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Olivia Namath - Youngest Daughter Of Joe Namath

Olivia Namath is a digital personality and the daughter of the American celebrity Joe Namath. It is common knowledge that she is the youngest daughter of Joe Namath, who was a famous quarterback for the American football team.

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Olivia Namathis a digital personality and the daughter of the American celebrity Joe Namath. It is common knowledge that she is the youngest daughter of Joe Namath, who was a famous quarterback for the American football team.
In addition to this, he had played in the American Football League (AFL) and the National Football League (NFL) for a combined total of 13 seasons, the majority of which were spent with the New York Jets.
In addition to this, in the year 1985, he was inducted into the Professional Football Hall of Fame. Following his retirement, he briefly hosted the self-titled show The Joe Namath Show in 1969, which brought him success, and then he transitioned into a career as an actor.
On the other hand, we will be talking about the bio of his daughter in this post. In addition to that, she was apprehended for possession of illegal substances in 2010 after she was pulled over for exceeding the speed limit.

Quick Facts

Name Olivia Rose Namath
Gender Female
Date of Birth 11 December 1990
Age 32 Years Old
Birth Place West Palm Beach, ‎Florida, United States of America


Olivia Rose Namath was born on December 11th, 1990 in the United States of America. She was given the name Olivia Rose Namath as a tribute to her grandmother, Rose Namath. She is the youngest child of Joe Namath, who played quarterback for the American football team, and Deborah Mays, who was previously married to Joe Namath.
After that, Deborah became known as May, and then later as Tatiana. In 1983, her parents first connected with one another in the course of her participation in a voice class taught by a woman who, at the time, was pursuing a career in acting.
In 1984, they tied the knot in a low-key ceremony with only their immediate family and friends in attendance. However, her parents' marriage was dissolved in 2000 after they had been together for nearly seven years.
Following the conclusion of their divorce, Joe was given custody of their children. Jessica, who was born in 1986, is the older sister of this woman. It is said that her father had a difficult time controlling his alcoholism during the early years of his marriage. In 1987, he was able to kick his alcoholism habit thanks to the support of his ex-wife, who had been by his side during that difficult time.
In regards to Olivia, she has kept the majority of her private dealings away from the public eye. There is also no information regarding her educational background or qualifications. She was born in the United States of America and is of a racially and ethnically diverse background.
She is 5 feet 7 inches tall, which is 1.70 meters, and she weighs somewhere around 60 kilograms. Her body type is lean and healthy, and her height is 1.70 meters. There is no information provided regarding her chest or waist measurements. In addition, she has eyes that are a lighter shade of brown and hair that is a darker shade of brown.

Olivia's Father

Joseph William Namath is a former American football quarterback who spent 13 seasons with the New York Jets in the American Football League (AFL) and National Football League (NFL). He attended Alabama, where he won the national championship as a senior, and was chosen first overall by the Jets in the 1965 AFL Draft.
Olivia with her father Joe Namath
Olivia with her father Joe Namath
He was a two-time AFL MVP and twice led the league in passing yards during his five AFL seasons, while also leading the Jets to one AFL championship and one Super Bowl. Both victories are the Jets' only titles.
Following the 1970 AFL-NFL merger, Namath joined the Jets and led the league in passing yards and touchdowns during the 1972 season. He stayed in New York for seven more seasons before joining the Los Angeles Rams for his final year.
Namath's legacy was cemented in 1969, when he guaranteed his heavy underdog Jets would win Super Bowl III before defeating the NFL's Baltimore Colts in one of the greatest sports upsets of all time.
The AFL's first Super Bowl victory helped to dispel the notion that its teams were inferior to the NFL's and demonstrated that they would enter the merger as equals. Namath was named Super Bowl MVP, becoming the first quarterback to win both a college national championship and a major professional championship.
Namath, dubbed "Broadway Joe," became a media icon who gained mainstream popularity outside of sports. Although his statistics and win-loss record are unimpressive in modern terms, Namath remains one of the league's most iconic and popular figures. In 1985, he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
In November 2006, the biography Namath: A Biography by Mark Kriegel was published, reaching the New York Times extended bestseller list. Namath was interviewed in conjunction with the book's release on the November 19, 2006 episode of 60 Minutes on CBS.
A recent documentary about Namath's hometown of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, includes a segment on Namath and the reasons why his ties to the city are celebrated. In 2009, forty years after winning Super Bowl III, he presented the Vince Lombardi Trophy to the Super Bowl XLIII champion Pittsburgh Steelers. In its A Football Life series, NFL Productions produced a two-hour biographical television program.

Personal Life

In terms of her private life, she is not currently looking for a partner and recently tied the knot with the man she had been dating for a very long time, Edwin Baker III. The wedding took place in 2013 at the historic mansion known as the Ca'd'Zan, which belonged to circus king John Ringling.
In addition to this, her husband is an aspiring artist who draws inspiration from street art for his artwork. At the age of sixteen, the couple's daughter, who goes by the name Natalia, was born as a result of their union. In addition, during the year 2006, her husband was taken into custody three times by the police and charged with possession of crystal methamphetamine, grand theft, and burglary each time.

Net Worth

Joe's youngest daughter has remained out of the spotlight. As a result, determining what she is doing at the moment is difficult. She may, however, have an estimate of more than $100,000. Her father, Joe, has an estimated net worth of more than $50 million from his previous career as well as a business investment.

People Also Ask

Who Is Olivia Namath?

Olivia Namath is a digital personality and the daughter of famous American athlete Joe Namath.

How Old Is Olivia Namath?

Olivia is now 32 Years Old as of 2022.

Where Is Olivia Namath From?

Olivia was born in West Palm Beach, ‎Florida, United States of America.

Final Words

Unlike her sister and father, Olivia is not active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. She was previously seen accompanying her father to events on occasion. But, for the time being, she has vanished from the public eye.
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