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Best Outdoor Air Hockey Table Designs


While air hockey is a fun game to play, it is typically played indoors in basements or gaming areas. Combining air hockey and the outdoors, on the other hand, can be an adventure in and of itself.

Some people may prefer to purchase an outdoor air hockey table for added durability if they are unable to store their table indoors or are concerned about drinks or liquid spillage.

This table should be robust and resistant to wind and water in order to withstand changing weather conditions and humidity levels.

Can Air Hockey Table Be Outside?

Although some inexpensive air hockey tables are not intended for outdoor use, there are some that are designed to be left outside in the rain. Thus, yes, an air hockey table can be placed outside if it is the proper type.

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Best Outdoor Air Hockey Table

PUCK Sphynx Air Hockey Table

A five-foot entirely black air hockey table
A five-foot entirely black air hockey table

This one-of-a-kind product may be the one for air hockey enthusiasts.

It is made of durable MDF and features graphic designs for the optimal experience. Additionally, this table is available in two finishes, one of which is entirely black and the other is a combination of black and brown.

Additionally, the white playing surface is accented with red detailing, creating an eye-catching contrast. This superior-quality five-foot table is the ideal size for engaging and entertaining friends and family.

Apart from being robust and sturdy, it is quite lightweight.

This table features a high-quality motor that ensures consistent airflow.

To ensure that no scores are missed, it includes electronic scoring and a slide scoring system. Additionally, it features leg levelers and a scratch-resistant playing surface for increased durability.

Additionally, it is simple to assemble with the assistance of a helper. Additionally, its sound effects add an element of interest to the game.

It includes premium pucks and strikers, as well as a carrying bag. Additionally, it provides complimentary shipping, prompt customer service, and an unlimited lifetime warranty.

WIK Skate Waterproof 8-Foot Air Hockey Table

A colorful, waterproof, and a unique sloping surface air hockey table
A colorful, waterproof, and a unique sloping surface air hockey table

The WIK Skate Table is colorful, waterproof, and features a unique sloping surface. It features a polycarbonate playing field and durable polycarbonate barriers on the sides.

The coin-operated table incorporates a drying system to combat outdoor humidity. The playing field is surrounded by an LED lighting system, and the remaining duration, credits, and scores are all tracked and displayed electronically.

This table, which includes a 260W air pump, four mallets, and six pucks, could be an excellent addition to any game room.

WIK Shark Waterproof Air Hockey Table

An air hockey table with waterproof table's barriers and top frame
An air hockey table with waterproof table's barriers and top frame

The WIK Shark Air Hockey Table is a stylish table that comes in two sizes – 6 feet and 8 feet. From its attractive illuminated legs and playing field to its powerful air pump and coin-operated switch, this table has everything a gaming room could want.

The waterproof table's barriers and top frame are made of polycarbonate, and it includes a digital display for scores, credits, and duration. You can upload tunes, comments, and signals using the high-tech software.

Four mallets and six pucks are included with the table, which allows for hours of enjoyable air hockey games.

Sport Squad HX40

A good-sized air hockey table with blue sides
A good-sized air hockey table with blue sides

If you're looking for a good-sized air hockey table that's also a lot of fun, you might want to consider this model because it's not too large but also more substantial than other tabletop air hockey models.

Additionally, it is a popular model because it is suitable for all ages. Additionally, it features fast-paced action.

It is powered by an AC-12V motor and adapter that deliver consistent, high-quality power.

Additionally, it includes a small but powerful and silent electric fan that generates no noise while playing.

Its fantastic and continuous airflow enhances your slapshots by creating a frictionless and smooth playing surface.

Additionally, it features two puck return trays on each side and two plastic manual sliding scorers for scoring. This compact and portable design weighs fourteen pounds and includes two plastic pucks and strikers.

Surprisingly, the pushers are inexpensively constructed but are simple to use and lightweight.

Additionally, it features non-marking rubber pads, allowing it to be easily placed on any even or flat surface.

All that is required is the attachment of two goal boxes. You are now prepared to play. It takes less than five minutes.

In terms of disadvantages, it lacks an on/off switch. It will power on immediately upon plugging in the charger. Due to its short length, it can be a little challenging for adults to play.

However, if you're looking for a reasonably priced and compact air hockey table, this may be the one for you.


In general, these outdoor tables are an excellent choice for indoor gaming rooms or locations prone to moisture or spillage. Their lighting and sound effects, combined with their standard sizes, can ensure that everyone has a good time playing air hockey.

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