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Star-Studded Pharrell Williams Louis Vuitton Debut - The Start Of A New Era

Pharrell Williams Louis Vuitton debut as the creative head for men's fashion at the famous French fashion house was nothing short of spectacular. It was the start of a new era for the French fashion house.

Tyrese Griffin
Jun 22, 202325742 Shares378558 Views
Pharrell Williams Louis Vuitton debut as the creative head for men's fashion at the famous French fashion house was nothing short of spectacular. It was the start of a new era for the French fashion house.
The beautiful place for this fashion show was the famous Pont Neuf in Paris. The historic bridge, which is usually made of stone that has been worn down over time, was turned into a golden runway, a dramatic stage set against the sparkling Seine and the starry Parisian sky.

Pharrell Williams Louis Vuitton Debut

Pharrell presents his first collection for Louis Vuitton

Pharrell Williams is the best person to take over for Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton. This was clear when the latter made his appearance as creative director of menswear for the French fashion brand at Paris Fashion Week.
After the death of Vuitton's creative director, Virgil Abloh, in November 2021, many names were mentioned in the news as possible candidates to take over. Abloh had changed the way people thought about luxury fashion, bringing thousands of teenage boys with him. The brand is the crown jewel of the LVMH company. It brought in a record 20 billion euros (about $22 billion) in sales last year.
Nicolas Ghesquière, who is in charge of the women's line, is in charge of most of the sales, but the men's line has a big impact on pop culture. Williams wasn't thought to be a candidate, and even though he had worked with Chanel for a long time and started the streetwear label Icecream in 2003, his appointment was met with mixed feelings because it meant that a celebrity, no matter how much people liked his style, was joining the exclusive world of fashion designer.
Pharrell showed off the Louis Vuitton Men's Spring/summer 2024 line with a choir, a concert, and a lot of famous people. Jay-Z was there because he was headlining the event, and so was his wife Beyoncé, who had found time between her Renaissance World Tour dates to see the show.
Rihanna was also there, and she was pregnant when she was in Pharrell's first Louis Vuitton ad. Zendaya, who is an ambassador for Louis Vuitton, was there, as were artists Takashi Murakami and Kaws, Kenzo designer Nigo, F1 stars Lewis Hamilton and Pierre Gasly, Korean actor Song Joong Ki, Asian celebrities JJ Lin and Jackson Wang, and, oh, Kim Kardashian.
The show started on the Pont Neuf, in the heart of Paris, with a model walking through a live orchestra while wearing a boxy, neutral-colored suit jacket and fitted shorts. The look was simple and set the tone for the rest of the show, which had clothes that got more and more complicated but were still wearable.
There were both tight-fitting and loose-fitting clothes. Pearls, which are very Pharrell, stood in contrast to the chains. The collection was mostly about reimagining the house's famous Damier print, which Williams alluded to in talks before the show and in his first Louis Vuitton ad campaign with Rihanna, which came out last Thursday.
At the end of the show, Pharrell pumped up the crowd on the bridge with a gospel song. On the runway, there were posh suits and coats with brooches, pearl accents, and embroidery of the brand's name and a flower pattern.
The collection also focused on bags, in addition to the Mary Janes, soft shoes, and weird sunglasses. The ones made of leather instead of cloth and in different colors were the ones that stood out. Williams finished the show in a happy way by running down the runway to take his bow while wearing Damoflage from head to toe. He brought out the whole Louis Vuitton design team to celebrate with him.
But even though he isn't a skilled fashion designer, the 13-time Grammy winner has been influencing music and fashion for more than 20 years. Williams has tried his hand at design before. In 2003, he worked with Marc Jacobs, who was running Louis Vuitton at the time, and Japanese designer Nigo to make a pair of sunglasses that became one of the brand's best sellers. After that, he worked with Moncler, Moynat, Adidas, and Chanel for a long time. He even made a capsule collection with Chanel's late creative head Karl Lagerfeld.


After being named the new creative head for menswear at Louis Vuitton, Pharrell Williams finally showed his first collection for the French house. The collection was shown at the Pont Neuf bridge in Paris. It was the music superstar's idea for spring-summer 2024, and it focused on the brand's design codes, styles that blur gender lines, and history with handbags.
The brand's signature Damier check was used to cover the Pont Neuf. As classical music played, pieces with patchwork prints made of tiny squares walked down the runway. The 50-year-old hitmaker is known for his unusual style, which was reflected in his collection by guys wearing Mary Jane shoes and skirts. A lot of Louis Vuitton luggage was also brought to the runway on karts.
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