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Open Back Headphones For Gaming - Immersive Audio And Spacious Soundstage

Open back headphones for gaming are becoming increasingly popular among gamers due to their immersive audio experience and spacious soundstage. Unlike closed-back headphones that isolate sound, open-back headphones have perforated ear cups that allow air and sound to pass through. This design creates a more natural and expansive sound, making them an excellent choice for gaming enthusiasts.

Elisa Mueller
Jun 21, 202368 Shares67687 Views
Open-back headphones for gamingare becoming increasingly popular among gamers due to their immersive audio experience and spacious soundstage. Unlike closed-back headphones that isolate sound, open-back headphones have perforated ear cups that allow air and sound to pass through. This design creates a more natural and expansive sound, making them an excellent choice for gaming enthusiasts.

Considerations When Using Open-Back Headphones For Gaming

When you can deeply enjoy the sound, your gaming gets more amazing. A nice set of open-back headphones gives you the gaming feeling of being within the game. In this blog, we have gone into great detail on the finest open-back headphones for gaming.
Open-back headphones are excellent for gaming because they improve imagery so you can clearly hear even the slightest sounds. Therefore, if you want to have a genuine gaming sound experience, an open-back headphone is a solid choice.
However, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind when using open-back headphones for gaming. Let's explore these considerations in detail:

Sound Leakage

One of the primary characteristics of open-back headphones is that they allow sound to escape through the back of the ear cups. While this enhances the soundstage and prevents sound reflections, it also means that sound leakage is inevitable.
Others in your vicinity will be able to hear what you're listening to, which can be a concern if you're gaming in a shared space or in a quiet environment. Consider using open-back headphones in a setting where the sound leakage won't disturb others.

Ambient Noise

Open-back headphones do not provide as much isolation from external noise as closed-back headphones. This means that ambient noise from your surroundings can interfere with your gaming experience.
If you're in a noisy environment, it may be challenging to fully immerse yourself in the game audio. It's important to find a relatively quiet space or use additional noise-canceling techniques, such as a quiet gaming room or noise-canceling curtains, to minimize distractions.

Gaming Environment

The gaming environment plays a significant role in the effectiveness of open-back headphones. These headphones excel in quieter environments where you can fully appreciate their spacious soundstage.
However, in loud or busy environments, the ambient noise can compete with the audio coming from the headphones, potentially compromising the immersive experience. Consider using open-back headphones in a controlled gaming environment or during late-night gaming sessions when the ambient noise is minimal.

Personal Preference

The sound signature of open-back headphones may not appeal to everyone. While they offer a more natural and accurate audio reproduction, some individuals may prefer a more bass-heavy or colored sound profile.
It's essential to consider your personal preference for sound when choosing open-back headphones for gaming. If you prefer a more emphasized bass or a specific sound signature, you may need to explore different headphone models or consider closed-back alternatives.

Microphone Considerations

Many gamers require a microphone for communication during multiplayer gaming sessions or streaming. However, most open-back headphones do not come with built-in microphones.
In such cases, you will need to use an external microphone solution, such as a standalone desktop microphone or a separate headset microphone. This additional equipment may be necessary to ensure effective communication while gaming.


Since open-back headphones allow sound to escape, they are not the best choice if you need to keep your gaming audio private. If you're gaming in a public space or if privacy is important to you, closed-back headphones or in-ear monitors may be a better option.
Closed-back headphones provide better isolation and prevent sound leakage, allowing you to enjoy your gaming experience without disturbing others.

Comfort And Extended Use

Open-back headphones often prioritize comfort, but it's still important to consider how they feel during extended gaming sessions. Since the ear cups of open-back headphones are designed to be breathable, they typically exert less pressure on the ears compared to closed-back headphones.
However, individual preferences and head sizes vary, so it's important to try on the headphones and ensure that they remain comfortable even after prolonged use.

Top-rated Open-back Headphones For Gaming

Through its distinctive design, open-back headphones provide an immersive listening experience. They can create a big, open soundstage that interacts with your surroundings and heightens the immersion of your listening experience. Unfortunately, even when you're listening to music at a modest volume, they leak a lot of sounds and can disturb those nearby.
Make sure the headphones you choose have the proper plugs and adapters for your needs in addition to being compatible with your operating system or gaming console.
Check out these popular open-back headphones for gaming:

Sennheiser HD 660 S

The Sennheiser HD 660 S is a flagship open-back headphone that delivers outstanding audio performance suitable for gaming and critical listening alike. Sennheiser is renowned for its high-quality audio equipment, and the HD 660 S is no exception. Here are some key features and benefits:
  • Sound Quality -The HD 660 S offers a balanced and detailed sound signature. It reproduces audio with precision, ensuring you can hear every subtle detail in your games. The soundstage is spacious, providing an immersive experience where you can accurately locate sounds and perceive the depth of the audio environment.
  • Comfort and Build Quality - The HD 660 S is designed for long listening sessions with its lightweight and ergonomic design. The adjustable headband and comfortable ear pads allow for extended gaming sessions without discomfort. The build quality is excellent, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Imaging and Positional Accuracy - One of the strengths of the HD 660 S is its imaging capabilities. It excels at accurately reproducing positional cues, making it easier to detect in-game sound directions and distances. This enhances your gaming experience by giving you an edge in competitive gaming and immersing you in the virtual world.
  • Versatility - While the HD 660 S is highly regarded for gaming, it also performs exceptionally well in other audio applications. Whether you're listening to music, watching movies, or editing audio, these headphones offer a well-rounded audio experience.

