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Snapchat Score Supremacy - Uncover The Person With The Highest Snap Score

The REAL King (or Queen) of Snapchat has been crowned! Meet the person with the highest snap score and their journey to the top. This is a must-read for any Snapchat enthusiast who wants to up their game.

Elisa Mueller
Jan 25, 2024111 Shares15880 Views
Snapchat stands out as a highly popular social media platform for good reasons. It serves as an excellent means of staying connected with your social circle, allowing the exchange of concise messages. Those who frequently engage with the app and its functionalities can quickly accumulate a substantial snap score. Have you ever wondered who the person with the highest snap scoreis?
Snapchat is well-known for experimenting with various ideas, but the notion of attaining the highest snap score is particularly innovative and adds an element of excitement to the app's offerings. Are you aware of who currently holds the record for the highest snap score ever? If so, who is the current record holder? Achieving a high snap score is contingent on the frequency of your snap exchanges and the platform's notifications regarding your activity.

What Exactly Is A Snap Score

Snapchat app on a phone, showing a user's profile
Snapchat app on a phone, showing a user's profile
The Snapchat score serves as a mechanism for monitoring your activities within the app. In essence, it reflects the total count of photos you've shared with your friends through the platform. Nevertheless, the precise criteria employed by Snapchat's algorithm to calculate your snap score remain unknown. Beyond just photo exchanges, the app takes into account additional factors, such as the number of stories you've posted and the size of your friend list.

How Snapchat Calculates Snap Score

Snapchat, a prominent social media platform, has established rules for determining Snap Scores.
For a fundamental understanding, consider the following key points:
  • Sending or receiving a snap grants you a point, and the same applies to videos, with 1 point per 10 seconds.
  • Group snaps yield points for each participant, and an extra point is earned for sending a new snap in a group.
  • Repeatedly sending the same snap individually does not accrue additional points.
  • Posting a storyresults in earning a point, but watching others' stories does not contribute to your score. More viewers of your snap story translate to more points.
  • After a period of inactivity, the first snap sent is worth 5 points.
  • Sending snaps to celebrities can boost your score, even if they are rarely opened.
  • Snap points cannot be purchased directly, although some third-party services claim to enhance your snap score for a fee, making the scores unreliable.
  • Snap scores are immune to decline, remaining constant even during periods of platform inactivity.
  • Transferring or gifting snap scores to another user or account is not supported by Snapchat's system.
 Snapchat profile with a username and snap score.
Snapchat profile with a username and snap score.
To find your Snap score, navigate to the main screen of the Snapchat app, where your profile picture is displayed. Your personal Snapchat score, situated beneath your username, reflects your activity level. The number is indicative of how frequently you engage with the app. A lower score suggests infrequent interaction with others through Snaps.
Follow these steps to find your Snap score:
  • On the top left of the screen,
  • Click on the Bitmoji icon.
  • Your profile will be displayed.
  • You can view both your username and Snap score.
  • That's it; you've completed the process.

Person With The Highest Snap Score

Snapchat logo
Snapchat logo

Who Has The Most Snap Score

Mustbecris currently boasts the highest Snap scoreglobally, exceeding 320 million. Achieving such a score requires sending and receiving over 1,000,000 snaps daily. To attain success in this endeavor, it's crucial to add numerous friends and consistently exchange snaps with them.
Here are the Snap scores of some notable users:

Mustbecris (322 Million)

Mustbecris, also known as Chris, has earned the title of the Snapchat king, boasting the highest recorded snap score as of 2023, exceeding 322 million. An early adopter of Snapchat, Chris is celebrated for his unwavering commitment and innovative use of the platform. Regularly sharing glimpses of his daily life, engaging with friends, and participating in app games, Mustbecris has become a celebrity within the Snapchat community. Despite his extraordinary snap score, Chris remains down-to-earth, using Snapchat primarily to stay connected with friends and family.

