s been very difficult for us to enjoy our time together recently, while at the same time dealing with a lot of personal problems,” Izzy tweets. She also stated that continuing their connection is unjust. She did affirm, though, that the two will stay friends for the time being.

She leaves the audience guessing what will happen next, much like in a Hollywood rom-com. She went on to remark that the relationship is still hanging in the balance if it's ended for good. The time off and seclusion are for them to focus on themselves individually.

During the broadcast, Zack, also known as Asmongold, performed some research on the subject. The break-up occurred on December 16th, according to the World of Warcraft Classic broadcaster. He didn't allow this lead him to cancel his usual schedule, as a true professional streamer would. “I try to keep my personal life and my private life and drama off [of] my stream,” Zack explained.

Pink Sparkles has erased her series of tweets about the divorce that she wrote this morning for an unknown reason, while Asmon has tweeted that he is taking a sabbatical. There's no way of knowing how long Asmon will take. He defended himself by saying he's been inconsistent and "weird lately."

The WoW Classic streamer is getting a lot of love. The majority of Asmongold's admirers want him to take as much time as he needs. One admirer had something to say about the split. “Make a clean break and never look back. ‘Friends’ doesn’t work.” Fans have had mixed feelings since Izzy and Zack confirmed their romance. Izzy receives a steady stream of tweets alleging she wants Asmongold's money.

"Pretending you're interested in a balding ginger wow player, and not his clout and cash account," a fan said on a post Izzy reacted to, and Sparkles answered with a caustic tweet of her own: “do u not realize id be making a shit ton more money pretending to be single.” She also exclaims that Zack is taking her thrift shopping with a facepalm meme.

Pink Sparkles and Asmongold sitting on the couch at their backyard
Pink Sparkles and Asmongold sitting on the couch at their backyard

While she confessed that their relationship might not be gone for forever, it appears that the two are putting some space between themselves as Izzy returns to California — a situation that Asmongold highlighted on the same day during his broadcast. “We broke up this morning,” he confirmed during a game of WoW. “It’s a long story, I don’t want to get into it. I try to keep my personal life and my private life and drama off my stream. …It sucks, right? Etc, that’s the way it goes".

Despite the fact that the actual reason for their breakup is unknown, fans are expressing their condolences to both sides in the aftermath of the announcement, which marks the end of one of Twitch's more peculiar romances.

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