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Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

The Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro is a popular choice among gamers, audio professionals, and enthusiasts due to its excellent sound quality and comfortable fit. Here's what makes it a standout option:
  • Sound Quality -The DT 990 Pro delivers a vibrant and detailed sound signature, making it ideal for gaming. The headphone's open-back design provides a wide and immersive soundstage, allowing you to accurately pinpoint in-game sounds. The treble is crisp and detailed, while the bass is impactful without overpowering the other frequencies.
  • Comfort and Durability -Beyerdynamic is known for its comfortable headphones, and the DT 990 Pro is no exception. The soft velour ear pads and lightweight construction ensure long gaming sessions without discomfort. The build quality is robust, with sturdy construction that can withstand regular use.
  • Wide Frequency Response -The DT 990 Pro boasts a wide frequency response, allowing you to hear both the low rumble of explosions and the high-frequency details of footsteps or gunshots. This dynamic range enhances the immersive experience and enables you to fully immerse yourself in your games.
  • Replaceable Components -One notable feature of the DT 990 Pro is its modular design. The ear pads and headband padding can be easily replaced, extending the lifespan of the headphones and ensuring continued comfort and performance over time.

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Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X

The Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X is known for its impressive soundstage and positional accuracy, making it an excellent choice for gaming. Here are some noteworthy features:
  • Sound Quality -The ATH-AD700X offers a well-balanced and detailed sound signature. It emphasizes the mid-range frequencies, providing clear and accurate audio reproduction. The open-back design contributes to a spacious soundstage, allowing for precise sound imaging and immersive gaming experiences.
  • Comfort and Fit - Designed with comfort in mind, the ATH-AD700X features lightweight construction and a self-adjusting 3D wing support system. The wing support system ensures a secure fit while reducing pressure on the head. The soft velour earpads further enhance comfort during extended gaming sessions.
  • Wide Soundstage -One of the standout features of the ATH-AD700X is its wide soundstage. This characteristic enables a more immersive gaming experience by accurately reproducing the spatial aspects of in-game audio. It allows you to hear and locate sounds with precision, giving you a competitive edge in games that rely on sound cues.
  • Durability - While the ATH-AD700X is primarily constructed with lightweight materials, it doesn't compromise on durability. The headphones are built to withstand regular use, ensuring they will last for years.

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AKG K702 Headphones

The AKG K702 is highly regarded for its detailed sound reproduction, wide soundstage, and exceptional comfort. Here are the key features that make it a popular choice for gamers:
  • Sound Quality - The K702 offers a neutral and balanced sound signature with excellent detail retrieval. The headphones reproduce audio with clarity and precision, allowing you to hear subtle in-game details. The open-back design enhances the soundstage, delivering a spacious and immersive audio experience.
  • Comfort and Fit -AKG is renowned for its comfortable headphones, and the K702 is no exception. The headphones feature large, velour-covered ear pads that provide a plush and comfortable fit. The adjustable headband ensures a secure and personalized fit for different head sizes.
  • Accurate Sound Imaging - The K702 excels in sound imaging and positional accuracy, allowing you to precisely locate in-game sounds. This attribute is particularly beneficial in competitive gaming, where being able to identify the direction and distance of sounds is crucial.
  • Build Quality -The K702 is built with durable materials, ensuring longevity even with regular use. The detachable cable adds convenience and allows for easy replacement if needed.
AKG K702 headphones
AKG K702 headphones

People Also Ask

Are Open-back Headphones Good For Gaming?

Open-back headphones can provide an excellent gaming experience due to their immersive audio, spacious soundstage, and natural sound reproduction. However, they may not be suitable for noisy environments or situations where sound leakage is a concern.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Open-back Headphones For Gaming?

The benefits of using open-back headphones for gaming include enhanced spatial awareness, accurate sound positioning, a more natural audio experience, reduced heat build-up, and improved comfort during long gaming sessions.

Do Open-back Headphones Leak Sound?

Yes, open-back headphones do leak sound due to their design. This means that people nearby may be able to hear what you're listening to. It's important to be mindful of this if you're gaming in a shared or noise-sensitive environment.

How Do Open-back Headphones Compare To Closed-back Headphones For Gaming?

Open-back headphones provide a more spacious and open soundstage, allowing for a more immersive and natural gaming experience. Closed-back headphones, on the other hand, offer better noise isolation and a more focused sound. The choice between the two depends on personal preference and the specific gaming environment.
Some popular open-back headphones for gaming include the Sennheiser HD 660 S, Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro, Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X, AKG K702, and Philips SHP9500. These headphones are known for their exceptional sound quality, spacious soundstage, and comfort, making them suitable for gaming enthusiasts.


When choosing open-back headphones for gaming, consider factors such as sound quality, comfort, durability, and budget. It's also recommended to try them on or read user reviews to ensure they provide a suitable fit for your head size and shape.
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