Dion-19 (239 Million)

Dion-19stands out as another high-achiever on Snapchat, boasting an impressive snap score of over 239 million as of 2023. Renowned for his love for the app and consistent snap activity, Dion-19 enhances his snaps with creative filters and lenses. Actively engaging with friends through games and sharing his experiences, Dion-19 also explores the real-time interactions offered by Snapchat's map feature. His substantial snap score reflects a deep commitment to maintaining connections through Snapchat.

Cris-this Guy (134 Million)

Cris-this guy secures a noteworthy spot with a snap score surpassing 134 million in 2023. Recognized for his imaginative use of filters and lenses, Cris-this guy adds entertainment value to his snaps. Regularly utilizing Snapchat's chat feature for interactions with friends, he also embraces app games to challenge and boost his snap score. His commitment to using Snapchat as a dynamic and interactive medium for connecting with friends and family is evident in his high snap score.

Michae86l (31.2 Million)

Michae86l, or Michael, has achieved a commendable snap score of 31.2 million by consistently sharing snaps with friends as of 2023. Known for his dedication and creative use of filters, Michael actively participates in Snapchat games, contributing to his high score. His commitment to the app reflects a genuine desire to share his life with friends and followers.

Ciqlo (28 Million)

Ciqlo has earned a place among the top Snapchat users with an impressive snap score of 28 million as of 2023. Following a strategy similar to other high-ranking users, Ciqlo frequently sends snaps, employs creative filters, and engages in Snapchat games. Notably, Ciqlo is recognized for snapping with celebrities, adding to the factors contributing to his elevated snap score. His creativity and dedication have positioned him prominently in the Snapchat community.

Gpierson_20 (22 Million+)

Gpierson_20, or Garrett, has secured a snap score exceeding 22 million as of 2023. Known for his humor and creativity, Garrett utilizes filters and lenses uniquely, contributing to engaging content. Actively participating in Snapchat games and interacting with celebrities, Garrett has established himself among the top Snapchat users globally through his dynamic and entertaining approach to the platform.

Daydrunks (23 Million)

Daydrunks, with a snap score of 23 million as of 2023, is recognized for her unique and entertaining snaps showcasing moments of fun and enjoyment. Creatively using filters and lenses, Daydrunks actively engages in Snapchat games and has been known to snap with celebrities, contributing to her elevated snap score. Her ability to create engaging content has earned her a place among the highest snap scores globally.

Noah Rittle (15.6 Million)

Noah Rittle boasts a snap score of 15.6 million as of 2023, known for his frequent snapping and creative use of filters and lenses. Regularly interacting with friends on the platform, Noah uses Snapchat as a means to document his daily life and share his sense of humor with his audience.

Jade_rush1 (13.8 Million)

Jade_rush1 secures a position among the top 10 highest snap scores globally with a score of 13.8 million as of 2023. Recognized for her use of special event-related filters and lenses, Jade_rush1 frequently engages in snapping with friends and followers. Her keen eye for capturing interesting moments and willingness to explore new features on the app contribute to her notable snap score.

Dailybrayden123 (10.2 Million)

Dailybrayden123 concludes the top 10 highest snap scores globally with a score of 10.2 million as of 2023. Known for his dedicated use of the app, Dailybrayden123 frequently snaps throughout the day and actively interacts with friends on the platform. His creative use of Snapchat's filters and lenses, coupled with playful and engaging snaps, has earned him recognition among the highest snap scores worldwide.

Is A Snap Score Of 1000 Considered Good

If your snap score falls within the range of 1,000 to 50,000, it indicates that you use Snapchat moderately. Chances are, your main objective is communicating with friends, exploring interesting content, and not necessarily engaging in streaks or frequent snap exchanges. Your score suggests a balanced and intentional approach to using the platform.

