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Optus Webmail.Com.Au-Sign Up For A Free Email Account In Australia


In Australia, Optus is one of the country's best-known telecommunications companies. It serves more than 10 million people every day with mobile phones, internet service, satellite TV and entertainment, and a webmail service called Optus.

Their mobile network covers 98.5 percent of the Australian population, and they are committed to developing innovative technologies that will connect more Australians to friends, families, and businesses. Customers may pick from a variety of pre-paid and post-paid mobile plans to meet their data and pricing demands for themselves and their families.

Optus is more than simply a telecommunications company; it also offers premium entertainment and sports content on a variety of platforms. You can catch up on the latest TV episodes and movies, get closer to the games and players you love with Optus Sport, or be the first with tunes on your favorite streaming service and gain backstage access to artists with Optus Music, whether you're at home or on the move. Today, we'll be talking about their webmail service, which is called "Optus webmail.com.au." Let us discuss this service.

What Is Optus Webmail.Com.Au

Optus webmail enables you to quickly access your e-mail from any computer or other device that has an Internet connection and a browser. Webmail gives you access to your Optus e-mail account and allows you to send, receive, forward, store, and delete messages. Support for Optus Webmail in Australia If you have a query or need assistance with your Optus webmail service, phone 1800 780 219 during business hours.

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Optus Password Recovery, Optus Hacked Account, Account Help, and other concerns are handled by their expert staff. Their staff of highly skilled people is available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure that you get hassle-free, functional, and effective services.

Screenshot of the login page to Optus Webmail.Com.Au webpage
Screenshot of the login page to Optus Webmail.Com.Au webpage

Optus Webmail.Com.Au Account

For all Australian citizens, setting up a new Optus Webmail account is simple and straightforward. If you live outside of Australia, you'll need a VPN connection to create your own Optus email account.

  • Go to webmail.optusnet.com.au and click on "My Account" in the upper right corner.
  • Type in the e-mail address that you used to sign up.
  • To continue, enter your correct date of birth and choose "Next."
  • Complete your Optus registration by entering your personal information and following the prompts.

Optus Webmail.Com.Au Login

The login process to your account is very simple. Users can access their emails from anywhere in the world. No matter, how far they are from their home. They just need a Computer/Laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet with a stable internet connection and they are good to go.

  • Open the webpage for the webmail.
  • Fill in your email address and password.
  • In the box, type the security code that is shown in the box.
  • Then press the "LOG IN" button and you are all set to check or send your email.

If you don't want to use a browser to access your webmail, You can use Outlook or Apple Mail as an alternative. Different settings are required for these programs. The IMAP, POP3, and outbound SMTP settings may be found on the website, or you can contact their technical staff.

Optus Webmail.Com.Au Secure

Your email box is a secure location where you may save all of your correspondence. You don't want your emails containing personal information to be seen by others. You will utilize public WiFi networks to check your email and even browse the internet when traveling inside or outside your country.

When you connect to a public hotspot, you are not using a secure connection to the internet. The owner of the public hotspot can see everything you do (browsing, emailing, etc.). This is not what you want! The solution to this problem is a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN allows you to create a secure internet connection. Everything you do will be concealed as a result of this.

Optus Webmail Email Forwarding

Optus Webmail walk you through how to write or create a message in your Optus email account and send it to your contact swiftly.

  • In your web browser, go to webmail.optusnet.com.au.
  • Click the "Login" option and enter your Optus email account and password.
  • Select "Compose" from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill in the recipient's email address.
  • Make a topic for your e-mail.
  • Type the body of the email or the information you want to send. It's also possible to add attachments like documents and other files.

Can I Keep My Optus Email Address If I Change Providers?

With the exception of Optus, most providers will enable you to keep your email address after switching ISPs. This is usually accomplished by setting up an "email-only" account or keeping an active account by signing up for "cheap dial-up."

How Can I Keep My Optus Email Address?

Customers of Optus will have 90 days to view their email account before it is deleted. If you want to retain it, you'll need to sign up for a postpaid internet account (which starts at $60 per month).


Because of its user-friendly design and unstudied file transmission, Optus Webmail was widely used. The user is well-served by this email. This email service manages webmail security choices with the goal of preserving personal data such as files, documents, and online storage, as well as a spam filter.

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