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NFT: Ea$y Way to Make Money 2021! 🤑 Art, NBA, Crypto, Stocks, Tokens, Beeple.

NFT: Easy Way to Make Money! 🤑 Art, NBA, Crypto, Stocks, Tokens, Beeple.

Last updated: Jul 09, 2021 11:12 | Mar 19, 2021 09:33
Candice Burns

Table of Contents

What are NFTs?Where to buy NFTHow to Buy and Trade NFTReasons to buy NFTImportance of NFTWhat can make out of NFTsHow to make money on NFTMinting the NFTNFT as CryptocurrencyNFT in NBANFT as an ArtTokensBeeple NFTConclusion

What are NFTs?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a one-of-a-kind token that exists on a blockchain like Ethereum. Non-fungible tokens are not interchangeable with each other, unlike cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, since each NFT token includes unique data. Because the tokens are non-fungible, their use cases vary significantly from those of their fungible counterparts.

The simple gist of the concept is that people make and sell one-of-a-kind products. Goods that are available online. Then it can make an album, a photograph, a recording, or anything someone wants and applies it to some kind of evidence that it's the real thing. The original will then be sold to a buyer who can resell it or keep it.

If someone is not impressed, it is most likely that they don't enjoy the prestige of having anything that others want.


Why, for example, is an initial Mondrian worth so much more than a near-identical print? Since Mondrian is a well-known artist, people think to themselves, "I just want to be able to claim I own this," and they are wealthy. People regard it as a status mark for which they are able to pay a high price.


They could snatch it from someone if they wanted; in other words, they own the key to open the database list.

Minted NFT

If you purchase an NFT, you are effectively acquiring a blockchain coin. For their original digital artwork, the author (let's say it's an artist) publishes a small number of tokens. You're the one that buys and sells the tokens.

First Drop

View it as a work of art. Even though you get an exact copy of the Mona Lisa that looks identical, it still isn't worth as much as the original.

Where to buy NFT

There are more NFT marketplaces, but these are the most popular open marketplaces; others may not accept all NFTs or only sell a limited number of items.

  • Opensea
  • SuperRare
  • Rarible

Some of these allow you to produce your own NFTs (if you're a creator), while others, like SuperRare, are restricted to only authorized creators.

CryptoPlan3ts Minted

We'll go over how to make NFTs further down.

How to Buy and Trade NFT

To get started, you'll need ETH and an Ethereum wallet. is the most famous, and you then deposit some ETH into that wallet. In order to communicate with an Ethereum application, all sites need this.

An Ether a Day

Reasons to buy NFT

One of a Kind

Each NFT is one of a kind, making it one of a kind. On the same smart contract, you cannot create another NFT with the same token number. That is to say, there will only ever be one token of that kind. The blockchain verifies this, and nobody will see it.



If you're using Mintable App, your NFT can come with copyright. If the seller agrees to do so, that means that the image and asset will be stored on the blockchain, and the owner of that token will have full commercial copyright to use it.

The rulers


They are rare because they are one-of-a-kind and cannot be duplicated. The majority of the time, an artist or vendor has a small number of NFTs; very rarely do they have 1000s of NFTs. As a result, you should be confident that you are one of the few people in the world who owns a collectible that can be resold.

NFT-Road to the Universe

As a Collection

These NFTs/items are rare and valuable. Because there are few ways to dilute the collection, you can keep them and their value will only increase. Purchasing them with the intention of reselling them will net you billions of dollars. There are many people who do it on a daily basis and make a living doing so.



Only the current owner of the NFT can download the file attached to it if using Mintable App. Making it so that only the owner can unlock it. If your NFT contains game assets, lyrics, a PDF, or other content, you may choose to purchase the NFT solely to download that song/PDF/etc.

New NFT Collection


No one can alter the token's metadata, delete your image, or change the token's name, for example. This means it will never change, will never be deleted, and will never be removed from the blockchain. This is why it is so valuable and collectible.

Acid Robot


NFTs are indestructible. You will still have that token if you buy it because the data does not change and the blockchain is eternal. If you like, you can still resell that token. It's similar to purchasing a bar of gold: you own it and can do whatever you want with it.

The Second Holy Jewish Temple in Jerusalem


Your NFT will still be resold. You should resell and trade your NFT. You should make a lot of money on NFTs. Some NFTs have sold for more than 20,000 USD when the original buyer only paid a few thousand dollars for it. In one trade, they made over $15,000 USD in a brief period of time!

Kaila NFT

Importance of NFT

Montana Cans 2020 #STAYATHOME battle

The importance of NFTs, like literature, is defined by what people think of them.

If an artist is working in the modern world and battling the central reality that everyone points out - (digital makes) the distinction between original and replicas nonexistent -

Artists should use the media to convey thoughts rather than pushing the constraints of other mediums into the digital world.

