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No Matter The Size Of Your Business, Consider These 4 Security Investments

The annual cost of data breaches worldwide will reach over $10 trillion by 2025. Whether your business is small or large, you need to prioritize security. A data breach can cost your business money, and affect your business's reputation.

Alberto Thompson
Sep 15, 20221 Shares282 Views
The annual cost of data breaches worldwide will reach over $10 trillion by 2025. Whether your business is small or large, you need to prioritize security. A data breach can cost your business money, and affect your business's reputation.
Keep reading to learn about the top security investments for small and large businesses. This guide will cover the main areas of security you need to cover to keep your business secure from both a physical and cyber standpoint.

Gated Parking System

When your employees, visitors, and interviewees come to your business place, they need assurance that their car will be secure while they are inside the building. Additionally, you must ensure that parking spaces are only available to employees and authorized visitors. If anyone can park in your parking facility freely, your employees may not be able to find a spot, which will affect productivity.
So, you need to provide a gated parking systemthat has access restrictions, only enabling employees and authorized visitors to enter the parking facility and use the parking spaces. An entry and exit system with barriers is the best way to ensure your employees have enough space to park. Employees can use a code, fob, or keycard to enter the car park and raise the barrier. And unauthorized users will not be able to take advantage of free parking spaces.
You should also consider installing surveillance in your parking facility to deter crime and ensure your employees’ vehicles and belongings are safe. You can even ensure that nobody can enter the parking facility on foot without providing access credentials, eliminating the possibility of theft in your parking facility.

Video Management System

Video surveillance is an essential element of building security. If a crime occurs on-site, you must provide evidence of the event to the authorities. Additionally, displaying security cameras and signage can help to deter crime by letting intruders know they are being surveilled.
One of the main concerns associated with video security is monitoring. Your security staff has a wide range of duties to oversee, which makes them unable to consistently monitor the video surveillance feed and spot potential security threats. Additionally, you may have such a high volume of cameras that it would be impossible to view all footage simultaneously.
A video management system can make video security more accessible to your security staff. A cloud-based video management system will allow your security staff to view video security data from anywhere using a mobile application. They can stay up-to-date on security events from any location, on-site or off-site.
You might also consider implementing AI to perform analytics on your video security data. The AI software will screen your security footage automatically to detect anomalies and potential security risks. If the system detects a threat, a notification will be sent to your security team, allowing them to address and resolve the issue quickly.


You must consider your digital and physical assets when developing a security strategy for your business. We have seen a significant rise in cyberattacks in recent years, and cybersecurity measures are essential for any business. Here are some of the critical areas to cover with your cybersecurity strategy:
  • Firewalls - a firewall monitors and controls any traffic coming into and leaving your network, only allowing trusted sources to access your network.
  • VPN - a virtual private network helps you to hide your IP address and provides more online anonymity.
  • Password management software - password management helps you to establish a culture of healthy passwords across your business by providing employees with an online vault to store their passwords. The tool monitors password strength and provides employees with alerts when their passwords have been compromised.
A large number of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error, and training your employees on best cybersecurity practices will help you to reduce your vulnerability to cyber attacks. You should train employees on how to spot phishing scams, and teach them about the importance of keeping software up-to-date. Older software versions often contain vulnerabilities that a cyberattacker could take advantage of, which are not present in the most recent version of the software.

Access Control

Access control is a crucial element in physical security. It prevents unauthorized users from entering the premises. Access control operates using access credentials like mobile credentials, keycards, fobs, and pins. When a user needs to enter the building, they can do so by preventing their access credentials to the reader. Once they have provided their credentials, they will be permitted to enter the building. You can eliminate the possibility of an intruder using stolen access credentials by integrating access control and video surveillancefor identity verification.


Securing your business from data breaches and physical security threats will help you to protect company assets, your people, and your data. Failing to equip your business with adequate security will lead to a costly security breach that could put the faith of your stakeholders in the balance. By implementing these top 4 security tips, you can secure your business from both physical and cyber threats.
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