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Neil Arce - A Filipino Film Producer And Professional Poker Player

A lot of people in the Philippines know Neil Arce because of his poker skills. He won the Asian Poker Tour Philippines 2009, which took place at the Dusit Thani Hotel.

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A lot of people in the Philippines know Neil Arcebecause of his poker skills. He won the Asian Poker Tour Philippines 2009, which took place at the Dusit Thani Hotel. Neil Arce's family is known throughout the Philippines for making some of the best ice creams. It all started with his grandpa, Ramon Arce, who began pasteurizing carabao milk and selling it under the "Selecta" brand in their community.
Grandpa Ramon and his wife started developing their own ice cream recipe with milk, which eventually became the mainstay of their company. When RFM Corporation bought Selecta in 1990, the ice cream recipe was altered to use cow milk instead of carabao milk. Because of his celebrity and family business, Neil is known in the poker world as "Dirty Ice Cream."

Neil Arce Girlfriends

Neil dated Maxene Magalona from 2010 until 2012. In the Philippines, Maxene Magalona works as an actress. My Lover, My Wife, and Daddy Di Do Du are only a few of the Filipino television series in which she has featured. After he broke up with Maxene, Neil started dating Bela Padilla, a Filipina actress, film producer, scriptwriter, and model.
They dated for almost five years before ending their relationship in 2017. His girlfriend is Angel Locsin, an actress, producer, and fashion designer from the Philippines. He first met her in Hong Kong in 2017 when they were both in Hong Kong for Holy Week. They dated for a while before they got engaged in June 2019, and finally tied the know in August 2021.
Angel Locsin and Neil Arce celebrating Christmas together
Angel Locsin and Neil Arce celebrating Christmas together

Neil Arce Career

Apart from the fact that my family owns and operates a profitable ice cream company, Neil began his acting career as a member of his family's company, rather than as a film producer. Among the films he produced are 10,000 Hours, Luck, and At First Sight, to mention a few. In 2009, he finished first on the Asian Poker Tour Philippines.
He was able to demonstrate his skills in the poker series games. During the tournament, Neil is estimated to have earned over $400,000. Based on his achievements, he looks to be a one-of-a-kind figure around the globe. He hasn't revealed anything about his personal life in public. Fans of Neil Arce are interested in learning more about his personal and romantic life.

Neil Arce Family Business

His grandpa, Ramon Arce, and his wife started the company by pasteurizing carabao milk and selling it to their neighbors under the name "Selecta." In 1990, RFM Corporation bought the ice cream manufacturer, Selecta. Cow milk was substituted for carabao milk in the ice cream recipe. In 1995, Mauro Arce, the youngest son of his grandpa Ramon, restored the family company and the traditional ice cream recipe under the name "Arce Dairy." His poker moniker of "dirty Ice Cream" contributed to him as a celebrity and his family's background company.

Neil Arce Net Worth

As of 2022, Neil Arce is thought to have a net worth of $3.4 million, which he earned through his work as a producer and poker player. As a poker player, he has won more than $400K in live tournaments. A Filipino film producer makes an average of $222,000 per year, according to certain internet sources.
Neil has yet to reveal the amount of money he earns. He could make some money as a social media influencer in addition to his professional work. Neil's net worth and income will undoubtedly increase in the future since he is a diligent individual. Neil has no doubt had a lavish lifestyle in the Philippines with his family.

When Did Angel And Neil Get Married?

On August 7, 2021, Angel and Neil announced their marriage.


Neil Arce is a well-known Filipino producer and a skilled poker player. As a producer, he has made significant contributions to the entertainment business. Last Night and 10,000 Hours are two of his most well-known films and television programs.
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