NFT Minted

NFTs have a role in wealth management, so if you believe digital art is an asset that you can prevent anyone from sharing, you'll need a blockchain.

Being digital definitely makes the analogy harder to hold on to. If you buy a famous art piece, you are at least paying for the original brushstrokes of a famous artist. Even the original artist couldn’t replicate exactly the same painting to the brush strokes.

The Blue Moon

It's superficial and ignorant to call them "fools," a verbal shortcut when you don't (want to) understand them. The visual art example is outstanding since it closely parallels the concept and practice of traditional art. The reason people buy (and pay a lot for) original physical art is that its uniqueness is objective, there's only one original.

We don't have it in the virtual world, but with an NFT, we can now grant unique ownership to a whole (or even a smaller part) and authenticate it on a visible, public ledger that is incorruptible and verifiable, adding the same sort of enthusiast to the sector that you certainly aren't, which is great. But, as a science, it's still interesting, and as a technologist and software developer, I'm warning everyone to pay careful attention.

Trade some of your cash for bragging rights ("Hey, you know how much you enjoy 'Highway to Hell,' right? Yeah, One of only ten minted tokens in a digital wallet"). Invest in a token for a new single that you hope would become a classic, rising the worth of the token.

What can make out of NFTs

NFT Card

It should be considered as art pieces, not just digital art pieces. You wouldn't be as perplexed by the costs if you looked at them through this lens. Real paintings are highly regarded due to their special features, such as being one of a kind, being associated with a famous name, possessing artistic appeal, and so on.

It is also a major status symbol, showing that a person has the financial resources to invest a lot of money on something that has no reason other than to be a status symbol. (People purchase it for other reasons as well.) Prices are now high due to the FOMO factor. The fact that it is in a tradable format contributes to the price increase even further.

NFT digitizes a variety of properties, increasing the value of conventional art. Here are a couple of the notable milestones NFT has made:

  • It is simple to check for credibility and rarity. (If you think buying art is costly, imagine how much it costs to authenticate it.)
  • It is very simple to own. (It's tough to keep traditional art pieces in good condition.) One of the reasons why the wealthy donate their artwork to museums)
  • It is really simple to exchange. It's more likely that the products you own will appreciate in value, and you'll be able to liquidate them at your leisure. (You can exchange NFTs from your phone; try doing so with conventional art pieces.)
  • Secure
  • It is really easy to brag about.

Blockchain is a concept that allows DAPPs (distributed applications) to use programmatic "contracts" to oversee transactions that are not regulated by any third-party entities (such as banks). There's no doubt that the democratization of free markets (a loosely defined term for contracts) is gaining traction. Few analysts doubt that this latest model would usher in a new future. It would outgrow the present field of trade, which is facilitated by established monolithic financial institutions (who will fight it tooth and nail and speak poorly of it in the press until they find a way to retake their position of advantage within Blockchain).

Is it possible that digital commodities exist? What about cartoons? What are the videos? Is it possible to create digital art?

How to make money on NFT

NFT figurine

When the clip sold out, 190,000 people were left out. The owner of the clip will now sell it for a much better price to someone who needs it. They can either keep it and enjoy the glory and exclusivity while speculating that the value will continue to rise, as it seems to be doing. Any cards are currently being auctioned for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With NFTs, there is a slight leap of faith needed. Consider someone watching a movie for the first time in a long time. "Is that real?" they'd ask, staring at the phone. They forget it's just a light flashing on a wall after a while and just enjoy the plot. It's the same way for NFTs. "Is that real?" you'll wonder for a moment. NFTs, Blockchain, and a whole new paradigm are on the horizon. Whatever business becomes the virtual-items shop could one day overtake Amazon.

Minting the NFT

The next step is to actually Mint your NFT after you've determined which store it will be minted on.

From Series 1

Content Uploading

Mintable has large file limits, with the private unlockable file being 3GB and the preview images being 200MB.

8 Bit Air Max collection

This is fantastic because it allows you to upload 4K mp4s, high-resolution pictures, zip files, and more.

Unlocking your NFT

This is a private file that only the current NFT owner has access to, so if you are selling a video NFT, you can use a low-res, short clip as the preview picture that everyone can see, so if a buyer buys your NFT, they can download the full, 4k resolution footage.

crypto pixel hats

NFT Images

You will then upload the NFT's image as well as the listing's preview photos. The NFT image that appears in wallets is the first image you upload, and the other images appear on the listing page. Consider Amazon: the first picture is what people see when they browse the site, and the other images are what they see when they click on an item page.

Old School CryptoKitties

Set a price for the item, choose a few other choices like copyright transfer or making it non-resellable, and then put it up for sale!

After you've submitted your transactions, you've built an item on the blockchain that you own, control, and can sell.

