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Philip Sternberg - Celebrity Husband Of Catherine Reitman Who Served As President Of Candor Entertainment

Young American-Canadian media personality Philip Sternberg is a famous film director, actor, and producer. As Catherine Reitman's famous spouse, he became well-known as well.

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Young American-Canadian media personality Philip Sternbergis a famous film director, actor, and producer. As Catherine Reitman's famous spouse, he became well-known as well. He got his start in show business as an actor before going on to other roles like director and writer.
He led Candor Entertainment as its president for five years, during which time the production company's streak of triumphs, including the Dr. Drew–narrated feature documentary Divorce Corp, the OWN series Six Little McGhees, and the AXS series The Super, flourished under his watchful eye.
His work has been recognized with five nominations at the Canadian Screen Awards and one at the ACTRA Awards, while his wife, Catherine Reitman, has been nominated for the same number of awards. Six Little McGhees, Manswers, Farmer Wants a Wife, and Hot Guys Who Cook are just a few of the programs he produced.

Interesting Facts

NamePhilip Sternberg
Birth DateApril 10, 1978
ProfessionProducer, Director and Actor
Net Worth$1.5 Million
WifeCatherine Reitman

Philip Sternberg Married Catherine Reitman

Catherine Reitman, an actress, is Philip Sternberg's wife. They initially crossed paths during an audition for Reitman in 2007. After that, they started going out on dates. They had been dating for two years before getting married in August of 2009.
They've been together for nine years, and they're happier than ever. Catherine posted a cute photo of the pair on Instagram with the message, "I've been blissfully married to the guy who gave me this gorgeous nose for the last 12 years in honor of our 12th wedding anniversary." I pray that you grow and learn to accept me as I am, warts and all.
Jackson Sternberg was born in 2013 and Liam Sternberg was born in 2016; both are the children of Sternberg and his wife, Reitman. The actor seems to have found happiness with his family of four. In addition, the couple has been co-starring in the comedy series Workin' Moms since 2017.

Philip Sternberg Career Path

Philip Sternberg has made his mark in the entertainment industry as a producer, director, and actor. For five years, he led Candor Entertainment as its president. He was in charge of the company's continuous success there.
Among them are the OWN series Six Little McGhees and the AXS original movie The Super, both of which contain narration by Dr. Drew. Along the same lines, he has created pilots for television networks such as Vh1, History Channel, Spike TV, and Showtime.
The producer has also collaborated on other online shows for platforms including Hulu, Revision 3, and Discovery Channel. He and his wife Catherine Reitman established Wolf & Rabbit Entertainment ULC. in 2016. It was for CBC's WORKIN' MOMS, a half-hour, single-camera comedy.
A recent International Emmy Award nomination included this. This series also debuted on January 10, 2017. At the International Emmys, Philip Sternberg posed for a portrait with the WORKIN' MOMS cast. Origin: Instagram
Additionally, he serves as an executive producer on the hit show WORKIN' MOMS. He did it by directing many episodes throughout seasons two and three. He co-stars in the show with his wife, Catherine Reitman. Nathan Foster was his on-screen persona, and he and his real-life wife doubled as an on-screen couple.

Chat w Stars Catherine Reitman & Phillip Sternberg at 2017 CSA

People Also Ask

Who Is Philip Sternberg?

American-Canadian Philip Sternberg has a young, attractive appearance. The director, producer, and actor Philip Sternberg is a household name. As the famous wife of Catherine Reitman, he gained widespread recognition.

What Was Philip Sternberg In?

Workin' Moms (2017), Divorce Corp. (2014), and The Super (2011) are some of Philip Sternberg's most well-known works.

What Is The Age Of Philip Sternberg?

Philip is 44 years old in 2022, having entered the world in 1978.

Final Words

Beginning his acting career in 2001's City Guys, Philip Sternberg has been a part of the entertainment industry ever since. Soon after, he found work on the cast of Firefly. When asked about his salary, Sternberg has kept silent. However, he earns a six-figure salary for his work as a TV actor and director.
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