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Why more non-gamers have gotten into online casinos recently

Why more non-gamers have gotten into online casinos recently

Casino games have always had a steady audience, but in the past 18 months, those who had little interest in these games in the past have become regular players. Here is a closer look at the reasons behind this rise in popularity.

Amandeep Coleman
Oct 29, 2021

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Casino games have always had a steady audience, but in the past 18 months, those who had little interest in these games in the past have become regular players. Here is a closer look at the reasons behind this rise in popularity.

Having little to do

When many of the venues people frequented to entertain themselves, such as bars and theaters, were forced to close during the pandemic, there was a predictable rise in binge watching on people’s favorite video streaming services. However, as people grew bored of sitting around and watching television, they started looking for something else to keep them occupied.

Online casinos provided them with an alternative to boredom. Many still play now because websites such as VIP Casino Player have shown them how playing games can be a great way to pass the time.

Seeking excitement

Online casinos provide a different kind of excitement from watching your favorite show. They can be tense if you’re competing against other players and it becomes a close call to see who wins. It’s also a lot more personal. You might watch a TV show and root for your favorite characters, but when you’re playing a casino game, the outcome is more personal to you. 

You can win cash; sometimes large jackpots are up for grabs. At other times, you might just double or triple your money, but either way, you’re the one who stands to benefit directly from this.

Social contact

For some people, particularly those living alone, online casinos have been a social lifeline. The appeal of winning cash prizes might have been part of wanting to play, but the in-game chat function is important, too. Recent events meant people had limited contact in person with their friends and family. Having a way to connect with the outside world while taking part in the games allowed them to feel like they were socializing at a time they could not do so in person.

People need to feel connected to others. The pandemic was a scary time for some people, and even if they mainly played games to connect with others, they will have gained firsthand experience with the thrill of winning – or trying to win. They may also have decided it’s a better alternative to binge watching.

A great way to unwind

Games can be a great way to unwind, especially for those who continued to work through the pandemic or perhaps even had to put in more hours. These games aren’t always expensive. Some new and existing players find that taking part in the games lets them wind down after a long day. The winning might not be so important to them, but they see it as a nice bonus if it happens. Those who might have gone for a quick drink after work under normal circumstances may have found a good substitute in online casinos.

Lockdown restrictions played a part in non-gamers becoming interested in online casinos, and casino websites took the opportunity to demonstrate that it can be fun, social and a good way to spend their time.

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