NFT as Cryptocurrency

NFT as Cryptocurrency

At the most simplistic level, the blockchain essentially addresses one problem. Ownership is passed. In other words, it's a means of proving that something has moved from one "pocket" to another. A crypto wallet is nothing more than an ID and a private key, and this definition is vital. You own the wallet if you have the private key. A wallet is worthless in and by itself, so when an exchange between two wallets happens on the network, you already have verifiable evidence that any amount of crypto has changed hands.

The supply of certain cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, is restricted. There would only be a limited amount of around 21 million available at any given time. Dogecoin, for example, is an inflationary cryptocurrency. In other words, new tokens are constantly being released, diluting the stock. Related to the US dollar. Most of the reasons that Bitcoin's value rises when Dogecoin does not is because of its rarity.


Assume the following GUID is an NFT for the sake of illustration. This GUID is one of a kind. There will never be another one made in the very same manner. This GUID was created by me and belongs to me.

It is, after all, just a line of paper. A tiny volume of information stored in a computer. Anyone should make a copy of it and keep it for themselves to read and contemplate.

Stop AAPI Hate

But if someone places this GUID on the blockchain as an NFT, it now has verifiable evidence that someone owns it in a crypto wallet. (which, by the way, costs a small amount of Ethereum to complete). They now have the choice of retaining or selling this virtual certificate of authenticity in my pocket.


NFTs are computer models of real-world objects. They are as genuine as Bitcoin and Ether on the Ethereum platform. They're much like a $100 bill or a baseball card in terms of validity. Why would someone put a price on something that is both virtual and "made up," such as Bitcoin? The reason is as straightforward as to why people place a dollar bill's worth on a scale of one to ten. Why is not a photocopy of a baseball card worth more than the $5,000,000 rookie Mickey Mantle card that was recently sold? They all have the same appearance. Someone can also print it on the same paper as the original, rendering it nearly indistinguishable. However, it is distinct, and a regular person does not own the source. Prestige and exclusivity are two words that come to mind when thinking about luxury. And how much anyone else would be able to pay for it. Perhaps it's difficult to understand why a baseball card is so important, but if we don't ask too many probing questions, we "kinda" get it.

NFT as an Art

Imagine anyone more popular creating a one-of-a-kind work of visual art. They are effectively "signing" it with their crypto wallet by adding it on the blockchain. Being able to prove that it began its existence in the original artist's pocket is enough evidence to lend it real-world credibility once the "ownership" switches hands.


It is beneficial for artists to market their work as originals, and the NFT acts as an authentication check. You can clone the source, but you don't own it because you have an NFT. It can also be used to store and exchange game collectibles.

Nothing in an NFT means that a clone of the original artwork will not exist, nor that the NFT will not be faked - how are you querying such things on the blockchain? One of my pet peeves for people who tout blockchain as a way to own your data is that it's mostly only accessible via a proprietary program, and you have no way of knowing whether there's SQL or a chain behind it.


Why are certain people able to spend tens of thousands of dollars, if not millions of dollars, for a piece of NFT art? A part of it is seeing NFTs as a store of value with a potentially high ROI, but it's also the same reason why people will pay millions for a torn-up Banksy piece: the value of art and collectibles is arbitrary, and people (especially those with high net worth) simply buy what they want.

Some strongly recommend Nifty Gateway, which is the best way for non-crypto people to get started with digital art NFTs. Prices on the site have recently risen to the point that most potential collectors are now priced out and/or losing money, but the platform still has a strong and active collector group. After you've invested in your first piece, you'll find yourself scrambling to capture any new drop.


What's fascinating now is what the Cardano blockchain aspires to achieve: open cross-chain token exchange. Assume you're going to purchase a cup of coffee and want to pay for a WoW thing you just obtained. You pay the coffee shop with it, and the shop earns USD, EUR, or a token of your choosing. Your collectible token was offered to someone who was able to purchase it in the middle of the sale and trade for the money that the shop accepted. The blockchain does it in a straightforward manner.

Freshly Minted NFT

Beeple NFT

People also go and see the actual deal, despite the fact that everyone can display photographs of all the works at the Louvre on the internet.

Rare Bear 01

Beeple is marketing these works as NFTs, which are digital collectibles that are authenticated using blockchain technology. An NFT can take any type, but for Beeple, it typically takes the form of an image or video file, often with a physical object attached, which is checked with a blockchain digital signature.


We may soon have interactive screens that only reveal the original bits, thanks to all those digital copiers. They're already one-of-a-kind, and this is how you can prove possession and earn bragging rights. Print the Mona Lisa and slam it to the wall if that doesn't make sense.

Earthereum by ECBYart

Since one has an NFT, you can send it to another wallet, insert it into a contract, or connect with a digital experience that provides you with convenience and value.

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