Effective Ways To Boost Your Snap Score

A person using snapchat on a tablet.
A person using snapchat on a tablet.
Increasing your Snap Score can be achieved through straightforward actions such as sending and opening snaps. It's important to note that texting on Snapchat doesn't contribute to your score. Another method to elevate your Snap Score is by posting snaps to your story, with the caveat that you only earn a point if you view a story. By actively engaging in these activities, you can enhance your overall Snap Score over time.

Snap Like A Boss

  • Group Snaps FTW -Sending snaps to multiple recipients at once is a sneaky way to rack up points efficiently. Bonus points if you get everyone engaged with a fun filter or caption!
  • Streaks are your friends -Maintain daily snap streaks with your closest circle – those consecutive days of back-and-forth snapping add significant points to your score.
  • Frequency is key -The more snaps you send and receive, the faster your score climbs. Aim for a steady stream of snaps throughout the day, focusing on quick updates and playful interactions with your friends.

Embrace The Creative

  • Interactive Play -Use Snapchat's interactive features like quizzes, polls, and questions to boost engagement and score those sweet, sweet points.
  • Story Time -Sharing creative snaps to your story not only entertains your followers but also earns you points for every view and interaction. Get creative with challenges, polls, or behind-the-scenes glimpses into your life.
  • Filter Frenzy -Don't just tap send on a plain snap! Experiment with Snapchat's ever-evolving filters, lenses, and effects to add personality and flair to your snaps.

Be A Savvy Snapper

  • Bonus Points -Keep an eye out for special bonus point opportunities! Snapchat often throws out bonus points for using specific features, participating in challenges, or even just opening the app on certain days.
  • Ghost Mode Master -Don't let your viewing habits go unnoticed! Watch your friends' stories and open snaps to send those points rolling in. Remember, what happens in Snapchat, stays in Snapchat (and your score).
  • Snap streaks on the go -Download the "Snapstreak Saver" app to avoid losing streaks even if you miss a day. Use it wisely, though – true snap score supremacy comes from genuine snapping, not app trickery!
While a high snap score is a fun way to track your Snapchat engagement, don't get lost in the numbers game. The true joy of Snapchat lies in connecting with friends, expressing yourself creatively, and having fun along the way. So snap, share, and enjoy the journey – your score will thank you for it!

Bonus Tip

Keep your Snapchat app updated! New features and challenges often come with bonus point opportunities, so staying ahead of the curve can give you a leg up in the snap score race.
With these tips and tricks, you'll be snapping your way to Snapchat score glory in no time. Just remember, the most important thing is to have fun and stay true to your snapping style!

Frequently Asked Questions - Person With The Highest Snap Score

Does Snapchat Score Pay?

Snapchat scores are a measure of your activity and engagement on the Snapchat platform. While they don't provide any direct benefits in terms of access to features or privileges, some users find it enjoyable to increase their Snapchat score and view it as a form of achievement or social interaction.

Can I Hide My Snap Score?

There isn't a way to hide your Snap score from friends. If you don't want strangers to see your score, make your Story and location only visible to your friends. Remove friends to prevent them from viewing your score.

What Is Average Snap Score?

A snap score between 1,000 – 50,000 is a good amount and shows that you're using Snapchat almost every day. A score of 50,000 – 200,000 is the average score on the app. Most users are between this range. If you're in the 200,000 – 400,000 range, then you can be pretty popular on the app.


The elusive "person with the highest snap score" remains a legend, a whisper in the digital wind. Their score, rumored to be a mind-bending 320 million, stands as a testament to the power of consistent snapping, strategic engagement, and perhaps a touch of phone-in-hand obsession.
But the real lesson here isn't about chasing a number; it's about the joy of connection, the thrill of creative expression, and the memories made through a million ephemeral moments. So grab your phone, open the app, and start snapping. Your own snap score journey awaits, and who knows, maybe you'll even leave your mark on the Snapiverse. Just remember, the real crown lies not in the highest number, but in the stories you tell and the connections you build along the way. Now, go forth and snap with purpose!
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